Blest Sunday Thank Yous

Meowllo and welkum to another issue of Blest Sunday, where we have da oppurrtunity to list a few of our many blessings. We luv our blest Sunday postys so much. As most of you know, last week was a tuff one. We entered da month of November wiff sum unexpected expenses and sum extra expenses dat we just didn’t have da money to cover. We hated to have to ask you our wonderful furiends fur help, ‘specially since it’s right here at da holidays. We know times are tuff fur everyone but we just didn’t know what else to do. Mommy had thought, figgered and re-figgered and just kuldn’t find da money anywhere. She’s already cut any and all extras and quite a few necessities just to manage our normal expenses. So after much thought, purrayer and tears, we came to you. And you all came fru fur us.

Dezi and Lexi say Thank you for helping us.
Fank you all fur helpin’ us. Our Chewy box arrived wiff our noms, litter and pH testers.

We got our Chewy box wiff our noms and litter and pH testers just in time. Mommy called round ‘bout da tire, but of course nopawdy round here had any in stock. We figgered this wuld be da case, as we had to order da last one we had replaced. While chattin’ wiff one of da cheapest places mommy was told dat ifin she bought 3 tires (which we need cuz they are all rotting) we kuld get a deal and they wuld only cost $60.00 each or we kuld buy da 1 tire dat must be replaced immediately fur $105.00 plus da $22.00 state taxes and fees. Mommy went out on a limb, took a leap of fath, and told them to order da 3. She sed it seemed kinda foolish to pay fur 1 tire what 2 kuld cost.

Me knows you’re all on da edge of you’re seats wonderin’ how me be duin’ now dat we have da testers fur meez urine, right? Da furst thing mommy did after openin’ da box, and me usin’ da pawdee box of course, was test meez urine. And da results are in. Meez urine is……………At a Normal pH range!!! WooHoo It’s working!!! Meez new diet, increased hydration and all da purrayers are working. You can read part 1 of our series on Sterile Cystitis here, and this week we’ll be talkin’ ‘bout meez new food and supplements and da steps we are takin’ to relieve any stress me may be havin’ so stay tuned.

 Dezi cleans herself while laying in a chair

Now we wanna say a Meowsy big Thank you to everypawdy who donated and helped us. Fank you awnty Jean and unkle Bill, awnty Ellen, awnty Belinda, awnty Karen, awnty Jaqueline, awnty Victoria, awnty Debra, scout Anonymous, awnty Anonymous, awnty Theresa, and unkle Mike. Weez so purreciate your help. We also wanna thank all who purrayed fur us as well. Purrayer changes things. And we wuld ask you to keep da purrayers comin’.

 Winnie's Wish auction image

We also wanted to tell you all ‘bout da Winnie’s Wish auction. As you know weez not have money to donate and therefur usually have nuffin’ to donate. But a while back we became reviewers fur The Natural Pet Company at Occasionally they send us a product fur free to review on amazon fur them. They make sum gweat stuffs, you might wanna check ‘em out. anyways, they recently sent us a pawsum box of toys. We took fotos fur da review and have donated it to da auction to help raise money fur da kitties in need.

 dw-Lexi Have a nice weekend - 2HEoW-1gm - normal

We are Blest today and always to have your luv and furiendship and a home of our own wiff a luvvin’ mommy and each other. As you go about your day, take a minute to stop and say thank you fur da blessings in your life.

 dw-DeziHave a great Weekend - 2HEoW-1gp - normal

Till da next time………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi