Wanna Play Mr. Hedgehog?

Wanna play? Mr. Hedgehog, did you hear me? Me asked ifin you wanted to play?

Dezi sniffing Imperial Cat hedgehog

Oh sure girls, I’m up for some play. Why don’t you have your mom put some of that cat nip you like so much inside my refillable body.



dw-Imperial cathedgehog2

Dat’s right a completely refillable with furesh cat nip fuzzy toy fur us kitties to play with. We have lots of toys from Imperial Cat so when they asked ifin we wuld like to bring you all one of their newest in the Cat’n Around™ line we just had to say, “count us in”. How many pawsum toys have your cats quit playin’ with after the nip has gotten old or been soaked with slobber so many times it’s just not furesh anymore. Trust me, we know all ‘bout dat slobberin’ since sis Lexi dusn’t have hardly any teeth. Anyways, unlike mats, nip filled toys can’t really be cleaned. So what do you do with ‘em when they’re no longer any fun? They either go into da bottom of da toy box or in da trash right? Or what ifin your kitty purrfurs silvervine stead of nip? Toys filled with da vine are really hard to find. Well what wuld you say ifin you kuld empty out da old stale nip and add furesh or whatever you wanted inside; essentially makin’ da toy new again? You’d say count you in too, huh?.


Well dat’s zactly what Imperial Cat did. They created a line of refillable catnip toys. There’s a Fuzzy Heart Duo, a completely stuffin’ furee toy dat comes with 2 fuzzy heart pillows, the Snake duo which comes in assorted colors and our furiend da Feather Hedgehog duo. Each of these toys comes with an ample bag of certified organic USA grown catnip. Da only stuffin’ on these toys is in their heads. Each toy has a velcro closure in da tummy area where you can add as much or as little nip or whatever your cat purrfurs. Stuff them full or just enuff fur a whiff. Da suggested retail of these pawsum little duos is $5.96.


So, what do we think of Mr. Hedgehog? As you know we always tell it like it is. Me seemed very innerested when mommy was strugglin’ with da little velcro openin’ to fill him up, but he turned out not be as much fun as da escaping nip cuz da velcro dusn’t hold well. Sis Lexi however thought he was great fun. She batted him around fur a good little while. And has returned numerous times fur a bit more battin’. MOL  Mr. Hedgehog is quite cute and his spikes seem to be made of microfiber so he is nice and soft. He has a tiny little pink ball glued on fur a nose, so fur any kitties dat like to chew on and/or eat their toys, we recommend removin’ da nose afur givin’ him to kitty to avoid pawssible chokin’ hazards, etc. We’re not those kitties, so our Mr. Hedgehogs’ nose is still in tact. All in all sissy gives him 4 paws up. And fur all da pawsum nip on da floor me rolled in, me gives him 2 paws up.


As usual we’ll let mommy weigh in on this too. We know you’re all innerested in knowin’ what her thoughts were. She wishes da velcro closure worked a bit better and wasn’t quite as stiff cuz she hadn’t planned on bringin’ out da carpet monster da day she gave us Mr. hedgehog. But with all dat nip all over da floor, it was sumfin’ dat had to be done. But mommy recognizes a gweat idea and so fur dat she gives it a thumb up too. And it’s highly pawssible dat da enclosure works better on da snake and hearts. We didn’t try those so we can’t say. What we can say is dat these wuld make a gweat Christmas purresent, stockin’ stuffer, or just cuz I luv ya’ gift. Mr. Hedgehog is a great toy with or without da nip. And at a purrice unner $6.00 fur 2 toys, you just have to get yours.




Da pawsum peeps over at Imperial Cat have been nice enuff to let us give one of our wunnerful readers their choice of da new stuffin’ furee, refillable catnip  toys. You must live in da U.S.A. and no P.O. boxes allowed. So be sure and enter da Rafflecopter here fur your chance to get an amazin’ early Christmas purresent. Imperial Cat isn’t respawnsible fur da content of meez post. We do fank ’em fur sendin’ us Mr. Hedgehog. Gotta go now. Hey, Mr. Hedgehog, wanna play?


Please leave your choice in da Rafflecopter.
Please leave your choice in da Rafflecopter.

Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Blest Sunday – Vive la France

It’s Blest Sunday again, and the world has been hit with tragedy. While we were dealing with storms and worrying ‘bout not bein’ able to get on da catputer to have fun, France was reelin’ from da terrorist attacks dat stole da lives of so many. Our deepest sympathy’s go out to all of France. You are in our purrayers. This world and all dat’s in it are a gweat blessing from God. And a small portion of da worlds pawpulation wants to stamp out freedom from any who don’t believe da way they do. We just celebrated Veteran’s day. A day dat honors all those who fight to keep us safe. But what do we do when da death and destruction of a war are brought to our streets where the innocent and untrained are just goin’ about their lives?


Dezi inside a Red abstract rose

We join so many others in our sadness over da tactics dat took so much from so many. We purray and ask God to keep you all safe and dat sumday this world will know Peace. Vive la France and God Bless America.

Lexi in a frame of red roses and rose petals

By da way, fur those of ya’ dat reads meez blog on fones and tablets, it shuld be much easier fur you now. 


Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi