Twiddlin’ Me Paws and Worryin’

Well mommy and me shuld be at hers monthy doctors pointment today, but… Notice me said shuld? Dat’s cuz me be right here at home twiddlin’ meez paws with worry while mommy be tryin’ to walk there. She left me home cuz she was fraid sumfin’ bad might happen to me sittin’ on da side of da road in meez stroller while she lay on da street passed out. Let me ‘splain. A few years ago mommy was playin’ da piano fur a small church down da way and one night while dwivin’ there our then car went kerplunk. A lady with a little money attended da church and decided she wuld get mommy a car as hers tithe fur da month. We was and are ever so grateful and da car is new fur us. But da car wasn’t new and had parrently sat fur quite sum time as da tires had began to rot. At da time tho, dat was one of da lesser purroblems with da car and so nuffin’ was done ‘bout da tires and an as is purrchase is just dat.

Dezi on cat tree with paw outstretched

Me sure hopes mommy gets back afur dinner time.


Last year one of da front tires fell all to pieces and our awnty Anonymous got us a new one. We knew it was just a matter of time, but, well, when your on a fixed income like we are, there’s just not enuff money fur da necessities, much less extras. So yet another tire has fallen to pieces and must be replaced. They run ‘bout $100.00 each and will all need replacin’ in short order. Oh but it dusn’t stop. MOL  Da car tags be due too. Mommy’s gotta get those cuz ifin she dusn’t we’ll be in violation of our lease and get evicted. You know how much da manager wuld enjoy dat, so weez not gunna have dat happen. But, da money mommy has to use for dat wuld be da money she wuld normally use fur our supplies. Member we don’t have money fur extras. And by extras me dusn’t mean eatin’ out, mommy eatin’ or buyin’ purresents, me means other necessities.

 Lexi laying on her back on nip mat looking cute

Course mommy can tell her self there’s no money fur food and all’s good, but she can’t do dat with us. And she NEVER wuld. She’d figure sumfin’ out no matter what dat meant. But me decided to ask fur your help. Sis Lexi and me need food and litter and sum pH testers fur meez pee and sissy’s supplements on top of dat tire. Altho’ we can’t get da tire at Chewy we can get da other stuff, and we have an auto delivery box ready we just need to pay fur it. Da total is $91.76. We posted an update to da Fundraiser and on Facebook Tuesday. And by da time we wrote this posty we had raised $45.00. So ifin you can help, we wuld sure purreciate it.

Luv ya' sissy.
Luv ya’ sissy. Lubz you too Dezi.

We know da holidays are upon us and dat things be tight every where. And we hate to be askin’ at all, but we’re not askin’ fur purresents or stuff like dat, we just wanna have litter in da box and food on da plate and da ability to get to da (whispers) doctor or farmacy ifin we need to. Hopefully we won’t need da last part but it’s better to be purrpared. Altho’ meez pawdee box depawsits are larger, without testin’ da pH we can’t be sure meez really better.

 dw-DSCN4609 (1280x960)

Me is eatin’ da new food and luvvin’ it, but we need to be sure it’s really workin’. We are gunna be tellin’ ya’ all ‘bout it soon. Let’s just say dat mommy is thrilled. As you know me was addicted to da BB and transitionin’ me off was a nightmare. Mommy wasn’t purrleased wiff da food me wuld eat but at least it wasn’t BB. So when she got da new food she almost had rug burns on her knees from purrayin’ so much dat me wuld eat it. Eever da purrayers worked or da food is just dat good, cuz me put meez head in da plate and didn’t come up fur air till it was all gone. And you know what? Me asked fur seconds. Yep sure did. Never done dat afur, but it was soooooo good. So anyways, like me said, we kuld sure use your help. You can give thru paypal with no fees to our account at:, or thru da fundraiser here. Da paypal link takes you to da sign in page. We can also use your purrayers.

Looks like weez’ll be getting’ caught up on Fursday, cuz we don’t know how long it’s gunna take mommy to go to da doctor. Meez goin’ back to twiddlin’ meez paws now. 

Till da next time……………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi