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Meowllo everypawdy and Monday too. We were actually excited fur Monday to get here this week. We told ya’ last week dat sis Lexi seems to get sick late Furiday after da VETs close and then starts feelin’ better late Sunday; just in time to not have to go to da VET on Mondays. Well it happened again this weekend, so we kuldn’t wait fur Monday to come rollin’ in so sissy wuld start feelin’ better. And sure ‘nuff, she’s duin’ much better today. While talkin’ with others, we’s found out this is quite common among our older and/or sick furiends. Good days and bad ones seem to come and go in a cycle. Da really good thing ‘bout sis Lexi’s bad days this weekend is dat she was still eating and able to keep most of da noms down. And dat brings me to today’s posty.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received a bag of treats in exchange for our fair and honest opinion. Chewy nor Primal is responsible for the content of this review. All opinions are our own. We only bring products we have tried or use ourselves and believe would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

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As #Influencers, we get to try a lot of great purroducts; and this month was no exception. As you all know me recently changed me’s eatin’ habits to a raw freeze dried diet. It’s yummy and me’s a lot healthier. So when da opportunity came to try out sum freeze dried liver treats we was all over it. We received a 2 ounce package of Primal Freeze Dried Pork Liver Munchies. Now there’s only 1 ingredient in these treats and it’s pork liver. Yep liver from da pig and nuffin’ else. Primal uses only pork raised in da USA without antibiotics or added hormones. These treats are grain and gluten free with no preservatives or added salt or sugars. Primal has a variety of flavors in a variety of textures.

#Primal Pork Liver Munchies

Now let me tell ya’ a little sumfin’ ‘bout freeze dried foods and treats in general. Some are kinda soft and easily break or crumble and some are really hard, similar to a kibble. Mommy sez it’s mostly cuz of da protein source. This is one of da reasons we have sed dat switchin’ your cat from kibble might be easier with freeze dried noms. Dat bein’ sed, da Pork Liver Munchies we received are on da harder side of freeze dried. Livers usually are. Da pieces are kinda big and needed to broken up into smaller bite size pieces. So let’s get to da taste testin’.

Dezi smells the Primal Pork Liver Munchies

Mommy broke up a piece and offered it to me and sis Lexi. Sis Lexi immediately grabbed a piece and started gummin’ it. It wasn’t too long and she spit it out and walked off. It was a little hard fur a mature girly with no teeth. Well since sissy spit it out there was no way me was gunna try it. So off me went too. A few days later when sis Lexi was nappin’ and mommy and me was havin’ some special alone time she offered me a few bite size pieces. Me looked ‘em over and had a good sniff and then took one. Yep me had furgotten ‘bout sissy spittin’ it out and was ready to give ‘em a try fur me’s self. Me chewed and then switched it to da other side of me’s mouth and chewed sum more. Finally me spit it out too. Dat munchie was still in one piece. It had a few extra holes, and was a bit slimy now but still looked like it did when me started chewin’. Me picked it up and repeated da earlier steps and spit it out again. Thinkin’ maybe me got a bad piece, me took a fresh one from mommy’s open hand and started chewin’ away at it. It didn’t take me long to spit it out too. Me was done. No more lookin’ sniffin’ or chewin’ fur me. These things were too hard and there was no pay off. Me never got anythin’ to swallow. What’s up with dat? Ifin me can’t get it to me’s belly then it ain’t food or treat accordin’ to sissy, and me has to agree.

dw-DeziprimalporkliverDSCN6003 (640x480)

Sissy sed we needed to be fair and truthful as always in our review, so we both give da Primal Pork Liver Munchies 1 paw up cuz we were innerested enuff to try them. But since neither of us kuld actually chew them up enuff to swallow, we won’t be buyin’ any. Now me knows you wanna know what mommy thought, so here she is.

dw-DeziprimalporkliverDSCN6010 (640x480)

Thank you baby. I wish you and Lexi would/could have eaten them because liver is a great source of protein. I love the fact that there’s nothing in them but the pork liver. There’s no bad or controversial ingredients in them. That’s always a plus in my book. Altho they are a bit hard, they are still fairly easily broken into smaller pieces. And because it’s just pork liver, the treats are great for mixed households. Doggy and kitty can both have the same treat at treat time. The bag is pretty full so the price of $6.99 is fair. But because y’all didn’t actually eat them, I can only give them 1 thumb up.

dw-DeziprimalporkliverDSCN6009ribedit (640x480)

Thanks mommy. So there ya’ have it. Da Primal Freeze Dried Pork Liver Munchies are a great treat fur kitties and doggies. But purrobly not a good choice fur da kitties with teeth purroblems or no teeth. They’re a bit hard so not everykitty is gunna like ‘em but most of our peeps will luv them cuz of da goodness of ‘em. You kuld add water and purrobly soften them a bit, but once it’s in a bowl it’s no longer a treat to us. Chewy has lots of great products so we’re certain you will find somethin’ to meet your needs. There’s always free and speedy shipping on orders of $49.00 or more and a flat rate shipping fur all others. You can set up an autoship so you never run out of your furries favorites again. And don’t worry you can skip cancel, edit or delay any shipment. We are linkin’ up to da #ChewyInfluencers review hop hosted by The Golden Woofs. Check out what others sed about da purroducts they tried this month.


Does your furry like liver?


Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi