Mewsy Wednesday

Meowllo everypawdy we be really busy today, so me will make it short and sweet. Now do you believe dat? Do you think me can keep it short? Mommy says me’s so chatty dat sometimes me drives her batty. She looks like mommy to me, but me doesn’t ‘zactly know what a “batty” is, so maybe me does drive her batty. 

 Dezi sits atop the small cat climber

We had an inspection this meownin’ and mommy’s doctor’s ‘pointment this afternoon and then mommy’s case manager will be droppin’ by to get all da paperwork set up so mommy can hire one of da applicants we had. Looks like we’s finally gonna get some help ‘round here. Mommy says it’ll be ‘bout another month, but at least we’re on our way. As fur dat inspection, da manager sent out notices fur a cleanliness, occupied dwelling, and filter change inspection. But when she showed up, da exterminator was with her too. Mommy hadn’t planned on dat and da fountains was in da floor as well as me’s favorite toys. Mommy had just got some bug killer herself and used it (‘member da scorpion?). So mommy declined da sprayin’, she said too much poison at one time.

Anyways, me’s gotta go, mommy needs to take a shower and get dressed and she needs me’s help. Me will sure be glad when me gets some help too. So we’ll ketch up with all of ya’ as soon as we can. Purrlease ‘member to purray fur me tomorrow cuz me’s goin’ to da VET fur a yearly checkup and da required by law rabies shot. More poison mommy says, but da law is da law.

Dezi climbs down the Liberty Cat Tree

Me’s comin’ mommy.


Till da next time……………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses