Pawlympics: Fly Fishin’ with Dezi and Raena

Meowllo everypawdy, me has a special posty today. We know you’ve purrobably seen a few posty’s ‘round da blogosphere talkin’ ‘bout da Pawlympics. You may have even purrticipated in da past. Well me must have somhow missed it, cuz we’d never heard of it. But after checkin’ it out and talkin’ it over, we thought we’d jump in paws furst. We won’t just be purrticipatin’, we’ll be hostin’ an event. Dat’s right, me Dezi, and me’s new sisfur Raena will be hostin’ our very furst ever Pawlympics event. To see a complete list of events and dates click here.


Blogville Pawlympics Badge

Me knows you all wanna know just what event we could agree on to host, right? Fly Fishin’. You heard read dat right, we’s hostin’ an event called Fly Fishin’. But Dezi, me can’t hold a fishin’ pole without thumbs, you say. Or Raena, I’s not wanna touch da bait, you say. Or Girls, we don’t have any fishin’ holes in our neck of da woods, you say? Well dat’s okay, Here’s what we mean by Fly Fishin’. 

Raena plays with the Cat Dancer
Fly Fishin’ Raena

You know when your human plays with you and you jump up to ketch (catch) whatever ball/wand toy/string/etc. you can talk da (the) human into tossin’ (tossing) your way…well dat’s (that’s) Fly Fishin’. Some of ya’ might even be talented enuff (enough) to talk da (the) human into throwin’ (throwing) and lettin’ (letting) ya’ ketch (catch) a treat or ten. What you ketch is up to you. But we gotta see you ketch somethin’.

Dezi biting string on interactive wand toy
Fly Fishin’ with Dezi

Now you have till August 13, 2016 to get your fotos in to us. Our event will officially be posted on August 18, 2016. You know mommy and fotos, so we need da time to get everypawdy posted. Now you see some parenthesis above, we wanna make sure even those dat can’t speak/read English or Southern English Cat can purrticipate by knowin’ what to do. So, what are ya’ waitin’ fur, get to ketchin’ Fly Fishin’. E-mail your fotos to:

Dat’s lexi(dot)dezi(at)yahoo(dot)com 

          Oh sissy this is gonna be so much fun. 

   Yep Raena, me can’t wait. All Anipals can purrticipate. No discriminatin’ here.

And mommy wants me to tell everypawdy dat we’s gonna take a few days off. We didn’t get to make it to BlogPaws this year, but we’s workin’ on a way to go next year. Anyways, we need a little time off to take care of a few things. Raena has to see da VET tomorrow (Furiday) fur her furst set of kitten vaccs., and since she’s finally here, we need to make a few changes to our blog and social media channels to reflect dat. Sis Lexi will always be a pawrt of everythin’ we do, but Raena deserves to be added. She’s furmily and not goin’ anywhere. Mommy reminds me of dat fact everyday. And mommy needs to make sure we have all our lease recert. stuffs done so it can be turned in Monday. 

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Raena