Blest Sunday Vet Update

Meowllo and welcome to a very Blest Sunday. Of course we think every day’s a blessing, but we feel doubly and even triply blest sometimes. And this weekend is one of those times. As ya’ know, sis Raena had to go to da VET on Furiday fur her second round of core vaccines; somethin’ she wasn’t lookin’ furward too. ‘Course neither was mommy, cuz it’s getting’ really hot here now dat Summer has arrived full force; and with no a/c in da car and no way to roll da windows down mommy dreads goin’ anywhere, specially ifin she has to take us. But Furiday came and mommy gathered up Raena and they were off.

Raena site on the arm of the chair by mommy


    Sissy, I thought I’s was gonna get to tell ‘bout mines own VET visit?. 

 Dezi poses for the camera from the arm of the chair

You are Raena, me was just settin’ things up fur ya’. You need to learn some patience kid. MOL Well, go ahead and tell everypawdy ‘bout ya’ll’s trip.


    Fanks Dezi. You’s da bestest sisfur ever. So mommy and me got started down da road when suddenly there were these lights flahin’ behind us and screamin’ sounds too. Mommy said, oh no, and scooted over to another lane and told me to stay quiet. Turns out those lights and screamin’ cars belong to pawlice, and dat’s what they do when they’re gonna pull somepawdy over fur speedin’ and such. Altho’ mommy wanted to speed so we could hurry and get outta da heat, she wasn’t, so she was a little confused. But as soon as we moved over, 4 screamin’ pawlice cars went flyin’ passed us. And then we saw it. A fuel truck had wrecked and every cop in these pawrts was right there. So we got stuck in da traffic jam and was 5 minutes late to mines ‘pointment.

    It didn’t seem to matter tho’ da place was full of big ole doggies with bad owners. Several of those doggies was tryin’ to get me and their owners just sat there, sayin’ things like, “Oh, he doesn’t like cats.” And…while droppin’ da leashes to look in her purse lady, “Don’t bother the kitty Bruiser and Tuffy.” Mommy was irate, and gave them a piece of her mind ‘bout handlin’ their doggies and how bein’ at da VETs doesn’t exempt them from da law dat says your animal must be attached to a leash with a respawnsible adult attached to da other end and da doggy must be under control at all times when outside of their house. And then she took me to da back. ‘Course we were followed by a tech who said, it was fine fur mommy to go on ahead and go to da back and dat da VET would just see me there. They wasn’t thrilled, but you could tell they knew better than to say anythin’ to mommy ’bout it.

RaenaBelle's eye closeup
Hmmmmmmm I Don’t think this is quite right fur a selfie

    Once in da back, both VETs were there and made over me along with a couple of techs. But they wasn’t foolin’ me none, I’s knew what was in store. I could see da needles sittin’ on mines folder. Furst da lady VET pawed me all over and tried to get kisses. Did she think I had done furgotten how she manhandled me just a few weeks ago? Hmmmpht Well I didn’t and gave her a hiss ‘stead of a kiss. Then he, Dr. C put me on a scale. I weighed a whole 2.4 pounds. Mommy says I’s way too skinny, but da VETs said I looked great and dat mines fur was da bestest they’d seen since sis Dezi. They asked mommy ‘bout supplements, but she told ‘em we don’t really take any, but dat we do eat freeze dried raw.

    Mommy’s workin’ up to da all out raw. I luvs it, but Dezi not so much. And I’s wanna eat whatever sis Dezi does, so…Anyways, both da VETs frowned, but said nuffin’. You could tell they was bitin’ their tongues, and have learned not to argue with mommy. And then da nasty VET lady stuck me. Not once but 2 times. Yep, she stuck me twice and then shoved somethin’ in mines mouth. Then da lady VET wanted to hug all over me again. Fur a minute I’s furgot I’s a Ragdoll and started squirmin’ ‘bout till she gave me back to mommy. And then back thru da office we went. There was a doggie free fur all goin’ on and a lady huddled on her chair with a kitty under her shirt tryin’ to purrtect it. But when mommy looked over at da doggy peeps, they all scampered to grab their leashes. It’s such a shame dat peeps act dat way. Anyways, mommy paid da lady and we was off. Seems I’s still have to take dat yucky medicne till mines eyes clear up, but at least we was finished there.

RaenaBelle's nose and mouth selfie
Well this ain’t it either. These selfies are tricky.

    Mommy had purromissed me some of those yummy treats we found da last time we went to da VET, so we headed to Walmart. Y, They marked those treats down from .50 cents a package to a quarter. So mommy got me several packages and even gave me a few right then. Somepawdy asked us what they are da other day and we couldn’t ‘member, but they’re called Delectables Real chicken/chicken and tuna, Chicken and turkey and so on, Juicy treat. They have quite a few flavors. All they are is chunks of whatever protein in a bag and kept moist. There’s about 6 treats purr bag. Mommy says they’re overpriced even at a quarter, but I’s luvs ‘em and she wants to reward me fur takin’ mines medicine. Also, somethin’ ‘bout puttin’ some meat on mines bones. MOL 

RaenaBelle half rpofile cut off selfie
Well, I’s think I’s gettin’ better at least.

   Anyways, we headed home. It was so hot I panted da whole way home. Mommy had brought a wet wash cloth dat she kept tryin’ to put on me, but I’s kept tryin’ to shake it off. Mommy said it woulda helped keep me cool, but I’s didn’t believe her. After all, she had a wet wash cloth wrapped ‘round her neck and she was pourin’ sweat all down her face. When we finally got home I’s didn’t feel good. I’s didn’t wanna eat. All I’s wanted to do was lay ‘round on mommy and sleep. She said I’s was burnin’ up with fever and cried and purrayed fur da longest time. ‘Tween da heat and da vaccinations, I got really sick. Sis Dezi was so sweet to me. I’s know she luvs me, and I’s sure do luvs her. I’s feelin’ better now, but mommy sure was worried.

RaenaBelle lap selfie

Furinally. Fanks fur helpin’ me mommy.


Thanks Raena, we’re all glad you’re okay. Mommy and me really was worried ‘bout ya’. But God is a big God and we are so thankful dat He helped you get better. Dat’s a great blessing indeed. ‘Course we told ya’ we made it through da furst inspection without any purroblems and somepawdy commented dat it seemed we were always havin’ inspections and wanted to know how offen we had these. Yes, it does seem like we’s havin’ them all da time to us too. They’re allowed to do 1 inspection a month, and usually dat’s what they do. But, they occasionally try to slip in extras, like they are this month. ‘Cuz we live in subsidized housing, they’re allowed to purrfurm inspections. It’s a real pain in da behind and this is da furst place we’ve ever lived dat took advantage of that right. There are no tenants meetings and mommy has already reported them several times. Da respawnse was dat mommy has da legal right to refuse entry beyond da one inspection a month. 

 Dezi laying on cat tree and meowing

Anyways, we are so blest to have all of you in our lives and we purreciate all your purrayers fur Raena’s VET visit and fur us in general. Raena has one last VET visit in 3 weeks and then her core vaccines will be over and all she’ll need will be da “by law” rabies shot and her spay day in October. We got some great questions fur our Service Cat posty tomorrow, and we have a pawsum give away comin’ up this week. So stay tuned. We’s also joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And ‘member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life.

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle