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Dezi sits on bench

Meowllo and welcome to me’s world. You know me’s bloggy is called Deziz World fur a reason. Pawrently back when we started bloggin’ me was a little tyrant Princess kinda like Raena is now and mommy used to say it was my world and we’re all just livin’ in it. Anyways, ifin you’ve ever wondered how me’s bloggy got it’s name, dat’s it. On another note, we have a pawsum review fur ya’ today. As you know, we are Chewy Influencers and as such, each month we get to try new purroducts and tell you all ‘bout them. This month we chose a purroduct just fur all of you. Why is me comin’ to you from da pawdee box room you ask? Well, we get asked a lot ‘bout what kind of litter we recommend. As most of ya’ know, we’re natural litter kitties, and mommy luvs da flushability of natural, so it works fur us. But there’s a lot of peeps dat fur whatever reason purrfurr clay litter. We don’t really have a clue ‘bout what might be bestest among da clay litters. Mommy can’t even ‘member da last clay litter she bought. So, when we were given da oppurrtunity to try out a new clay litter, we thought ‘bout all of you clay users and jumped on it.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We received compensation for our honest opinion of BoxieCat Clay Litter. Our opinions are are own and neither Chewy nor BoxieCat are responsible for those expressed in this post. As always we only bring products we use or have tried and believe would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

 Chewy Logo

We received a 16 pound bag of BoxieCat all natural scent free premium clumping litter. Mommy said da stark white shiny bag and light blue writing made it look “clean”.  (leans in and whispers) She says dat’s somethin’ da women folk will unnerstand. Altho’ it does come in two more furmulas, Extra Strength scent free and Gently Scented. Da purrice ranges from $17.99 to $18.99. As always you can save ifin you set up an auto ship. And dat savings is on every shipment, not just da furst one. Da key benefits listed on da chewy website are as follows:

Key Benefits

  • Clumps instantly

  • Scoops easily, stays clean

  • Eliminates ammonia odors

  • 99.9% dust free

  • Resists tracking

  • Longer lasting

  • For single & multiple cats

 BoxieCat Clay Cat litter

Anyways, When it arrived mommy immediately took it outta da box so Raena could have a new play toy, da box not da litter. 

      I’s luvs those Chewy boxes sis Dezi. They are sooooo much fun. Mommy even let me play a little befur she got da box emptied.

 Raena sitting on the BoxieCat Cat litter in a chewy box

Okay Raena, but we’re still not reviewin’ da boxes. Now back to da litter. Mommy said it was like liftin’ a ton of bricks. Fur any who aren’t furmiliar with dat expression, it means it’s Heavy. It’s a full 16 pounds and feels like more. Now here’s a little side note fur ya’, notice da name of da litter says “natural”? Mommy says she had never really thought ‘bout it when she says dat we be natural litter kitties, so she immediately picked up da dictionary and looked up da word clay. Here’s what she found out. Clay is a fine grained natural rock or soil that is plastic due to it’s water content or when wet and is used to make bricks. Hmmmmm  Dat’s really innerestin’. Ifin ya’ have a kitty with feline acne, ya’ might wanna think ‘bout dat.  

 BoxieCat Clay Cat Litter

       Ya’ reckon dat’s where dat sayin’ came from sissy? You know, like a ton of bricks?  

Me doesn’t know Raena. Where do you get these questions from anyways?.

 Back to what me was sayin’. Da BoxieCat clay litter is NOT flushable, so there’s no way mommy could mix it with our normal litter. She got out a new box and cut open da bag. So far so good. Dat means there was no dust poofin’ outta da bag. Now ‘member this bag was really heavy, so mommy got a bench to set it on and pour from. (She usually uses a bench cuz she’s not posed to be liftin’ stuffs.) Oh me cats, dust was all up mommy’s nostrils and in her face. Maybe ifin da bag had been closer to da box dat wouldn’t have happened. Da bag is resealable, but we’re big kitties, and have jumbo or giant sized pawdee boxes so we needed da whole bag. Mommy did try da sealer to check it’s functionability, and found it to be difficult to seal. Once mommy got da BoxieCat litter spread out in da new box, it was ‘bout 1” to 1-1/2” deep. Now mommy had been told dat Raena was usin’ clay in her furmer residence (We highly doubted dat since she didn’t seem to know what a pawdee box was and used da piddle pads instead) so mommy expected her to be da furst to use da BoxieCat litter. 

       Dat’s not very nice of you to say sissy. I’s coulda been scared, or just not liked… 

(Dezi butts in)  Okay Raena, me’s sorry. Now can we get back to our review? 

        Fank you sissy, I’s sorry fur buttin’ in. Do you want me to tell everypawdy ’bout it? 

No Raena, me will take it from here.


BoxieCat Clay Cat litter

Well, it’s been down since da day after we received it a few weeks ago and neither one of us has even gotten in da box. Mommy hasn’t even caught us sniffing it and not a paw purrint one. So we can’t tell you anythin’ ‘bout it’s odor controlling capabilities. Nor can we say much ‘bout da dust factor as kitty claws and digs. But, mommy did finally take some out and put it in a bowl to check it’s clumping purropurrties. Da BoxieCat clay litter clumps fast and hard and sure nuff had a flat top. Da clumps are also quite heavy and should be disposed of in da trash can. Somethin’ to note fur long haired kitties, da liquid spread out fast and left a wide gummy wet clump. As fur tracking, mommy can say dat by looking at it and based on her many years of experience, it’s going to track. But, litter tracking is just one of those things dat go along with sharin’ your life and home with a kitty and a litter box. Get a good vacuum and just enjoy your furry purrer.

 BoxieCat Clay Cat litter

So what’s our rating fur da BoxieCat clay clumping litter? It’s made right here in da USA, so fur us dat’s a plus. There was no scent other than dat of clay. This is always a pawsitive as we cats don’t like scents in our toilets.  It clumps hard and fast. A good thing especially ifin you have more than one kitty or a line at da pawdee box. There was a dust cloud when pouring from a foot above da box. It is on da heavy side, but not any more so than similar clay litters of similar size (mommy checked around). Mommy thinks it’s a bit purricy fur a clay litter based on her research. But, ifin you’re one of those dat luvs your clay litter, this would be a purrfect choice. Unscented will get us on your side every time. A big paw up and thumb up fur dat. And mommy says clay makes fur excellent face and body masks (mommy kept out a little fur her own use when furst opening the bag).  

       OMC Dezi are you sayin’, Is dat what mommy had on her face da other day?  

 Raena standing on the BoxieCat cat litter and looking up at the camera

Raena!!! Sssssshoosh!!! We don’t always talk ’bout mommy’s beauty routines. Me isn’t sure any of them are workin’. Anyways… 

Check it out, and while you’re there have a look ‘round. Chewy carries purroducts fur all your furred and non furred furiends. And as always, speedy, free shipping fur all orders over $49.00 and a flat rate speedy shipping fur all other orders. You can schedule your purroducts to ship automatically and save with each shipment. And you can shop with confidence, as Chewy’s customer service will always make things right. Check out da Chewy blog Hop fur other pawsum reviews.

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Till da next time………………………………………Be Blest!!!

Dezi:  Vivid Blue 

Raena:  Navy Blue

 Dezi looks out from the house on the Liberty cat treeSee ya’ later.

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle        

Service Cats Proper Training Methods Part 2

Dezi: Your lap is the best mommy

Well it’s Miserable Monday and da beginning of another work week. It’s also time fur another Service Cat posty. Furst mommy and me would like to thank you all for your kind words with regards to yesfurdays Blest Sunday posty. We are still working through our feelings over losing sis Lexi, and purrobably always will be. But one thing is certain, we are extremely blest to have had her in our lives. Now, as with all our educational posts, da following will be written in human English. Ifin you’ve missed any posts in da series, you can ketch up by clicking da links below. 

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s talk more about training today. We didn’t get any questions from our last couple of posts, so we’re not sure which direction you all would like us to go, but we need to expand on training a bit. We have been asked where mommy learned her training methods. Years ago she started out training dogs. Once she fell into the clutches of a cat, she quickly learned she had to modify her training techniques to fit the feline behavior and mind. Most of what she learned she learned from raising motherless kittens. As most of you know, the mother and littermates would train a kitten to use the litterbox, how hard and when to bite, scratch, play and everything else a new kitten would need to know to survive. Kittens who lose their mothers before learning these things can grow up to be unruly and/or have a lot of behavioral issues. But even the kitten with an ideal upbringing can still benefit from a little training.

 Raena laying on the floor

Last week we told you that positive reinforcement is the best and proper method to train a cat. Negative reinforcement in very limited amounts has it’s place (the ear biting technique we discussed last week). Positive reinforcement can be anything from a treat to a hug or pat. Get to know your kitty, and you’ll quickly learn what their preference is. We also stated that most cats are not ruled by their tummies, so treats are not always effective training tools. Please, Do Not starve your non food motivated kitty in order to treat train. Mommy prefers to use other rewards anyways.

Last week we talked about inappropriate scratching, and offering appropriate options for kitty to use and even how to get kitty to use them. Remember if kitty is exhibiting behavioral problems, see your VET and rule out any illnesses before proceeding with any training. A sick cat, or one in pain will not learn no matter what method you try. We’ve been asked about how mommy trains us to massage her and what to do about kitty claws. We briefly covered this in a post above, but the question has been asked since then as well, so we thought we’d go over it again. Because we are Ragdolls and soft pawed, we don’t use our claws. But Shad, Devon, Lucky, Ransom and Lexi all had claws that needed to stay retracted, so mommy learned a technique that with repetition will work.

 Dezi scratching the cardboard race car

Kitty massage is merely kitty kneading that has been focused to a specific area. Almost all kitties knead. Mommy starts training massage as soon as kitty first starts to knead her. It’s never too early or too late to train kitty to retract their claws. Once kitty starts kneading, (usually a leg while sitting or laying in your lap) which is a push and pull with the paws; mommy lightly taps kittys paws when the claws come out. At the same time, she will say “ouch” and make a whimpering sound, or say “no claws” or “it hurts” followed by a small whimper. Typically kitty will splay open their paws, stop kneading and look up. Mommy smiles and asks kitty to massage her again while stroking kittys’ head, neck and/or face/chin; focusing on the scent gland areas. Typically kitty will start kneading again, but instead of a push and pull, kitty will push hard and almost pick up their paws to draw back. This may not happen the first or second or even tenth time, but repetition and sticking to the same method of training will cause kitty to eventually get it.

 Raena getting mommy loving

Once kitty is proficient in massage, it’s time to move them to the area you need massaged. For mommy, that’s just about everywhere, but let’s say your issue is migraines and you want a head massage. Mommy finds laying down to be the best for her, but if you have a chair with a back that kitty can lay on without falling off of and can reach your head, you can sit up for your massage. Let’s go with laying down. Either carry kitty with you or call kitty to come to you once you’ve laid down. Place kitty beside or behind your head, depending on how your bed is made up and where you are laying. Remember, wherever kitty is laying must be stable without the possibility of kitty falling off. Kitty will become euphoric during the massage process and thus lose their sense of balance. They may also drool and/or nuzzle.

 Dezi getting mommy loving and petting.

Once you and kitty are in place, start petting the head and face and speaking softly to kitty until kitty starts kneading. At this point the knead will mostly be a pushing. Keep your head in place, don’t move it with the push. Begin to praise and thank kitty at this point. Mommy always says things like “Thank You”, or “That feels so good”, and always, “I love you”. At some point during the session, comment about how your migraine is feeling better. Be specific. There will come a time when you are able to say, “I have a migraine” or “I need a massage” and kitty will automatically get into position to give you one. You can use the same technique for any part of your body. Always remember, training is all about Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

 Dezi and Raena eating treats on the liberty cat tree

Well there ya’ have it, mommy’s training tips on kitty massage. Mommy says there’s nothin’ better for a migraine, than a purring massaging kitty. We do want to remind you that kitty should not eat your hair, and anytime pawssible, the hair should be clean of hair products as a lot of those products are hazardous to kitty. Me’s gonna wrap it up now and see ‘bout getting’ a nap in and maybe even a stroll later today. Please leave any questions or topics you’d like us to cover in da comment section below.

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!  

Is there something you need help training your cat to do?


If there was a kitty kindergarten like there is for dogs, would you be interested?


Would you take (have taken) kitty to socialization training classes?

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle   

Blest Sunday Remembering Lexi

Meowllo and welcome to another Blest Sunday. Today is a day fur ‘memberin’ and so mommy wanted to say a few things ‘bout sis Lexi. She’s never written ‘bout this, so purrlease bear with her. Ifin you missed sis Lexi’s goodbye posty you can read it here. Mommy will cover some things dat those of you who have followed us a while already know, but we do have new followers dat don’t know sissy.

 Lexi in a peaceful cloud frame with a dove

 Thank you baby. As most of you know I’m just mommy Audra. I give the girls their voice to come to all of you. They are so full of personality and love that writing through them is much easier, especially when it comes to the heartbreaking moments in our lives. When Lexi left us to go to heaven it was only natural to let her say goodbye. I felt like if I added anything to that it would signify closure. And I wasn’t ready to close the book on that part of my life, and I’m still not. So this post isn’t closure, it’s merely a small look into my feelings on the matter. Lexi had been the biggest and best part of my life for the almost 17 years she was with me. And now suddenly it was over and people wanted me to get over it and move on.

Lexi laying in mommy's lap
My favorite seat in the house.

From the time Lexi came into my life, when she was 10 minutes old, till the moment she went to be with God, we had never been apart. We’d never spent a night away from each other, and never more than a couple of hours throughout a day. She’d traveled from Oklahoma to Mississippi with me when my aunt died, and we’d moved every year for the first 4 years of her life. The really funny thing is, Lexi was never supposed to be my forever cat.

3 1/2 week old Lexi
Lexi at 3 weeks old

She was merely another of a 100 fosters that was to go through my home that kitten season. She was tiny. Smaller than most. I and the vet figured it had something to do with her birth, but it didn’t seem to affect her, so we didn’t worry about it. And it all changed when she grew up. She was a huge cat weighing in at around 30 pounds during her healthy adult life. Anyways, when she was finally 6 weeks old, the rescue wanted her at the adoption events, so off we would go. Those days weren’t good for her. She would come home and fight with my resident cats, who learned to give her a wide berth on those days. And then the day came when an application came in for her. My heart sank. But I put a “happy” in my voice and told her she might have a forever home. That just seemed to make her angry and she lashed out and drew blood from my oldest resident cat. As soon as she did it, she ran and jumped in my lap and purred louder and longer than I’d ever heard. I bawled. Of course I took care of Devon, but I cried so hard I was convulsing.

Young teenager Lexi
Teenage kitten Lexi at about 5 months old.

Why had I been so disappointed about the application? Lexi obviously wasn’t happy, so why was I thinking about keeping her? Well I called the rescue president and told her what had happened and her response without giving it a second thought was, “We can’t adopt her out. Take her to the vet and kill her.” All I heard was Kill Her! They had wanted to do that the day she came in because she was too black, and now they were going to get their chance. Well, that did it for me, I told them no and that she would stay with me. I picked her up and explained to her that she was going to be with me forever and that I was going to love her forever, and changed her name (it used to be Lana) and gave her a big kiss. She understood everything and immediately started to purr. The boys sensed the change as well and they all became the best of friends. They laid together, played together and groomed each other. Life was good.


dw DLL

We lost Devon and then Lucky, and Lexi and I carried on. Lexi and I would lose another before Dezi joined us. I just never thought it would be Lexi. She was going to live forever, you know? When she got sick, we fought. I researched and learned all I could. I did the very best for her and she knew it and fought right alongside of me, till she just didn’t. I know it’s stupid and selfish, but all I could think is why would she want to leave me? I needed her. I loved her. How could this be happening? I screamed at God to “fix her”, make her all better, and that He couldn’t have her. She had gladly taken anything I gave her, allowed me to do whatever I needed to her, and suddenly, she was refusing. She was struggling as much as her frail body could struggle. I would watch her try to move from one spot to another and fall over because she was so weak. Those last days I spent in tears. I cried so much I thought eventually there’d be no tears left. But alas, tears are replenishing and I still cry. I still scream at God.


I try to believe that God needed her more than me, but nobody ever needed anyone as much as I needed Lexi. We had developed an almost symbiotic relationship. We moved together, and knew each others thoughts, sometimes before we had them. When she left, it was like half of me went with her…the better half. The half that knew what to do and when to do it. I basically shut down and just went through the motions. I’m getting better now, but I will always want my Lexi back. I will always love her and miss her and remember her. It will always be “yesterday” for me. She taught me so much about pure love and devotion. Through her I learned that there are still good people in the world. Because of her I have some very good friends that adore my girls. Because of Lexi we were featured on an internet radio program to talk about Service Cats. Because of Lexi, there’s all of you.

Luv ya' sissy.
Luv ya’ sissy.

Lexi enjoying the new nip mat play station from Cat, Nugget and awnty Lisa

I know to a lot of people, she was just a black tabby cat. But to me, she was Perfection. She was Love. She was my baby and so much more. I was so blest to have her, even if it was for just a moment in time. And the world is a better place because of her. Thank you to all of you who loved her and made her special and gave to her of your time, devotion, and gifts. Please know that she knew how much she was loved, and that she did love all of you. Someday, I’ll see her again, and be with her again. Until then, she is now healthy and young and feeling no pain. Thank you for letting my Lexi into your lives, and now my Dezi and Raena. 

 Lexi mearloafs on the floor while holding a new nip toy

 Lexi lays in wheelchair

Fank you mommy. Me so misses sis Lexi. She was da bestest sisfur a girly could ask fur. She was soooo bootyful and gracious. She taught me to share, and about this innernet thing where all our furiends and uncles and awnties are. We truly are blest. And now we’ve been blest with Raena. Life is still good. ‘Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. We of course are joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Selfie Sunday with some Lexi flashbacks. Hope you enjoy lookin’ at her as much as we do. Ifin you would like to read ‘bout sis Lexi’s start in life you can do so here and here.

 Lexi poses for the camera

Till da next time…………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

and mommy Audra    

What’s Raena Done Now

We’re Back!!! Ifin ya’ follow us on Facebook, you know why we weren’t ‘round on Wednesday, but ifin ya’ don’t, then you’re purrobably wonderin’ what happened. Let me tell ya’, it wiped mommy completely out. She wasn’t worth nuffin’ from Wednesday afternoon on. Anyways, let me just tell ya’ ‘bout it.

 Dezi laying on the liberty cat tree

Wednesday meownin’ things were goin’ purretty much like every other day. Raena and mostly me had gotten mommy to da bathroom and we were all doin’ our girly meownin’ business. Well, except Raena, she was getting’ into anythin’ she could.

Wait a minute. (Dezi thinks a second) That is what she does every meownin’.

Okay, so we were all doin’ a meownin’ business when all of a sudden Miss Ain’t ‘Fraid of Nuffin’, Miss Me’s got no fear Raena pulled da shelves off da wall and everythin’ came crashing to da ground. Now furstly me needs to ‘splain ‘bout those shelves. As ya’ know we live in a small ‘pawrtment and it doesn’t have any storage space. You also know we don’t have much money, so we make do. Da dollar stores sell these aluminum space savers for puttin’ over your toilets. Well, it doesn’t fit in our bathroom cuz of da way everything’s pawsitioned, so ‘stead of sittin’ on da floor, mommy hung it on da wall and loaded it up. So, 3 shelves full of stuffs and da spacesaver shelf itself came crashin’ down. All while mommy was brushin’ her teefies.

 Dezi and Raena laying on the liberty cat tree

 All dat ‘xcitement tuckered me plum out.

Bathroom spacesaver shelves

Take off da bottom bars and lower legs

and hang it on da wall. This is what

Raena pulled down.

After lookin’ ‘round and seein’ all her stuffs everywhere, but no kitties, mommy assumed Raena had hauled it with me down da hall to safety; so she calmly picked things up so dat we could get to da pawdee boxes and she could get outta da room to fix us brekky. What me furgot to tell you is dat cuz of all da rain we’d been getting’, mommy’s pain levels was off da charts, and she’d furgotten to take her allergy pill da night befur so she couldn’t breathe. But alas, mommy knew we must be a little scared and fur sure we was waitin’ fur brekky; so she pushed through and furinally emerged and headed fur da kitchen. Me was sittin’ right at da edge of da livin’ room watchin’ fur her, and upon seein’ her, me ran to da chair to help her. Mommy luvved on me and pawlogized and then yelled to Raena dat she luvved her too and dat she was gonna be makin’ us brekky. (mommy assumed Raena was in da livin’ room just outta her sight) 

Dezi atop the Liberty cat tree overseeing the search for Raena  Mommy, do you want some help? Can you stand up yet?


 Mommy went ‘bout makin’ brekky and getting’ her a cup o’ joe and realized Raena wasn’t struttin’ ‘round da kitchen gettin’ into everythin’, so mommy started callin’ fur her to come up and eat brekky. Once da brekky plates were ready, mommy sat them down. Still no Raena.

We knew there was a purroblem. Da girl likes to eat let me tell ya’. Knowin’ what a fearless adventurer Raena is, mommy really started to worry. All she could think was dat Raena could be somewhere hurt or dyin’ and unable to get to us. Mommy worried dat Raena could hear us and would be there wonderin’ why we didn’t luv her enuff to come and find and save her. So, not bein’ able to walk yet, and most of our hidin’ places bein’ non wheelchair accessible anyways, mommy fell to da floor and began to crawl ‘round lookin’ fur her. 3 hours later, after all da typical hidin’ places were checked and many tearful calls dat went unanswered, mommy sent me to facebook and cat scouts to ask fur purrayers. We just knew somethin’ really bad was wrong cuz Raena wasn’t even meowin’ (answerin’) mommy’s calls to her. Mommy took a short break and then was on da hunt fur Raena again.

 Bed frame hiding spot

 Bed frame hiding spot

Another 3 hours later, mommy heard a faint meow when she called out. Mommy looked in da direction of da meow and chills went through her bones. Mommy used to have a big queen sized bed befur da hospital bed we have now, and altho’ it’s gone, da frame with all it’s tacky metal edges still stands in da corner. Da corner where Raena meowed from. There are things dat mommy still hasn’t gotten put back together from da flood, so there is also other stuff in da corner in front of dat frame includin’ a small pillow roll. Mommy thinks Raena thought she could get on da pillow and be safe, but it’s too small and would have easily thrown her. In other words, da only way fur a kitty to get back there would be to fall over/through dat tacky edged metal frame.

 Bed frame hiding spot

Bed frame hiding spot

Terrified of what she might find, mommy quickly but carefully started peelin’ everythin’ away till she could see little Raena. There she was, standin’ on her hind paws (no room fur anythin’ else, and her paw was caught ‘tween two frames and she couldn’t get it out. Every time she would pull her paw, da frames would tighten ‘round it. Raena looked up at mommy with da same relief she had da day mommy picked her up and brought her home. Mommy loosened everythin’ and reached down and rescued Raena. We all cried and gave thanks to God. Fankfully, Raena hadn’t been gored or cut by any of da jagged pieces of metal. Her paw was limp, but no bones appeared broken. Her heart was racin’, but all in all she looked okay. After a bit, she had full use of her paw, and was getting’ ‘round fine. 

 Bed frame hiding spot

Me knows you all wanna know ifin Raena be a scaredy cat now right? Did she learn her lesson? NO!!! She didn’t learn anythin’!!! She was right back at it an hour later. Me will tell ya’ dat she did jump when mommy made noise with da bed frame when she was takin’ fotos and puttin’ everythin’ back together. Well……at least maybe she won’t terrify mommy by jumpin’ up there again. And no, we don’t have fotos of Raena stuck. Mommy just doesn’t think ‘bout those kinds of things. All she could think of was savin’ Raena. Gotta tell ya’, dat’s one of da reasons we luv our mommy so much.

 Raena inside the house on the Liberty Cat tree

So, dat’s where we was. Mommy was exhausted once Raena was found, so she just told me we would post and visit today. Then she ‘membered her case manager’s comin’ today, so we’ll be by as soon as we can. We do wanna fank everypawdy fur your purrayers and good thoughts. Fur everypawdy who suggested shakin’ a food or treat bag, our raw food and freeze dried treats don’t make any noise. But again, Raena couldn’t get out and get to us. And thus da reason mommy continued to search fur her all 6 hours. We’re not judgin’ anypawdy, but attitudes like “wait and see” or “she’ll come out eventually” are reasons cats don’t get as much VET care as doggies, and thus feline medicine isn’t as advanced as it should be. Just somethin’ to think ‘bout, maybe kitty can’t get to you, or doin’ so may cause them further injury. We can’t say fur sure. All we can say, is dat mommy will always look fur us and not wait fur us to come ‘round. It’s Furiday, so we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. Me’s gonna go have a nip tumble.

 Dezi plays with the Yeowww Orange while Raena walks away

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle