Happy Blest Sunday

Welcome to a brand new Blest Sunday. A while back, and me does mean a while back, we were tagged by da happiness “bug”. Now me ‘members Purrseidon, bein’ one of da bloggies, and Binky, and me thinks awnty Ellen of 15 and Meowing. But cuz mommy had so much goin’ on, she didn’t have time to help me put together a posty. Me thinks Blest Sunday is da purrfect day fur da Happy tag, so we’s gonna share it today. To accept da Happiness tag, we’re ‘posed to list 5 things dat make us happy, 5 songs dat make us happy and 5 bloggers dat make us happy. We’re then to notify said bloggers dat they’ve been tagged. Smile So let’s get on with it.

 Dezi atop the cat tree

5 Things dat make us happy:

     Well nummer one on dat list is havin’ each other. Raena and me know we have da bestest mommy in da universe, and mommy says we’s da bestest girly’s in da universe. So, we all agree on dat one.

     And nummer two on dat list would be all of you. Ya’ll are da bestest furiends and furmily in da universe. Again, we all agree on dat one.

     Nummer three on our list is da roof over our heads. We are blest to have a place to call home.

     Nummer four is our health. Mommy is so glad Raena and me are healthy, and so are we. Dat also means we don’t have to go to da mean ole VET any time soon.

     Nummer five is treats. Raena insisted on this one, and me agreed dat treats are a good thing.

 Raena lays on the pens for a selfie

 Treats? Did somepawdy say treats?


5 Songs dat make us happy:

     At da top of dat list is Amazing Grace.

     Second, are all da little songs dat mommy makes up and sings to us. Ifin me gets scared of somethin’ and hides and won’t come out, mommy can sing me a song and me will come runnin’.

     Third on our list is, Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand. When everythin’ ‘round us is changin’ and closin’ in on us, God never changes.

     Fourth, Sweet Beulah Land.

     And fifth is God on the Mountain. Altho mommy didn’t make it famous, she’s made it famous ‘round these pawrts. Anytime she’s out, peeps ask her to sing it. 

Dezi poses on the cat tree

Now me’s ‘posed to list 5 bloggers dat make me happy. Here goes: 


You’re it!!!

Raena's one eyed selfie

Dat’s right, you all make us happy. So ifin you choose to accept, just list your happy things like we did. And ya’ know what? It does us good to list our happy’s sometimes. And ‘member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. We’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies too.

Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle