Brotherhood of the World

Meowllo everypawdy, we’re back. Did ya’ miss us?

 Raena, Ragdoll Kitten, rests

     Well sis Dezi, did they? Did they miss us? 

 Dezi on top of the Liberty tree

Me doesn’t know yet Raena. Now cool it and let me tell everypawdy what’s been goin’ on.

As ya’ know mommy’s been workin’ on getting’ da air conditioner in da car fixed. So Wednesday she had to be over at da mechanics at 8:30 dat meownin’. Well you all know mommy can’t move in da meownin, so she stayed up all night on Tuesday so she could be at da mechanic’s on time. Then she sat out in da hot garage till 3 dat afternoon when da mechanic furinally found da purroblem and fixed it. WooHoo   We’s got cold air comin’ from da vents now. ‘Course, by da time mommy got home, she and her brain were fried. Useless, dat’s da bestest way to describe mommy fur da last couple of days. And just when she furinally got ready to get back in da game, her and Raena be headin’ to da VET fur Raena’s last round of core vaccinations includin’ rabies.

 Raena looks at the camera from inside the stroller

     What you talkin’ ‘bout Dezi?

Oh, uh, never mind. Raena, go check with mommy, me thinks she has some treats fur ya’. 

     Treats? Really? See ya’ sissy. 

So, like me was sayin’, Raena be at da VETs this meownin’. These vaccinations have made her sick everytime, so we would fur sure purreciate your purrayers fur them today. Fankfully, they’ll have cool air, so Raena won’t get any heat exhaustion. Mommy was so scared fur her after da last shots.

In da meantime, we’ve gotten a couple of awards here lately, dat we haven’t posted ‘bout, and so me thought today would be a great day to start. These awards all have a few question/answers to them, so me thought we would feature one at a time, startin’ with da most recent. So let’s get on with it.

Our sweet gawjus furiend Little Binky from Angel Whisper nominated us fur da Brotherhood of the World award. We are so honored, thank you Binky and granny. We luv ya’ll too. Da rules are: Thank da purrson/kitty/doggy what nominated you, and answer their questions. Nominate and notify up to 10 bloggers. Purrsent those bloggers with your questions and display da badge. Well me’s thanked Binky, so let’s get on to da questions.

 Brotherhood of the World Award

1. What do you think when you wake up in the morning?

    Well, me’s furst thought is, “mommy, are you awake yet?”

2. Do you have a kind of ritual when you wake up?

    You betcha’ we do. We give mommy a massage to get her limbs to movin’ so she can get up and get ‘round. No brekky without mommy, ya’ know. 

3. What makes you happy?

    Oh Binky, dat’s a big ole question. Mommy, Raena and me all discussed this and came up with da same answer. Bein’ together and havin’ each other and all of you, makes us really happy.

4. Have you ever had a sign from the angels and how did you feel after that?

    Well we don’t know ‘zactly how to answer this one. We believe in God 100%, but we don’t believe in spirit visitations. Since angels are merely God’s messengers, we believe that all signs are from God. Mommy has had many, including da one dat brought Raena to join our furmily. Dat was a good sign, so we’re happy ‘bout it. Altho’ me does occasionally question mommy’s hearin’. MOL  

5. What is your hobby?

    Hobby? Me likes to luv on mommy and play with me’s Yeowww nip toys. Raena has made doin’ everythin’ me does her hobby, and jumpin’ on me outta nowhere. And besides us, mommy sings, writes and plays da piano. She’s workin’ on a song she’s writin’ fur me right now. 

 Dezi plays with the Yeowww nip toys

Raena bunny kicks awnty Ellen's made with love nip fishy

So there ya’ have it, our answers. Now, we’re gonna nominate a few blogs. Ifin ya’ don’t do awards, dat’s okay. We look at da nominatin’ time as a way to show our luv and purreciation to a few blogs dat we enjoy and think meet da qualifications of said award. But there are so many of you out there dat we luv and think are pawsum, dat there’s no way we could pawssibly list you all. So purrlease feel furee to take the award. Just ‘member, to follow da rules listed above. 


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Our questions fur any who choose to purrticipate:

1. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

2. What’s your favorite past time?

3. What one thing do you think would make this world a better place for animals? 

4. What is your favorite hobby? (Sorry to steal Binky, but dat was a good question) 

5. What is your favorite food or treat?  

 Pet Parade banner new

Again, fank ya’ Binky. Since it’s Furiday, we’s joinin’ Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co hosts fur da Pet Parade. We’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. We hope you all stay cool and have a great weekend.

 Dezi watches Raena bathe

Till da next time……………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle