What’s Up Wednesday

Meowllo everypawdy, wha’cha’ doin’? It’s been cloudy and overcast here everyday, so we’ve been doin’ a bunch of nuffin’. Well at least we’ve been tryin’ to. Raena’s been a little pistol all week, but dat’s getting’ to be normal fur us.

 Dezi on cat tree



       A pistol? I’s not a pistol sissy. I’s a purretty kitty girly, mommy says so.

Yes Raena dat she does. But she also says you’re a pistol. And fur all our furiends across da pond dat don’t know what dat means, well, it means she’s full of energy and a offen acts without thinkin’. And well, dat’s you to a tee Raena.

 Raena on cat tree

       Well sissy I’s not wanna miss anythin’. You know, I’s gotta be everywhere all da time just in case somethin’ happens.

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

Ya’ know what Raena? Not so long ago, me thought dat way too. Know what else? Not too much happens ‘round here, and ifin somethin’ excitin’ does…mommy’s gonna make sure you know ‘bout it. On another note, da a/c repairman showed up Monday and took care of our leaky purroblem and even cleaned up after himself. Yep, he swept da floor and everythin’. Have you ever heard of such? Let me tell ya’ in all da years me’s been ‘round me’s not seen it. Me has seen workers come in and leave a mess fur mommy to clean up tho’. Mommy says she thinks he was so nice cuz Raena was bein’ a shameful flirt. Yep, she sure was.

       I’s not a shameful flirt sissy. I’s a Southern Belle.

Oh Raena…(shakes head) Da man was here to work and you kept runnin’ over and stealin’ his tools and meowin’ at him. When he picked up da new pvc pipe you acted like it was some wand toy or somethin’.

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

       Well he didn’t seem to mind playin’ with me now did he sissy?

No Raena, he didn’t. He was very nice considerin’ it took twice as long to get da job done and get outta here than ifin you’d just laid down on da tree and watched liked mommy had told ya’ too.

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

       What fun would dat have been sissy? Anyways, mommy purromissed to play fly fishin’ with us later today. I just luv to play. I’s better ketch a quick nap so I’s’ll be all rested up fur our game later. You better get a nap too ifin ya’ plan on keepin’ up with me.

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

Oh Raena, you just wait. Me’s been goin’ easy on ya’ since you’re just a kitten. But me’s been thinkin’ it just might be time to turn loose and give you a run fur your money. 

       Money? I’s don’t have any money sissy. 

Well then, how ‘bout your silvervine stick? 

 Dezi and Raena on cat tree

       Mines stick of da vine? Well… uh… How ‘bout we both just take a nap and have fun when mommy gets da toys out.

Dat’s what me thought sissy. Well, we hope everypawdy has a great day. We’re gonna take a nap now and dream of playin’. We’re sendin’ purrayers fur all our furiends in da paths of da storms. Purrlease be safe.



Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!





Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




Deztinee and RaenaBelle

32 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

    1. Oh Sammy, we couldn’t believe it ourselves. Mommy says ifin she hadn’t seen it with hers own eyes…MOL Hope ya’ll are havin’ a pawsum day. Big hugs to you all.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


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