Winter Is Coming and We’re Having Treats

Hey is anypawdy out there? It’s me RaenaBelle. You should see da outsides here. It’s so wet, gray and yucky lookin’. Mommy and sis Dezi say dat Winter is comin’. Well, I don’t think I’s gonna like this Winter. I’s do try to like everypawdy. Mommy says dat’s what good girlys do, but ya’ know there’s just some… 

Dezi and Raena sitting on the Liberty Cat tree

       Raena!!! Furst of all, Winter isn’t a purrson. And secondly, tellin’ ‘bout peeps you don’t like just fur da tellin’ of it ain’t nice either.


Well ifin Winter ain’t a purrson, then what is it sissy?


       It’s a season Raena. And you purrobably won’t like it; mommy and me don’t. It gets cold and storms a lot. We get ice and snow and mommy gets even slower.



Well then let’s just tell it not to come sissy.


       But dat we could Raena, dat we could. (Dezi dreamily thinks about fun in the sun) There are some good things dat happen in da Winter, so we just hunker down and do da bestest we can to make it till Spring. Extra treats and snuggles help, along with da ‘lectric blanky.


Extra treats and snuggles? Dat sounds wonderful. What’s a ‘lectric blanky?


       You’ll see, mommy’ll be draggin’ it out befur long.


 Halo Mix 'n Mores Chicken

Ya’ reckon she’ll buy us some more of these Halo Mix ‘n Mores?

Dezi and Raena eating

       Could be Raena. Ya’ know, a little while back we joined up with Halo Pets to be influencers; and they sent us a bag of their brand new Freeze dried cage-free Chicken Mix ‘n Mores to try out. Ya’ know how much we luv our freeze dried noms and treats, so we were really excited to try these out.


(Disclaimer: We received a bag of Halo Mix ‘n Mores free of charge We weren’t asked to write a review, but thought they were good enough that you, our friends and family might be interested in learning about them.All opinions are our own.)

 Raena eats treats

Yeah, they were really good sissy. Small kitty bite size niblets of chicken, chicken liver, whole flaxseed, salt, salmon oil and mixed tocopherols. Da bag says they use whole chickens. Betcha’ our furiend Bear would luv dat. And there’s no grains included, no rendered meat and no dehydration. Mommy says they were easily crumbled but also held their shape well. We ate them mostly as treats, but mommy did put some over our foods too. Me gave ‘em a 4 paws up dat’s fur sure.

 Dezi eats treats

       Me agrees Raena, they were purretty tasty. Me knows mommy thinks they be a little ‘spensive at $17.41 fur a 6 ounce bag, but seems all freeze dried noms and treats are costly. Fur tastiness me gives them 4 paws up too. Mommy said she was glad dat both of us ate them and liked them; so she gave them a thumb up fur dat. Only 1 thumb, cuz da cost be a little purrhibitive fur a lot of peeps. They come in 2 different flavors for kitties, chicken and salmon.  Halo does a lot fur those kitties dat be less furtunate than us and doggies too. They’re most notably known fur their Spot’s Stew, but they are diversifyin’ their purroduct menu, so check ‘em out. In da meantime…

 Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge

I’s wanna do it sissy. We’re joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da weekly Pet Parade. Now I’s gonna go see ‘bout getting’ some of those extra treats sissy was talkin’ ‘bout. Hope you all have a pawsum weekend and gets lots of treats yourselves. 

 Raena framed in purple reflecting in the water

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!  

Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee  

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  1. We don’t like winter at all. There’s nothing to watch outside and when it gets really cold, Mom says we have to keep the drapes closed to help keep the house warmer. But we have electric blankets and an electric bed warmer. We try to sleep through it.

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