Blest Sunday: Alpha Posturing or Play

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me RaenaBelle. Purrlease, somepawdy come save me. Rats, mouses and kittens, did I ever get in trouble last night. Sissy was hissin’ and growlin’ and mommy was hissin’ and growlin’ and yellin’ and all li’l ole me was tryin’ to do is play?. Could I’s help it ifin sissy was in da pawdee box tryin’ to make a depawsit when I’s was grabbin’ her tail and swattin’ at her? Could I’s help it ifin while makin’ dat depawsit sissy looked like prey to jump on? Any kitty woulda made dat mistake, right? C’mon, just cuz mommy’s told me seventy billion times to leave sis Dezi alone while she uses da pawdee box…

 Dezi lays on top of the Liberty tree looking down

       Play? Really Raena? How ‘bout ya’ tell da truth. You wanna be da alpha cat here and it makes you mad dat mommy says me’s da alpha Queen and you’re just da Purrincess. Has me ever bothered you at all when you’re in da pawdee box? No!!! Has me ever grabbed your flickin’ tail while you were in da pawdee box? No!!! Has me ever once tried to jump on you at any time? No!!! Well, okay, but dat time doesn’t count. It’s not nice, and you know mommy doesn’t want us playin’ in da pawdee boxes no matter what. You’ve gotta learn some respect. You know, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, spells respect fur mommy and me.

 Raena with nip nana wearing a tiara

Or somepawdy can come save me and let me be da alpha Queen at their house.



       Lissen up Raena. Are ya’ payin’ attention? You’ve got it good here, alpha or not. There ain’t nopawdy on this planet or any other dat’s gonna luv you like mommy and me do. You’ve got a nice warm bed to sleep in, purrlenty of food and treats, lots of toys includin’ da coveted nip nanner, and da bestest furiends in da universe. You woulda been splatted eleventy billion times ifin you’d pulled some of your stunts with some of our furiends. You bestest just count your blessings and learn some respect. And fankfully mommy says she’s gonna try to get me a pawdee box with a lid or better yet, one of those hidden pawdee boxes.



Why do you need a pawdee box with a lid sissy? And what is a pawdee box lid anyways? Why would any kitty want a hidden pawdee box? 

 Dezi and Raena laying on the Liberty Cat Tree

       A lid is somethin’ dat goes on top of da pawdee box so you can’t jump on me or swat mes tail while me’s makin’ depawsits. As fur da hidden kind, well dat would mean you wouldn’t know me was even in da pawdee box in da furst place, so me could go in peace.



Y, Dat doesn’t sound like much fun sissy?.



       Goin’ to da pawdee box ain’t ‘bout havin’ fun Raena, it’s ‘bout takin’ care of business and gettin’ out so mommy can scoop and make it all clean again.

 Dezi and Raena chatting over the cat scratchers

Whatever. Hey, are you gonna tell everypawdy ‘bout mommys’ latest blessin’?

       Me thought you were gonna, but me will be happy to. So, ya’ know one of our Anonymous awnties sent some green papers fur mommy to buy her a few groceries at da store last week. And we even posted some of da goodies she got. Well mommy got her $10.00 in food stamps da other day and decided to see ifin anythin’ was on sale at da grocery store and see ‘bout getting’ a loaf of bread. Bread has been on sale fur $3.00 plus tax fur da last couple of weeks, and mommy hoped it still was. And no, it’s not special bread or anythin’, it’s just plain ole white sammich bread. Me can’t ‘member ifin we told ya’ll or not, but our grocery store was sold this year and taken over by a new furmily dat has grocery stores in several of da towns ‘round us. Anyways, da manager sometimes runs these “unadvertised managers specials”, so mommy was goin’ down each aisle to see ifin anythin’ was on special.

 Dezi and Raena chatting over the cat scratchers.

       Mommy never goes to a grocery store dat she doesn’t walk longingly by da meat depawrtment. Mommy grew up in a house where steak and taters was a staple, but meat’s been off her menu fur a long time. One piddly cubed steak is $4.00 plus tax on sale, so meat hasn’t been a staple in our house fur years. Anyways, da bread was still on sale and da manager was runnin’ da 8 ounce generic brand cheese chubs fur $1.75 plus tax. There ya’ go, purrotein, dairy and starch, mommy could have 3 of da 5 food groups. While mommy was checkin’ out, da bag boy (we furgot to ask purrmission to give his name) was talkin’ ‘bout havin’ bought a huge rib eye dat was bein’ slow smoked and when it was done, he was gonna bring some up fur all da store employees.



Here comes da really good pawrt. 



       Let me finish tellin’ da story Raena. Where was me? Oh yeah, da checker (furgot to ask purrmission to use her name too) and mommy started commentin’ ‘bout how nice dat was of him, ‘specially since rib eye be one of da mostest ‘spensive cuts of meat. Long story short, when da bag boy was puttin’ mommys grocery sack in da car, he asked ifin mommy would let him buy her a rib eye. You all know mommy’s an emotional mess, so she started cryin’. Bag boy told mommy to wait fur him and a few minutes later he returned with a sack and gave mommy a hug and said, “All I ask is that someday you pay it forward.” Now mommy was even a bigger blubberin’ mess but managed to get out a fank you and let him know we would be purrayin’ fur God to bless him real good. Not her exact words, but da sentiment is da same. When mommy got home and told us ‘bout all this and showed us da huge rib eye steaks, yep, not 1 but 2, we couldn’t hawrdly believe our eyes.

 Dezi and Raena laying on the Liberty Cat Tree. Raena has her tongue out.

Hmmmpht  Mines eyes could see purrfectly and mines mouth started waterin’. Mommy’s eyes was still full of water. She said in all da years she’s lived here, nuffin’ like dat has ever happened to her. Mommy said quite furankly, she can’t ‘member ever havin’ this situation happen.



       Yeah Raena, nuffin’ like this in purrticular, but we have all been really blest by our amazin’ furiends from online. Mommy says dat since we got da catputer, she has met so many pawsum peeps, dat made her realize there are still a lot of good peeps in da world. You know just like we’re purrayin’ fur God to bless dat very nice young man, we purray fur all our furiends and their furmilies every day.

 Raena playing with natural nip toys

We are really blest aren’t we sissy? I’s was only jokin’ earlier. I’s wouldn’t wanna live anywhere else but here. I’s purromise to try to be better and not bother you in da pawdee box. (Raena meows while crossing her paws)



       Me would really purreciate dat Raena, but me still thinks mommy should do somethin’ to try to make me less enticin’ while me does mes business. Dat bein’ said, we wanna remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. And we fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of our lives, and blessing us with your furiendship. And don’t furget to check out all da pawsum Sunday selfies over at da Kitties Blue bloggy. 

Kinn Kleanbowl
Disclaimer: We received the Kinn Kleanbowl in exchange for mentioning the Indiegogo Campaign.

Don’t furget we wanna remind peeps ‘bout da great new Kleanbowl we got from Kinn. They have an Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to make da large 32 ounce bowls. They already have 8, 16, and 24 ounce bowls. These aren’t regular pet bowls tho’. Kinn says da Kleanbowl virtually eliminates 100% of germ build up by using eco-friendly disposable liners. We received da 16 ounce bowls to try out so we could tell ya’ ‘bout ‘em. There’s a really nice Stainless Steel cover dat is placed over da disposable liner bowl. Now you know we gotta tell da truth, and upon furst inspection, mommy was not impurressed. Da liners are made from sugar cane fibers but mommy thought they resembled a thick paper plate and could envision a water soaked, squished bowl dat had water all over da place. Never da less she filled it with water and put it down fur us to try. Dezi and me were both intrigued and drank from it right away. And guess what? No squishy bowl fallin’ apawrt and lettin’ water run all over da place. Now, mommy’s impurressed. Da Kleanbowl would be great fur anyone concerned about germs, who have pets with plastic allergies, travelin’ pets, and purretty much anypawdy. You can purrchase da biodegradable, soak proof refills at Kinns website.



       You did good Raena. Da Kleanbowl is purretty cool huh?. 

 Dezi rolls on the Yeowww nip nana while Raena prepares for an attack


So you’re not gonna hiss and growl at me any more sissy?

       Well…Not right now at least.

Hmmmmmm  I’s not sure what ya’ mean sissy. (Raena reaches out to grab Dezi’s flicking tail)

 Dezi and Raena in a purple frame

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!! 

Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee     

38 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Alpha Posturing or Play

  1. Dezi we are a bit late reading this but Dad has leaky eyes now just like Mom A did when she got that nice meat. Reana YOU be good to Dezi. I have to put up with Einstein and you dont want the squirt do you? MOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fanky fank ya’. At least somepawdy gets me. Sissy just doesn’t get it. Ifin she was only standin’ where I’s am, she wouldn’t be able to resist either. Big hugs to all of ya’.

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi

      Liked by 1 person

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