Put That Finger In My Mouth and See What Happens

Hey, are ya’ll out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s sure wish I’s could see ya’ll. Do you wanna see me? What’s that mommy? Oh, okay, we’ll post fotos later so everypawdy will be able to see me. Well, okay then. Let me tell ya’ll ‘bout our crazy week. And furiends…it’s not over yet. While you all be readin’ this very posty, mommy will be chattin’ it up with the DHS nurse ‘bout qualifying to get some help around here. You know mommys doctor would like it ifin mommy quit drivin’. It’s cuz of those passin’ out spells she has. But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, mommy says. And till we can find somepawdy who’s willin’ to actually work fur a livin’, then…Well and now mommys gotta prove she still needs help. Anyways, I’s was gonna tell ya’ ‘bout our crazy week so far.

 Raena lays in the stroller

As ya’ know, I’s went with mommy to the doctor on Monday. And it was basically a good trip. Mommys’ back ain’t broke and she’s healin’ up slow and steady. Then came Wednesday and the dreaded dentist ‘pointment. Furst let me just tell ya’, mines harness still fit. And by still fit, I’s mean barely. It did pop open a time or two on Monday, but mommy made it work and said we’d look into getting me a new one. I’s hope she gets me a new Butterfly Cat Jacket. I’d be stylin’ then. Anyways, mommy decided she had the patience to deal with mines trainin’, so I’s got to go with mommy to the dentist.

But let me tell ya’, our house became grand central station ‘bout 10 minutes befur we needed to be walkin’ out the door. Furst the mail lady showed up with a package fur mommy. She had signed up fur some free “fight the wrinkles of old age” samples months ago and they arrived as we were getting all our things together to walk out the door. As soon as mommy laid the envelope down, the doorbell rang. Some neighbor we’ve never met was standin’ at the door askin’ ifin we had any boxes she could have. Somepawdy told her we got a chewy delivery and Christmas prezzies and might pawrt with a box or 2. Guess she don’t mind cat hair, cuz everypawdy knows any box that comes in our house is well luvved. Mommy was able to put the neighbor off and we ran out the door. Okay, maybe we didn’t run, but we were off as fast as mommy can hobble.

 Dezi lays on the arm of the chair

In the car, car started, and…OMC mommy furgot the camera. Mommy hobbled quickly back to the house while me meowed loudly after her. Don’t leave me, I’s meowed. Come back mommy, I’s chortled. Finally, mommy reappeared at the door and hobbled herself back to the car and we were off. And hey, we were only 15 minutes late. Mommy got out her old fashioned cell fone and tried to call and let them know we were runnin’ late. Hmmmpht  They were closed fur lunch. Mommys ‘pointment was at 1 o’clock, right after lunch. So mommy put the fossil of a cell back in her bag and just drove…purrobably a little too fast. But, we made it and only 5 minutes past our ‘pointment time. Aspen Dental was the name of the place. Must have been all that wind blowin’ us all over the place. Least that’s what mommy says. We caught a tail wind to be exact. We settled into the seating area so mommy could fill out the new patient paperwork. When she turned it in, she reaffirmed there would be no charges fur this appointment.



A few minutes later we were called to the back. Yeah, everypawdy was ohhin’ and ahhin’ over me, but so far, I’s was the purrfect Service Cat. I’s chilled in the stroller keepin’ both eyes on mommy and mines nose in the air. I’s smelled lots of strange things, but no purroblems with mommy. They stuck mommys head in this funny machine that went round and round and took the funniest fotos. Oooooh (shudders) Mommys foto sure looked ugly. Then they moved us to another room and the lady kept stickin’ her fingers and some strange thing in mommys’ mouth. I’s don’t know why mommy didn’t bite that girl. I’s gotta tell ya’, stick your hands in mines mouth like that and watch out. Rrrrrrrroar  Well, many more of those ugly fotos later, and we were off to yet another room.

 Raena bathes while sitting on the perch

The girl with the fingers left us alone and mommy finally reached into her bag to pull out the camera and take a purretty foto of me. “You’ve got to be kidding me!!!”, mommy exclaimed. The batteries were dead. She’d just charged ‘em the day befur, but they just don’t hold a charge like they used too. It didn’t really matter, cuz another girly came walkin’ in the room befur mommy could even get the camera put away. She started shovin’ her fingers in mommys mouth along with something that made mommy nearly jump outta the chair. Then she started ramblin’ on ‘bout cleanings, infection and periodontal disease. With tears streamin’ down her cheeks, and these weren’t the happy ones fur sure; she told girly that she’d never been told she had periodontal disease befur. To which girly replied, “Well that’s why your teeth are hurting. It’s really your gums.” To which mommy snarked, “No honey, it’s the gaping holes and exposed roots that’s makin’ my teeth hurt.” And girly looked at mommy kinda shocked and said, “Well yeah, that too.” And she purromptly left the room.



I’s chirped and mewed softly fur mommy to feel better and she cooed and told me how purroud of me she was. And then a little short man in a white coat came whooshin’ in and looked at those ugly fotos of mommy. Then he turned ‘round and innerduced himself to mommy. Dr. Luong he said and then he started puttin’ his fingers in mommys’ mouth. I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s so purroud of mommy, she didn’t bite any of those peeps. I’s couldn’t have done it. He poked and pushed mommys teethies and said things to the first girly who couldn’t keep her fingers to herself and took such bad fotos of mommy. Finally, everypawdy kept their hands and fingers to themselves and Dr. Luong talked to mommy. I’s gonna let her tell ya’ what he said.

 Raena bathes while sitting on the perch

Thanks baby. In order to get rid of the pain and infection I currently have, 8 teeth need to be removed on the first appointment (cost varies between $152.00 and $256.00 per tooth). Several of those are broken off so much they require surgery because there’s nothing to grab onto to pull. Of those teeth, 4 are the bottom front teeth. Basically, all I would have left on the bottom of my mouth is a crowned wisdom tooth and my canines. (The crowned wisdom tooth was done over 20 years ago, but is still holding well.) Also included at this appointment would be an immediate partial denture, for a total cost of $3598.00. Then there is 1 root canal and 3 additional teeth with smaller holes that need to be filled ASAP to avoid them becoming infected like the others (cost between $193.00 and $220.00 per tooth). These as well as the few remaining teeth have roots that are deeply implanted in the bone and so he refuses to entertain the idea of full dentures at this time. Also at that appointment would be placement of the permanent partial denture at a total cost of $1662.00. And lastly, they insist I need a cleaning that is done one side of the mouth at a time for a total of 3 appointments and a cost of $1535.00. I’ve never had my teeth cleaned, but of course these numbers sound outrageous to me, and I can’t find anywhere online where these numbers are valid for teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, the rest of the numbers do seem par for the course.



Fanky fanks mommy, that was too much fur me to ‘member. And I’s tryin’ to furget anyways. All those fingers in the mouth and all. Hmmmpht Just let ‘em put in ‘em mines mouth and see what happens. MOL  Mommy says she nearly passed out when they told her the cost, but I’s didn’t sense it. Mommy says it’s okay, I’s wouldn’t have. Sounds kinda strange to me, but okay. Mommy says anytime you want more money than she makes in a year, she’s gonna pass out. MOL  We did start a fundraiser fur mommy. You can see it here. Ifin you can spare anythin’ we fur sure would purreciate it, but unnerstand ifin ya’ don’t. Mommy really hates to ask since it’s not fur us, but she doesn’t know what else to do. There are fees associated with fundraisers that lessen your donation. But we know that some peeps only want to give thru a fundraiser. Fur all others, if you go to paypal and choose send money to friends or family, there are no fees charged and we will receive the entire donation. Our paypal email is: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com ( lexi (dot) dezi (at) yahoo (dot) com ) Fanky fank you. 

 Dezi lays on the arm of the chair


I’s gonna wrap it up now cuz this is a really long posty and fanky fanks to dead camera batteries ya’ don’t even have cool new dentist office fotos to look at. You’ll have to tune in to Service Cat Monday fur the rest of the story. And we’ve got a great question to answer too. We’re joinin’ the weekly Pet Parade.


Till the next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

56 thoughts on “Put That Finger In My Mouth and See What Happens

  1. Oh, dear me we heard petcretary say. and a big Ouch, too.

    Pawppy just left ovfur 300 green papers at the endodontist here…and now he has to go back to an oral surgeon for more work…sigh. Appwrently he has had a broken tooth for several decades, OMC! And of course once the infection get in there…well you know all about it yourself.

    We thought medicaid covered dental costs. We know there is a clinic here in Battle Creek that has a dentist as part of the regular medical care that is given through it. We think various dentists donate their time to help keep costs down. And we know that at the University of Michigan they have a dental school that sees peeps to help them when they cannot pay like your Mommy can’t. Sometimes we send peeps there from our nursing home where petcretary works.

    We heard petcretary think out loud that your mommy must have a very high pain tolerance and threshold. If she evfur gets all this properly fixed she will feel so good she won’t know how she evfur stood it in the past. (A long time ago, petcretary was quite ill from a very bad sinus infection…with a new baby and a toddler in the house…and the MD was shocked that she was not reeling on the floor with pain and fever…but she herself said she dd not know how sick she had been until she felt better.)

    Anypaws we sure hope that something can be done. We are purring and pawyering for well being.

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  2. Dentists do charge a lot. Do you have access to the State University? Some times they have cheaper or free rates it you do not mind students working on you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TW feels sorry for your mom. Gramma had to have 16 teeth removed in one day years ago. TW also said that cleaning is actually a surgery procedure where they slice open your gun and scrape all the bad stuff out. That runs about $1000 per quadrant. Her ex-supervisor had one quadrant done and give up because of the pain, etc. I hope you can raise the money or see if the dentist will take that discount card I was telling you about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMC CK!!! Furst tell TW mommy says fanky fank ya’. But what??? Nopawdy said they was gonna do dat!!! Mommy just shivered and cringed. Cuttin’ and scrapin’ sounds just pawful!!!

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi

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  4. Try to get another dentist or two to give you a total quote also. Maybe you won’t have to go through the exrays again but you might need to since you didn’t pay for them. I have no doubt that we will be able to help you so get those dentists to compete with each other! Those cleanings are way out of line as are some of the other costs most likely.

    Remember Audra, you need to be around to take care of those two beautiful girls so this is definitely for them as well as you. The healthier you are, the better mommy you can be. Of course you are a great mommy now!

    Take care and we love ya!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mommy called ’round a few places and got similar quotes on da actual work and stuffs. She didn’t ask ’bout da cleanings. But da purrices were purretty much da same, some a little more, ‘specially da surgical removals. Most offices were quotin’ a few hundred fur fillings and $400.00 plus fur surgery. She’ll try some more next week, but she can’t afford another visit. This office was da only one dat didn’t charge fur xrays, exam and estimate. Dat would cost $100.00 to $300.00 at da rest of da dentists within drivin’ distance. We live in a very poor state with lots of folks with dental purroblems, so we don’t think they do too much competin’. They don’t do payment plans. Lest not da old fashioned kind. A payment plan is a credit card at these places. We did find one dat would accept 60% of total cost up front with da remainder paid in full by da time da work was finished. We’re givin’ mommy lots of extra cuddles. Big hugs to ya’ll.

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi

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  5. Yikes!!! That partial denture price is outrageous. I have been pricing around for my Mom and I thought that a whole set was around $1,000. I can’t donate right now, but I will soon. XO

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  6. I totally understand the teeth thing. I haven’t been to the dentist in ages because I need so much work done and I don’t have the green papers for it. Why does dental work cost so much. Oh well. I’m glad you did well at the dentist!!

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  7. Your poor mom. We agree that the cleaning cost sounds way out of line and we don’t know why it would require 3 appointments, but then again, we’re not privy to the full extent of your mom’s dental issues. We send your mom lots of purrs.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wowwzers!
    Your Mommy is going to owe her soul to the dentist! My Mommy says she owes hers to her dentist. She is still paying off the the busted tooth last Christmas and the oral surgury she had in August. Thank Cod for payment plans or Mommy says she would has to use mes for collateral!! Mes would NOT likes that!

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