Chatting Cats: Scattered Raena Is All Over the Place

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s hope ya’ll had a good week. We had such pawsum weather, you’d’a thought it was Spring time. We’ve really enjoyed these warmer days, but mommy says it means she’s gonna need to get some Bengal outdoor foggers cuz it hasn’t been cold enuff to kill anythin’. Welllllll, mommy’s no killer, so I’s had to ask what she meant. She says we have creepy crawlers, like spiders, scorpions, fleas, ticks and all manner of pests that have multiplied 10 times over this year.


 Dezi atop the Liberty cat tree


          Me can tell ya’, you don’t want any fleas Raena. Me had those when me was little and almost died.


 Raena in her yogi pose


Oh sissy, they sound pawful.


 Baby Dezi lays in a basket atop a soft bath towel


          They are. And at the time, me was too young fur flea purroducts and the fleas had given me those nasty tape worms too. Of course me was too young fur tape worm medicine too. Fankfully mommy knew what to do and got rid of both those nasties and saved me. And, every year she tries to treat right outside our ‘pawrtment. But this year we’re gonna be needin’ a couple of them Bengal outdoor fogger cans. Mommy swears by the stuffs and says it has a money back guarantee. By the way, we ain’t getting’ paid or nuffin’ free fur sayin’ this. We just know some of ya’ have purroblems with fleas and such, and thought we’d tell ya’ how we treat fur ‘em. 


 Raena lays on top of the Liberty Cat Tree


It’s good ya’ said that sissy, wouldn’t want anypawdy thinkin’ we’s gettin’ paid fur somethin’ we’re not. MOL  We also included the link to their site in case any of ya’ wanna check it out. You can buy most of it at your local feed store or hardware stores.

Anyways, there’s this cool blog hop called Shoppin’ ‘Round the World that pawrently sissy used to purrticipate in. Seems they quit cuz mommy wasn’t goin’ to the grocery stores and didn’t get the ads, so they didn’t know the purrices of stuffs anymore. We really wanted to purrticipate with Sammy and Teddy, so we looked online. But none of our stores have web sites, or ifin they do, they don’t list purrices. Somepawdy mentioned Wally World, but since we don’t have any delivery services, they just say “see your local store fur current purrices”. Altho’ mommy got dumped off at Wally World last week, checkin’ purrices was the last thing on her mind. She totally furgot ‘bout the blog hop. We did get a Family Dollar ad this week, but the only groceries they had on sale was a box of crackers and a can of soup. Nopawdy here eats soup, so we’ll be skippin’ the blog hop. Altho’, we are curious to see the purrices in your areas.



 Dezi sits in a chewy box


          Yep, the only things mommy buys on a regular are our noms, supplements and litter. We can fur sure tell ya’ what they cost. MOL  Mommy says we’re her most ‘spensive bill every month.


That’s true sissy. But she also says she wouldn’t have it any other way.


          You sure are all over the place today Raena.


Raena peaking out of a chewy box

Well sissy, I’s havin’ one of those kind’a days. I’s been in to anythin’ and everythin’ I’s could…And all befur brekky. MOL


          Yeah me knows. Mommy finally told ya’ the more messes you made that she had to clean up, the longer it was gonna be befur we got brekky.


Yeah she did. Who knew? I’s settled down real quick when she said that. She already moves in slow motion. I’s sure didn’t wanna slow her down any more.


          Raena…Don’t make fun of mommy. 


 Dezi and Raena eat


I’s wasn’t makin’ fun sissy. I’s was just meowin’ it like it is.


          Well, ya’ don’t meow everythin’ that pops in your head. Just like ya’ don’t jump on me just cuz me walks by.


But it’s so much fun sissy. Besides, more offen than not, I’s jump over you and not actually on you.


          On, over, semantics. Either way, ya’ shouldn’t do it.


 Dezi checks out the AeroGarden,

The creepy solar bobble Santa was our Christmas gift

from da pawrtment’s management.


Dezi checks out the AeroGarden



I’s’ll think ‘bout it sissy. On another note, the Aerogarden’s doin’ great. Mommy’s getting’ really excited. Looks like it might be another week befur she can harvest enuff fur a salad, but she did pull a leaf off last night and give it a try. She says it was nice and crunchy and tasted delishus. She was so delighted, sissy thought she might try a bite too. Mommy wasn’t very happy ‘bout that. She told us to leave her lettuce alone. Hmmmmpht  Guess it’s back to the grass fur me. 


 Raena lays on the nip mat



Dezi lays on top of cat tree ledge

          Befur you confuse everypawdy even more and run off on another subject Raena, let’s wrap this up. We’re linkin’ up with Rascal, Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur the weekly Pet Parade Bloghop. 


Pet Parade Blog Hop Badge

Raena sleeps on the ledge of the Liberty Cat TreeGuess I’s’ll just have a little nap.

Fanky Fanks sissy. We hope you all have a furtastic weekend.


Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Have you had unseasonably warm weather this winter?

Do/Have you have/had a flea or tick problem? If so, how do you treat it?


Till the next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee    

37 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Scattered Raena Is All Over the Place

  1. We seem to have more trouble with those pesky mosquitoes than anything else…and of course those stinker can transmit heartworm…that is how we lost Simba…
    We did not know there were foggers for outside areas that help with fleas and ticks.
    Our Michigan weather is ferocious one minute and clam as a lamb the next. Now we are under a winter weather advisory, might get up to 6 inches of snow they say…we shall see.

    We are all behind and trying to get caught up…if we can:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That is a good idea to treat the outside of the apartment for fleas. I am glad your Mom can have salad soon. I am still mad thinking of that awful worker that didn’t even help you carry your groceries into the house. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fanks awnty Ellen. Mommy purrfurs to treat outside so hopefully she doesn’t have to treat us or da inside. It’s been several years and so far, so good. Yeah, mommy was a little more than peeved too, but it’s over now and we’re tryin’ to move on. MOL Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  3. Hiya Ladies, oh the foggers sound pawesome, have to see if they’re available here. Loved your pictures today, just so gorgeous!


    Basil & CO xox

    Liked by 1 person

  4. oh I had no clue that foggers exists for outdoor using too… we probably had saved a lot of time and effort to make our garden flea free with foggers… and maybe they are not as frigging eggs-pensive as those we use inside… I can’t wait to see the harvest of your fab aerogarden… hope the salad is as tasty as a greenie :o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, mommy discovered those outdoor foggers years ago. Livin’ in da South where we have such bad bug purroblems, mommy’s always tryin’ to keep ’em outta da house. And we can’t wait to see mommy’s furst bowl of salad too. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  5. Not unseasonably warm here. In fact it is darn tooting cold and the rain just won’t stop on the West Coast here from California to us in Oregon to Washington state. And we are known for being wets in Oregon and Washington. But this year it is off the charts. My mommy works in new home construction for manufactured homes and can’t get nothin done. She says she has at least 15 homes that are built and sittin in storage because the customers can’t get their property ready cause of all the wets. This means she has been slow at work and it is going to hit all at once. Then when it dries up a bit there will be too many homes to deliver and boy will she be stressed. She’s stressed now because of that.

    People’s who order homes don’t seem to understand they aren’t the only ones and there are only so many days in the week to get em all done. I hopes she can handle it when the weather changes. More moneys for her (and more goodies for me, but less time with mommy) but a lot more stresses. I will be on guard to help her however.

    Glad you can enjoy some warms before any more colds set in. Enjoy your sun puddles!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fanky fanks Izzy. Sorry ’bout all da wets. Mommy totally gets what your mommy be goin’ thru. She had her fair share of jobs befur her accident. MOL We do hope it dries up fur ya’ soon and things get better. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


      1. We just hopes everypawdy duzznt get their property ready at once. Then every customer thinks they should be top priority. They don’t understand they have to follow the line.

        However, even with the stresses mommy goes through she is happy she gots a job and mostly enjoys it (except when it gets truly stressful). She is strong and I am happy for that.

        Enjoy your brief warms before summer hots set in. LOL. It’s so easy to forget that we have to deal with all seasons. Some more dramatically than most.

        Love ya, Izzy

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yep, peeps do like everythin’ right now these days. MOL It’s good dat your mommy be strong and likes her job. dat always helps makie it easier to put up with peeps nonsense. Livin’ in da South, we don’t typically have 4 seasons, but seems da last couple of years we’ve had at least 3. It’s been innerestin’. But we do purrfur da hots. So long as we have air conditionin’ of course. MOL Big hugs

          Luv ya’

          Dezi and Raena


  6. Hi gals! Yes, we are having unseasonable warm weather too. Yesterday and today have been in the high 60s. Tomorrow will be warm too but we’ll have thunder showers. We haven’t had a flea issue in decades. If we were to get some, the lady would probably get those drops from the vet (Advantage I think).

    Dezi, your baby picture is adorable. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time. Raena, you’re so cute peeking out of the box. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Those fleas are nasty and evil boogers. Sister Zoe is allergic and one bite could be seriously bad for her. Hey Raena, Simon wants to know if he can come run around.with you since nobody wants to run and romp with him?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaaaaaw Fank you. We had a really bad and cheap camera back then. Mommy wishes she’d had one of thses digital jobs. She says she woulda had a million fotos of me. Kinda like she does of Raena. MOL big hugs

      Dezi and Raena


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