Blest Sunday: Is It The Year of Declutter

(Dezi stretches and yawns and moves up between mommy’s legs to start the morning massage routine. Mommy A looks down at Dezi and wonders what time it is since the bedroom’s still so dark. Raena joins Dezi and they help mommy A get up and get to the bathroom to start the day. Mommy A opens the door and they all look out at the dark gloomy sky.)  Oh Raena, me sure hopes you enjoyed the chirpin’ birdies the other day. Looks like Old man Winter showed back up today. 


 Raena lays on cat tree




          Old man Winter? That looks more like Rumblin’ Storms. I’s not heard anythin’, but it sure looks like we could befur the day’s over. You ain’t gonna go into hidin’ are ya’? 


Dezi sits pretty in front of door



How many times does me have to tell ya’? Me’s not hidin’ Raena, me’s purrtectin’ you and mommy by checkin’ fur intruders. You’d be surpurrised what kinda pesky critters can get inside the house.



 Mommy A's ouchie




          Sure sissy, whatever you say. Anyways, It’s Blest Sunday, and storms or not, I’s feelin’ Blest. Ya’ know we went to see mommy’s doctor the other day and she showed him her ouchie from that fall. He gave her a good once over and took somethin’ called an x-ray and said fanky fankfully, she didn’t break it, but ‘pawrently she chipped it, a bone that is. I’s don’t know what that means, but he said it’s gonna take a good 6 months befur all the swellin’ goes down and it stops hurtin’. Mommy said she’d chipped a bone befur and while the pain might eventually go away, old man arfur-itis is gonna visit fur the rest of her life. We’re just grateful she didn’t do any real damage.


 Dezi lays in mommy's lap




Sure ‘nuff Raena. She sure does get x’cited tho’ when we try to massage it. MOL Ya’ know, we were readin’ one of our furiends bloggy’s the other day and they were meowin’ ‘bout de-clutterin’. Mommy said this year she was gonna be doin’ some of that herself.


 Raena sniffs nail file, selfie

Hmmmmm Ifin mommy throws out our stuffs we’ll

just have to play with her stuffs. MOL





          Does that mean she’s gonna throw stuffs away? She better not be thinkin’ ‘bout throwin’ any of our stuffs away. Maybe we need to get some post its like our furiend Bear.


What on earth fur Raena?


          So we can mark all our stuffs so mommy doesn’t throw somethin’ out by mistake.


Oh Purrlease, mommy’s not gonna throw our stuffs out. Least me doesn’t think so??. Me’s sure the de-clutterin’ will include all her stuffs. Ya’ know, she don’t need half the stuffs in that closet. Ifin she threw most of it out, maybe we could go in there and see what it’s all ‘bout.


          That sounds like fun sissy. I’s think mommy’s bringin’ our brekky. We better go eat. We sure are blest to have such a luvvin’ mommy.


 Dezi sits with tongue out in front of door

Mmmmmmm Did Somepawdy say brekky?




We are at that Raena. Blessings come in all forms. We’d like to remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to give thanks fur the blessings in your life. And we really do wanna fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of our lives.


Raena lays on the Liberty cat tree



          Don’t furget, we’re linkin’ up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies


Like you’d let me furget. C’mon, let’s go eat brekky.


Till the next time…………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle 

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