Chatting Cats: Bearing The Heat

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. It furinally cooled off a bit yesfurday. It was only 99°F. We won’t meow ‘bout the feels like cuz it was really humid which means it feels hotter than it is. Fanky fankfully, we have air conditionin’ to help keep things comfutable and cool. Not to mention the sink in the bathroom. I’s sometimes like to curl up there and take a nice little cat nap. Do any of you do that? Ya’ know, with the hots bein’ what they are I’s guessin’ lots of peeps and cats would much purr-fur to lay ‘round not doin’ much.


Dezi lays on scratcher and looks back at Raena




          Yep Raena, who knew you could be still that long. Me actually took a nice long nap the other day and you didn’t bug me once. Me actually worried a little that you might be sick or somethin’. 


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw Really sissy? You worried ‘bout me? 


          Yeah, don’t let it go to your head Raena. Me wasn’t worried enuff to go look fur ya’ or anythin’. Hey, did you see that mommy found our hexbug? 


Raena hangs over the edge of the liberty cat tree




Yep sissy, but it’s too hot to run ‘round chasin’ it right now. Maybe when it cools off some more. Ya’ know, I’s never would’a thought I’s would see the day when I’s didn’t wanna go out fur a stroll with mommy. But, sure ‘nuff, when mommy asked me ifin I’s wanted to go to the mailbox with her yesfurday, I’s meowed no. Why would I’s wanna leave the comfurt of the a/c to get all glowy and glistenin’?.


          You mean sweaty Raena? Cats don’t sweat. 


I’s know sissy. Mommy says us Southern Belles glow.


Dezi sleeps on cat scratcher




          Well Raena, Southern Belles may glow, but really, we cats don’t sweat or glow. That’s why we pant when we get hot. Not that it does any good, but we do it any ways. 


Raena lays atop the liberty cat tree




I’s really worry ‘bout all those kitties who live outside sissy. Ya’ know, even when we do get out in the heat, mommy’s pushin’ us ‘round in the stroller. Can you ‘magine how hot the ground must be? And there are lots of kitties out there havin’ to walk ‘round on it and burn their poor pawsies. They can’t stretch out unner the a/c or even curl up in a bathroom sink. It’s just not fair. I’s don’t unnerstand how some peeps can be so cruel as to turn poor kitties out?.


          Raena, me doesn’t think anypawdy truly unnerstands those kinds of peeps. But, that’s why it’s so ‘purrtant fur the kind humans to do what they can fur all those kitties that don’t have cushy homes like we do. Ya’ know like purrvidin’ shelter so they can get outta the sun and the heat. And, makin’ sure they have access to furesh cool water. Y, Mommy used to put ice cubes in water bowls fur the stray kitties when we had ‘em. When takin’ care of stray kitties and feral colonies, purrtectin’ ‘em from the heat is just as ‘purrtant as purrtectin’ ‘em from the cold.


It sure is sissy. I’s even heard mommy sayin’ ya’ll were gonna be offurn’ up Tips on how to Beat the Summer Heat this Furiday. 


Dezi lays sleeping on cat scratcher




          Me heard her say that too Raena. Me hopes she can keep her head outta the freezer long enuff to write our posty and help us visit our furiends. T’ween the heat and mommy’s own purrsonal summers’, she’s been spendin’ a lot of time hangin’ in front of it.


Maybe the freezer acts like the bathroom sink fur mommy. She’s just too big to crawl up in there and lay down.


          Now that would be funny Raena. Me can see it now. 


Raena hangs over the top of the Liberty cat tree




Well sissy, what do ya’ say we go take a nap. Maybe by the time we wake up, it’ll be cool enuff fur some zoomies?. 


Till the next time………………………………………………Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee   

25 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Bearing The Heat

  1. The summer heats for your mommy? The best news my mommy got from a nurse no less was to get a washcloth really wet with cool water, ring it out so it doesn’t drip all over, wear something like a t shirt cause it’s gonna get wet a little, and put the cloth over her skin on her diafram (sorry, can’t spell it, but your mommy sings, right, so she prbably knows about how to breathe “from your gut”). I think it’s called cooling your core. It worked when Mommy had the hots, and when the a/c coolie thing didn’t work where we used to live. She also put a cool cloth over her brandi kitty, too. But you got to watch that, cause kitties don’t like that so well and it can also cool them off too fast, and shock them.

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  2. The first kitty in this den used to love laying in the sinks here…MOL! And some of our furbears enjoyed the drips from the faucets of the sink or the tub….but I don’t, tee-hee!

    We had a hot spell in June, but it was nothing like the awful heat you are enduring. Hope the AC holds out.

    Love the expression, ‘glowing’. Gotta remember that for one of the residents I care for, she is from the southern USA.

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  3. We think we live in one of the few places not having horrible weather this summer. Lower Michigan is having some rain, but not the awful temperatures some other places are getting

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  4. I hear some of our mutual furr-iends are getting some rain. We could sure use that here!

    You’re momma must keep your sink clean for you to sit in it. My mom – she’s not so good about keeping the sink clean lately, so I’ll pass on sitting in it! Tee hee hee. I have been sleeping all day and saving my energy for late night when it cools off in the house. Then I go purr-owlin’ for buggies that might be lurking. Tee hee hee. Hugs & luvs.

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    1. Yep Valentine, mommy cleans the sink and all the toilets’ includin’ the human one at least once a day. It’s just somethin’ she’s always done. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  5. It’s been hot here too but also very rainy so that makes it ultra humid. I’m inside more instead of taking walks and while I no longer can lie in a sink I sure enjoy a “sink drink” during the day! Stay cool girls.

    Hugs, Teddy

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