Chatting Cats: Clearing The Smoke

Hey, are ya’ll out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s gotta tell ya’, things sure were hoppin’ ‘round the Three Belles Ranch yesfurday. T’ween the manager handin’ out more of her notices, the fire at our ranch, and the stench of sweat and smoke, we were all on edge. Oh yeah, and mommy’s counselor was here too. I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s not sure this counselin’ thing be workin’. Ain’t she s’posed to help mommy feel less stressed?


Dezi and Raena lay on the cat tree




          Raena, nopawdy can unnerstand your rantin’ and ravin’. You need to break it down, we don’t all live in that thing you call a brain.  


Uh (Raena thinks a minute) Sissy, I’s not sure, but I’s thinkin’ you might be makin’ fun of me or somethin’?. Anyways, I’s’ll explain a little better so everypawdy knows what’s goin’ on. Ya’ ‘member last week we were dealin’ with all that lease stuffs, and furinally got one signed much to the manager’s chagrin. Mommy says she’s purretty sure they didn’t figger it right cuz our rent went up and should’a gone down. But, befur she could do any figgerin’, the worker’s started bangin’ on the walls and makin’ mommy’s migraine so bad she couldn’t see the computer; and, the manager went and gave us a notice that we were gonna be movin’ next Tuesday. 


          Ya’ need to explain that Raena, cuz we’re not movin’ far away yet, this is just the ‘pawrtment remodel move.   


Dezi lays on box




Yeah, okay sissy, fanky fanks fur remindin’ me. So, ifin everythin’ went like it should, and we got a new lease signed, then the ‘pawtment management company would be required to pack us up and relocate us tempurrarily while they remodeled our ‘pawrtment. Then, they would be required to move us back in to our original ‘pawrment, newly remodeled of course. Since mommy filed that complaint and purroved the manager had broke the law, lied on us and so much more, we succeeded and will be relocatin’ to a motel while they remodel our ‘pawrtment. Purr the manager’s notice, our move date is Tuesday the 16th, that’s next week. Naturally, mommy got a little stressed out but tried to keep it to herself and not let us know.   


          And she purrobably would’a pulled it off too Raena, ifin the air conditioner hadn’t caught on fire. There we were fixin’ to visit some of our furiends befur mommy’s counselor arrived, when suddenly the whole ‘pawrtment filled with smoke and the nastiest stench we’d ever smelled. Mommy got up to try to find the source of the smoke and we became furry magnets attached to her legs. Then, the a/c pawpped and made some weird chuggin’ noises and shut down, just as mommy’s counselor arrived. Mommy called the manager’s emergency nummer and told her what happened and was told she’d call some a/c peeps to come and take a look.   


a/c mother board burned up
Burned up mother board




Yep sissy, when they furinally got here, they didn’t have a clue where to go cuz our ‘pawrtment has no nummer anymore. We ain’t got no sidin’ fur that matter, cuz they spent several days last week bangin’ on the walls and takin’ the old sidin’ off. Anyways, mommy saw ‘em pull in and ran out to get ‘em to come to our house. They were so funny, they didn’t wanna touch our a/c cuz they were ‘fraid it wasn’t finished burnin’. After a few minutes they pulled the plug on it’s power and within minutes found the mother board had shorted and caught fire. Then came the bad mews, the unit needs to be replaced and they’re gonna have to order one and it won’t be here till Fursday. ‘Course, they had to call the manager fur purrmission to do that furst. We already knew what the answer was gonna be, but mommy called the manager anyways. She told them not to be orderin’ anythin’ cuz our ‘pawrtment is gonna be remodeled startin’ next week.  


small window unit a/c fan
Small window unit, a/c fan




          Fankfully, they suggested a window unit to get us by fur the day, but they said it wouldn’t cool the whole house, just one room. And, Spring is stoppin’ by this week and bringin’ temps in the 80’s with her. The manager told ‘em there was a small unit in the office storage room and she’d be on the purropurrty in ‘bout a half hour so they could install it fur us. So we waited. 


Dezi and Raena laying on the cat tree




We sissy? Didn’t you go hide UTB durin’ all the commotion? (Raena giggles as Dezi growls) Anyways, they got it installed and kittens, is that thing ever loud. And it never goes off. It just blows, and blows, and blows. Mommy told the manager she needed to see ‘bout gettin’ us moved to the motel early, even ifin the rest of our things don’t get moved till next week, there’s no way we can stay here with only this little fan. Needless to say, I’s think I’s saw mommy pantin’ last night it was so hot. Fanky fankfully, the manager called this meownin’ and said we would be able to go to the motel early and she’d let us know when once the arrangements were made. Mommy’ll still have to come back here next week when they pack up our ‘pawrtment, but in the meantime, we won’t have to live in this heat and humidity fur much longer. 


          Fank the good Lord above Raena, cuz mommy can’t breathe and has a migraine that won’t quit. And, the workers are back with the jackhammers again. And me would swear some of that concrete dust is comin’ in thru the vents on that little window fan.  


Daisy the neighbor calico sitting in her window
We donated our small cat tree to Daisy, cuz we’re so Blest and she didn’t have anythin’




I’s thinkin’ you’re right sissy. But hey, ya’ know what? I’s did get to meet the neighbor kitty Daisy yesfurday. Mommy took me fur a stroll since it’s mine’s birthday month and so much was happenin’ to stress me out. We strolled by Daisy’s ‘pawrtment. She wasn’t sure ‘bout me, so we didn’t get to inneract much, but as far as furst meetings go, I’s think it went well. Meowin’ of mine’s birthday, we’re closin’ the poll today so we can tell everypawdy our plans tomorrow. I’s can’t hardly wait. And, we got a box yesfurday that mommy says is full of mine’s birthday gifts. Looks like I’s’ll be openin’ it at the motel. We’re gonna try to get ‘round and visit as many of you as we can, purrlease bear with us over the next couple of weeks, till we get settled in our tempurrary digs. We luvs each of you and are always thinkin’ ‘bout ya’ and purrayin’ fur ya’.  


Raena sleeps stretched out on cat tree Only a kitty can sleep thru a jackhammer. MOL




Till the next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

12 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Clearing The Smoke

  1. hos awful!!! we are so glad your mama found the root of the evil and it ended not like… well ya know… we wish you a good time in da mowtel and we hope all problems are fixed and they will check everything before you go back to make sure that nothing bad can happen…

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