Service Cats: Prey Model Raw Part 6

Meow-llo and Welcome to Service Cat Furiday…finally. Thank you fur your patience, we weren’t able to get back to the seriousness of the subject befur now. Our current mini series is Feline Nutrition and Prey Model Raw made easy. Ifin you missed our last post or any of our Service Cat posts, you can see them on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page. And of course, ifin you have any questions or topics you would like us to address, just let us know in the comments below or send us an email via our Contact page.



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The following post will be written in human English for reader and translator ease. Our Service Cat posts aren’t intended to be an all inclusive Training Manual but rather Tips, Tricks and Techniques used/developed by mommy A thru her many years of animal training, cats in purr-ticular. And to offer insight into your questions about Everything Feline. Always remember, successful Training is all about Repetition and Rewards.


As promised, better late than never right, today we’re going to talk a bit about Whole Prey, aka Frankenprey. If you’ve followed this mini series, you know by now that cat’s are Obligate Carnivores who must get their nutritional requirements met by their diet. Being an Obligate Carnivore means that cat’s have no choice but must eat Meat from another animal. A cat’s system cannot break down or use Proteins made by vegetables, grains or other non animal sources. Cat’s have a very short intestinal tract full of acidic juices to quickly break down their food to help avoid any food born illnesses.



Anaztomy of a cat




Basis of Whole Prey Model Raw:

     The Whole Prey Model Raw diet is based on the biological and skeletal make up of a domesticate cat’s natural prey, the common mouse. As previously mentioned, that means a cat’s diet should be made up of 80% Meat, 10% Organ and 10% Bone or Bone substitute such as powdered bone or egg shells (Bone Substitute should be used for cats with CKD or other compromising health conditions). There is no need to add supplements such as Taurine when feeding a balanced raw diet. Hard working muscle meat is full of Taurine and very little is lost in the freezing and thawing process. The same is true of other nutrients as well.



cat catches mouse clip art




Nutrient Losses:


     You may be wondering why commercial feeds require so many supplements if it can all be found in meats. Perhaps that should have been our first clue as to how bad commercial diets actually are? Nutrients are lost during the cooking, bleaching, and other processing methods taken to produce commercial feeds. Here are a few articles from Truth About Pet Food regarding Pet feed regulations and the processing and manufacturing plants you might want to read. Are Diseased Animals Safe, Top 5 Ingredients Allowed Only in Pet Feed, FDA Classifies Dogs and Cats as. There are many more, but these should give you a good idea about what’s in commercial pet feed.



How Do You Know Raw Is Better?:


     We’ve also been asked how we know Raw is better than commercially prepared cat feeds. Mommy’s response is” Oh let me count the ways…”. The first reason is of course, raw, specifically whole prey raw is the natural food for cats. Cats domesticated themselves by moving into human occupied areas to hunt. Cats left to their own devices would hunt raw prey. Our fur is soft and shiny and we’re very healthy. And some of mommy’s funny answers…”Have you ever seen a kitty in the wild picking peas, dicing potatoes and carrots and slicing off 1 ounce of rotting meat to make stew?” “Or better yet, baking it up into kibble bits?”



Lion and lioness dicuss food




My Vet Says No:


     Another question we get asked is, How do you respond when the Vet says NO, it’s bad for kitty. Unfortunately, Vets don’t know everything. And when it comes to Feline Nutrition, they only spend a few days out of their whole education on Nutrition and all the information they get comes from the commercial pet feed industry. We research everything these days and question Vets about treatments, vaccinations and every other issue pets have, so why not question their nutritional recommendations. As long as you’re feeding a balanced Raw Diet, there’s nothing to worry about. And, more and more Vets are getting on board with a Species Appropriate Diet.



Dezi lays on counter at vet officeMe ain’t eatin’ that kibble stuffs.




Food Allergies:


     For those who have food allergies, Raw could be the best thing to happen to you. The chicken, turkey, etc., found in commercially prepared feeds is a far cry from the chicken, turkey, etc., you’ll be buying from the meat department in the grocery store. However, with a Raw diet, you have complete control over the ingredients in your pet’s food. As we mentioned earlier, Sardines may be added to your 80/10/10 mix for the added Omega vitamins. They’re not necessary, so if kitty has a fish allergy, or chicken or turkey, you can just skip them. Something not easily done with commercial pet feeds.



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Our Frankenprey Snack:


     So, how was our first foray into Frankenprey? We know you’re all wondering. Mommy picked up a few pinky mice and something called hoppers, you can see those above. Mommy didn’t take photos of the pinkies because she had planned a great video. We’ve seen tons of adorable videos of kitties enjoying their whole prey and wanted to add ours to them. Of course, life is what happens while you’re making plans, right? We weren’t the least bit interested in those little pink nothings. Our Frankenprey experiment was a total flop. After about 30 minutes, mommy cut up said pinkies and added them to our dinner. No video evidence exists, but we did finally taste them. Mommy plans to continue to introduce other options including those furry hoppers, day old chicks, quail, rabbit, and other proteins as they become available. We will certainly keep you posted. While actual whole prey isn’t for everybody, it’s the closest one will actually get to feeding house kitties their intended food. The next closest is Prey Model Raw. If you missed the basic recipe, you can see it here


Dezi lays on floor




Well, we’re gonna wrap it up fur today. We hope we’ve helped answer some of your questions about Raw. Remember, ifin you’ve missed any post in this mini series or our Service Cat posts, you can check them out on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page. Purrlease let us know your thoughts or questions about Raw, Frankenprey or whatever, including topic suggestions in the comments below or send us an email via our Contact page. We think we have a few more questions to address including switching kitty to a Raw diet before moving to our next topic, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we’re linkin’ up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday. Oh and Raena wanted me to let everypawdy know, you’re not required to dress up fur her pawrty. Yes Tabbies, you can come nekkid and just have fun.




Till the next time……………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle  


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11 thoughts on “Service Cats: Prey Model Raw Part 6

  1. Dad thinks this is a good idea and it going to try a few of those Gourmet Rodents. They sound Yummy. He tried to get us live mousies for Christmas last year and could not find them. Seems they no longer sell them. Sad

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  2. Hmmm…I do think even Benji would enjoy those noms, he brought me a dead frog the other day, Eeuuw!! But he did not try to eat that nir the gopher he caught either. But he devours his freeze dried raw faster than a vacuum cleaner…go figure…

    Pio? Nope, he is stuck in his ways. We’re just happy he is eating on his own the grain free noms we found that he likes.

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