Blest Sunday: Always Blessed

MeOW-llo Furiends. Raena, hurry up, me thinks the storm’s comin’ back. We need to count our Blessings befur we have to turn off the computer.


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner




          Don’t you mean befur you run hide again, sissy?   


Raena watches the ceiling fan atop boxes




Me’s not hidin’ Raena. Haven’t you seen all the rolly poly bugs ‘round here? Me’s tryin’ to make sure they’re the only intruders we have. How many times does me have to tell ya’? Hidin’, Hmmmmpht 


          Sure sissy, whatever you meow. Anyways, this unpackin’ is takin’ a lot longer than we had furst thought it would. Kittens, mommy’s only able to do a few boxes a day befur she totally gives out.   


Raena watches the ceiling fan atop boxes




Yeah Raena, this move was really hard on her. But, she did finally get that much needed shower after findin’ the towels.    


Dezi lays on the floor among the boxes




          True sissy. But, ifin ya’ follow us on facebook, you already know that the whole bathroom flooded durin’ said shower. They replaced the tubs with those walk in showers that don’t have any real boundaries, so the water just goes everywhere. We asked fur ideas on how to keep the water in, but at the moment haven’t found anythin’ that actually works.  


Walk in shower
Our new walk in shower. The lip’s about 2″ off the floor.




‘Pawrently nopawdy else has either Raena. Mommy said all the extra x’penses this move has brought is a bit ridiculous. ‘Specially since she wasn’t x’pectin’ to have ‘em in the furst place. However, amidst all of this, we are Blest to be back home. And, we can almost see the dining room and kitchen again. Mommy’s takin’ one room at a time. And we’re Blest that she can. Fankfully, she’s still able to unpack herself.  


          Yeah sissy, even tho’ the unpackin’ is slow goin’, it’s goin’. And, that just means more time to play hide and seek. Did you see me on the top of the fridge the other day?  


Raena lays in wheelchair




Uh, Did you hear mommy tellin’ you to get down Raena? You know you’re not allowed to be on the fridge. Just cuz you got away with counter surfin’ at the hotel doesn’t mean you can do it at home.  


          Yeah well, it never hurts to try sissy. It doesn’t matter, there’s nuffin’ really to see up there anyways. Now, back to those Blessings we’re countin’. Ya’ know, mommy always says, no matter what life may throw at you, you can be assured there’s a Blessing ‘round every corner. Sometimes, you just have to look a bit harder to find ‘em.  


Raena lays atop cat tree




True Raena. Altho’ the one Blessing we don’t have to look hard to find, is our pawsumly amazin’ furiends. And meowin’ of those furiends, mommy said that since the unpackin’ is takin’ so long, we’re gonna start takin’ one day each week to ketch up with our furiends till we can get back to normal ‘round here. That also means that we’ll be able to announce the winner of your Birthday/Gotchaday Scavenger hunt pawrty this week.  


Dezi lays on chair arm




          Oh sissy, I’s can’t hardly wait. I’s so missed seein’ what our furiends have been up too. And I’s really wanna know who won mine’s scavenger hunt. I’s gonna link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. Then I’s think I’s might could use a little nap. Those storms are makin’ me sleepy.   


Raena sleeps in strollerMine’s sleepy selfie in the stroller.




Me too Raena. Befur we go, we’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. And we wanna say a meowsy big Thank you fur bein’ Blessings in ours.  


Dezi sleeps in chair




Till the next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!!   


Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

29 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Always Blessed

  1. I hope Momma Audra didn’t get herself overly tired doing all that unpacking of stuffs. Dezi and Raena, too bad there weren’t any pack rats around that could’ve done the job for her and then afterwards you two could’ve made the rats into toys to play with. Tee hee hee. Luvs and hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe you can get some sandbags to keep the water in the shower area…OK, now we are truly being silly. Sorry .

    You sure have way more than your share of difficulities. But you are so gracious and always keep a sunny brave front.
    Your troubles and trials make the things going on here seem trivial.

    We are purring and pawyering for things to be normal…whatever that means…really soon.
    And petcretary adds her prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh awnty Kat, we’re so sorry ’bout that. We totally know ’bout those floods, as it happened to us befur too. We do hope things are settlin’ down fur ya’. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh awnty Ellen, ifin you do, you need to make sure you put a door on it. Ya’ know, they make ’em with doors that open to let you walk in. That would work much better. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


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