Feline Friday: The Winner Is…

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle, comin’ to ya’ live from the Three Belles Ranch. Are ya’ there? I’s know, I’s know, it’s Furiday and you x’pect to see sis Dezi takin’ the lead, right? Well, since we’re only postin’ on Blest Sunday’s and one other day a week fur the time bein’, mommy said I’s could take the lead today. And also cuz we’re announcin’ the winner of mine’s Scavenger Hunt pawrty prize.



Raena stands on boxes




          Yeah well, just don’t get used to it Raena. Furiday’s are me’s day, and me’s not givin’ ‘em up. Besides, we will be returnin’ to our Service Cat Furiday posts soon; and me’s much smarter than you are.   


Dezi with wild whiskers




Well that wasn’t very nice of ya’ sissy. How would you like it ifin I’s meowed I’s purrettier than you? Huh?  


          That’s just mean and nasty Raena. You take that back.  


Dezi lays on step




I’s was just pointin’ out that it’s not nice when you meow that you’re better than me. Anyways, I’s have so much to tell everypawdy. Kittens, It seems like I’s haven’t gotten to post fur like ever. Hey, ya’ll wanna know the one thing we missed most when we were in the hotel? Check out the foto below. I’s couldn’t even wait fur mommy to put new litter in the Litter Robot. And trust me, I’s think mommy missed it even more than me. She said she can’t ‘member a time when she scooped so much every day. And, we used a ton more litter than we do with the Litter Robot too. It’s so good to furinally be back home.  


poop in the litter robot immediately after moving back home before litter




          Yeah Raena, ‘specially since mommy furinally got some clean clothes and clean sheets. It was really nice of Spook and Jubal’s mommy to let mommy use her washin’ machine to wash up her clothes and the sheets she found.  


Dezi gets lap loving




Yeah sissy, since she still can’t get to our washer, she’s been havin’ to put back on her dirty clothes every day. I’s know mommy’s fanky fankful to furinally have some clean clothes. And I’s really ‘purreciated the clean sheets last night. Y, I’s could’a slept in all day.   


          Uh, We’re cats Raena, we purretty much do sleep all day. And we don’t need clean sheets to do it.  


Still sissy, I’s really like clean sheets. Anyways, I’s also enjoy lap lovin’ time with mommy. And I’s had purrlenty of it lately.   


Raena gets lap loving




          Me’s too Raena. Tho’, me purrfurs layin’ on the arm of mommy’s chair. Sometimes, her lap gets a little warm.  


Dezi gets lap loving




I’s don’t care how warm it gets sissy, I’s wanna be as close to mommy as I’s can get. Hey, mommy furinally read me all the comments from mine’s pawrty. Fanky fank you all fur comin’. It was sooooooooo much fun!!! And I’s really ‘purreciate everypawdy who helped with mine’s scavenger hunt. We might need to do this more offen. I’s just luvs it when everypawdy gets to play along. Anyways, as purromissed, we took the names of everypawdy who entered, assigned ‘em a nummer and inserted them into RandomPicker.com to choose the winner of the gift card. ‘Member, to enter you had to visit each blog that posted a question and then put the answers in the comments of mine’s pawrty posty. There were several questions that had more than one right answer, like what cat luvs pizza. Naturally, our answer is us. Sissy and me luvs a good pepperoni pizza. But, there are many more well known kitties who luvs pizza as well. Y, Maybe even one of you. MOL 


Raena stretches in lap




          We do luv a good pizza, don’t we Raena? We should remind everypawdy what the scavenger hunt questions were. In no purrticular order, here they are along with the answers. Again, some of these had more than one right answer, so anypawdy who played, was entered.

1. What color are RaenaBelle’s eyes? Y, they’re blue of course. 

2. What cat has his own comic strip? We were thinkin’ Heathcliff, but there are quite a few more, so those answers are right also. 

3. What species do cats belong to? We are Felis Catus. Yep, that’s catus not cactus. MOL 

4. What cat luvs pizza? Me’s already told ya’ we do, but so do many others, so all answers are okay.   

5. What cartoon cat is 100 years old (1919)? Felix the cat is 100 years old this year.   

6. Which cartoon cat starred with Tweety Bird? You all ‘member Sylvester the handsum tuxedo, right? Tweety would sit in his cage and say, I thought I saw a puddy tat. I did, I did. Ah, cartoons of old. MOL 

7. What cartoon cat is named after a skunk? From a great luv story, Pepe Le Pew and his lady luv Penelope. Either answer was right.    


Fanky fanks fur givin’ everypawdy the questions and answers sissy. Now, let’s get to the good pawrt, announcin’ the winner.   


          Well, who is it Raena, who won?   


Dezi lays on steps and Raena looks back from floor




I’s gettin’ to it sissy. And the winner is….Awnty Mimi and all her pizza eatin’ kitties, Little Girlie, Tripod SissyCat, Horizon, Mikey, Dansig, Enigma SissyCat, and Link. Mommy will be sendin’ ya’ an email shortly, k?. Now, since it’s Furiday, we’re also joinin’ the Feline Furiday blog hop at Comedy Plus. We’ll be ‘round visitin’ tonight and tomorrow. We hope to get back on a regular schedule soon, in the meantime, we sure do ‘purreciate your patience and suppurrt. We luvs you all so very much. And as always, you’re all in our purrayers daily. See ya’ soon. 


Raena lays atop cat tree




Till the next time……………………………………………………Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

17 thoughts on “Feline Friday: The Winner Is…

  1. It was a wonderful pawty you had, Raena! Your pawties are always so-o fun!
    And CONCATS to Mimi, Mikey, Dansig, Horizon, Enigma SissyCat, Little Girlie, Tripod, and Link for winning the drawing!

    Luvs and hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

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