Feline Friday: Nurse Duties And Sliders

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s comin’ to ya’ live from the Three Belles Ranch. I’s know, it’s been like furever since we posted on Feline Furiday, hasn’t it? Well, I’s told mommy, we needed to get ourselves together and do somethin’ besides deal with our ‘pawrtment and the unpackin’. Specially since she’s frustrated with the manager who brought recertification papers due next month when our lease doesn’t even expire till April of next year. (shakes head) It just never stops. Anyways…


Raena lays in mommy's lap with mouth open and tongue outI’s luvs you mommy.





          What are you meowin’ ‘bout RaenaBelle? Me thought you were gonna have a give away?   


I’s am sissy, but I’s wanted to meow with our furiends fur a little bit too. Kittens!!! Can’t a girl have a little chat time befur gettin’ down to business?.  


          Sure Raena, but since mommy’s sicker than a dog, me thinks you shouldn’t ask her to spend all day at the computer takin’ your dictation. 


Dezi with nurse cap laying on chair armMe’s got you mommy.




I’s not sissy, but she did call the doctor and ask him to call in some antibiotics, so she can get well. I’s do hate it when mommy gets so worn down and hungry that she gets sick. Altho’ I’s don’t mind playin’ nurse. It means I get more lap luvvin’ time with mommy.  


          Yeah, me likes it too Raena. Why don’t you take the furst shift and me will take the second.  


Okay sissy, but I’s get bedtime cuddle time. That’s mine’s favorite time of day.   


Raena with a nurse capI’s got you too mommy.




          Whatever Raena. Our bed’s small enuff fur both of us to have bedtime cuddles.   


That’s true sissy. Anyways, let’s get on with the business. By now, most kitties are furmiliar with the Cat Amazing Treat Puzzles. There’s the original and then the second generation that looks a lot like a cardboard carrier with holes in it. Truth be told, we don’t get many treats here, so we quickly lost interest in the original puzzles. Not to mention, mommy actually fell on our original and splatted it flatter than a pancake.  


Raena plays with the Cat Amazing Cat puzzleThe Original Cat Amazing Puzzle




          Me ‘members that Raena. Mommy’s no ballerina, that’s fur sure.   


You better now let mommy hear you meow that sissy.     


          Why Raena? Mommy knows she’s clumsy.      


Whatever. Fffffft  Anyways, Andrey contacted us ‘bout a new generation of the Cat Amazing called Sliders; and asked ifin we’d like to give it a try. It’s a double decker box with sliding inserts. I’s’ll be honest, I’s was a little worried that mommy wasn’t gonna get it all put together propurrly. Ya’ know, she’s not very crafty.  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




          She may not be crafty Raena, but she is purretty good at puttin’ things together, ‘specially ifin there’s instructions.  


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




I’s guess you’re right sissy, she can follow directions purretty well. Once mommy got the Sliders put together, she put a few of our favorite toys inside sprinkled with a little silvervine. And, I’s immediately tried it out. There’s lots of paw sized holes fur a kitty to reach in and retrieve the goodies inside. Of course, ifin ya’ have treats, those could be depawsited inside as well. And at less than $20.00. the Sliders could also be used as a slow feeder. Ya’ know fur those kitties that like to inhale their noms. All in all, I’s think the Sliders are another Cat Amazing winner. It’s a box with holes, what kitty wouldn’t like that?    


This slideshow requires JavaScript.




          Ya’ got a point Raena. And, each purrchase helps less furtunate kitties livin’ in shelters and rescues waitin’ fur their furevers. Cat Amazing has a great shelter enrichment program that gives shelter kitties the oppurrtunity to have Cat Amazing Puzzles sent to them fur free.   


Raena stands beside the Cat Amazing Sliders




And, he also said we could let one of our US furiends have the oppurrtunity to have their very own Sliders puzzle. After you leave a comment here (required for valid entry), just click the Enter Here graphic below to enter our give away. We’re also joinin’ Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday. Hey awnty Sandee, long time no hop. MOL


Give Away Details:

U.S. Addresses Only

1 Winner will be notified via email and must confirm within 24 hours or forfeit prize.



Give away entry graphic

As I’s meowed earlier, mommy is really sick, so we’ll be ‘round to visit as soon as we can. And, ifin you could spare a few purrayers, we’d certainly ‘purreciate it.


Till the next time…………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!   


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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