Blest Sunday: Dezi’s #RememberMeThursday

Meow-llo Dear Furiends. It’s Blest Sunday, our favorite day of the week. But, this past week also brought a day those in rescue and shelters call Remember Me Thursday. Now, we don’t normally post on Thrusdays anyways, so me won’t lie to ya’ and tell ya’, we missed it or are runnin’ late. But, all things considered, we would like to add today’s posty to the list of all the other Remember Me postys. The linky’s below.   


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner




          Are you gonna tell your story sissy? Ya’ know, our furiends were askin’ ‘bout it after all.     


Yes Raena, me’s gonna tell me’s story. All your meowin’ ‘bout the meanin’ of your name left our furiends askin’ ifin me’s name had meanin’ and how me got it. Mommy said it would be a good story to add to the Remember Me Thursday hop.   


Remember me Thursday badge




          Ya’ know sissy, maybe we should xplain the ‘Member me pawrt furst. The whole point of #RememberMeThursday is to shine a light on all those animals in shelters and rescues waiting to be adopted into their furever homes.  And to ‘member all those who died never knowin’ the luv, safety and lap of a furever purrson and home. To stop the killin’ of so many innocent animals due to overcrowding and overpopulation. Ya’ know, we think every day is a good day to shine a light on adoption, but we’re fur sure all ‘bout helpin’ and bein’ a voice fur the voiceless.


Raena selfie on cat tree




Fanks fur splainin’ it Raena. Now, on with me’s story. Picture it…It was 2009 and mommy and sis Lexi had just lost a beluvved kitty. Of course, mommy knew she would need to get another helper fur Lexi, but she was heartbroken and a bit frustrated. See, the kitty she lost was the second male she had lost at 5 years of age due to complications from UTI’s. Mommy wasn’t very keen on searchin’ fur a new kitty right away. Did me mention it was November and the holidays and cold weather were also apaw?    


          Oh sissy, that sounds like a pawful time fur mommy and Lexi.   


It was Raena. Anyways, one afternoon, mommy and Lexi were sittin’ together when they got a call from a rescue furiend. The group took in woofies from all over, ‘specially puppy mills. When mommy asnwered the fone, the lady told her they had just rescued 11 kittens from a backyard breeder and didn’t have a clue what to do. The lady asked ifin mommy would come over and help them get the kittens sorted and maybe take one home. She knew mommy needed a new helper fur Lexi. Mommy agreed to come and take a look and see how she could help, but said she wasn’t ready to get a new kitty just yet.


Baby Dezi lays in a basket atop a soft bath towel35mm camera




The whole drive over, mommy kept tellin’ herself that she wasn’t gonna fall in luv with any of the kittens, and that she and Lexi weren’t ready. Mommy’s heart was as cold as the weather. When she got to the shelter, the lady met her outside and told her that they had been unable to locate the mother of the litter but had been assured by the breeder that the kittens were 6 weeks old and weaned. She told them she hadn’t yet filled out the paperwork on their papers, but gave a date 6 weeks prior as the birthday. The rescue lady said they had been told the breeder had dogs, but instead had Ragdoll cats. And that even tho’ they didn’t normally rescue cats, they realized they couldn’t leave them there, so they rounded up all the kitties they could find. She asked mommy how she would go ‘bout choosin’ a kitty to adopt. Mommy said, “I don’t, I let them choose me, but I’m not ready, I’m just here to see if I can offer some advice or help.” So the lady left mommy alone in a room and went to fetch me and me’s littermates. 


Baby Dezi her first week at home
Dezi 3 weeks (35mm camera)




Mommy looked around the room and finally sat down on the floor of the barren room. Me and me’s 8 sisfurs and 2 brofurs were scooped up and depawsited in a basket fur the 4th time this day. Mommy says that’s what she was told, me couldn’t count. Anyways, we were scared and confused and hungry, and had no idea what was happening. A few minutes later, the door opened to the room mommy was in and me and me’s littermates were poured out onto the cold shelter floor. We all stood up and then me’s littermates started playing together and huddling together. Not me tho’, me caught a blurry sight of someone sitting on the floor nearby. Me’s tummy hurt so badly, me was really weak and hungry, but somethin’ pushed me towards the blurry someone on the floor. Somehow, me just knew that everythin’ would be alright ifin me could just get there.



Baby Dezi scratching the cat perch pole
See meez wormy belly? (35mm camera)




The blur remained silent, but me could feel warmth emanating from it as me’s little legs waddled me closer. And me could smell somethin’ comfurting in the air that only got stronger the closer me got. Suddenly, me hit a dead end. Me didn’t know it at the time, but me had run into mommy’s legs, they were as high as the tallest mountain to me that day. The blurry figure was atop the dead end, so me began to climb the steep mountain that was mommy’s legs. It took all me’s strength, but me managed to climb up to spot where me could lay down and take a little rest befur continuing on. Me curled up and began to purr as loudly as me could trying to generate heat and alert me’s littermates to me’s whereabouts. Little did me’s know, they had completely furgotten ‘bout me and were all huddled together across the room. 


Baby Dezi laying on the cat perch35mm camera




Suddenly me felt warmth as me was scooped up and pulled closer to the comfurting smell. Then me felt a heart beating strong against me’s little body. Me could feel the vibrations of the blurry human talking, but all me could hear was the beating of it’s heart. All the cold was gone and it was full of luv and telling me that everythin’ was goin’ to be okay. Me’s strength was fading and me felt so was me’s body. But fur the furst time in me’s short life, me felt safe. Then, me felt wet stuff on me’s furs and face and fur the furst time, the blurry purrson was talkin’ directly to me. She said in a shaky voice, “You my angel, are my destiny. I didn’t come here to find you or love, or anything else, but I think you need me as much as I need you. Please, hang in there, you’re going to be okay. Just keep fighting a little longer.”   


Baby Dezi puffed up for intimidation35mm camera




Me struggled to focus me’s eyes on the blurry purrson, but it didn’t matter, me was safe and luvved. Nuffin’ else mattered. And mommy took me home where me lives happily ever after. Of course that wasn’t the end of the story, but that’s how me got me’s name. Mommy said we were meant to meet that day and me was meant to come home with her. She says it was destined to be. ‘Course, she luvs to be different, so ‘stead of just plain old Destiny, me’s name became Deztinee. And just so you’ll know, it turns out, me and me’s littermates were about 2 1/2 – 3 weeks old, not 6. We had bellies full of tape worms that the breeder had treated with some over the counter general wormer. She had wormed us 3 times the week we were rescued and we were all dehydrated and near death. Me quit breathin’ twice on the ride home with mommy. Fankfully, she had xperience with bottle babies, worms, and everythin’ else and nursed me back to health. She also gave instructions to the rescue lady on how to help me’s littermates. Ifin not fur mommy, me could very well have been one of the many kitties bein’ ‘membered today.



Lexi lookin' at meez like shes wants tu splat me. mol
Lexi lookin’ at meez like shes wants tu splat me. mol




          Me too sissy. All the shelters ‘round here are kill shelters. It makes us very sad, and angry too. And unfurtunately, we live in an area that is very backwards in their way of thinkin’ ‘bout animals in general. We however, are very Blest to have a luvvin’ furever home with a luvvin’ furever mommy, and all our amazin’ and luvvin’ furever furiends.  


We are indeed Raena. And, we want to meow to the world that adopted kitties are the bestest kitties in the universe. We purr and luv unconditionally. We’ll never leave you, we just ask that you don’t leave us. Purrlease ‘member when you adopt an animal, we are alive. We have feelings and purrsonalities that are our own. We may not always stay as cute as we were when we were young, but neither will you.


Dezi gets chin scritchesA furever home with a luvvin’ mommy…doesn’t get much better than that.




We’ll luv you when you get old and wrinkly. We’ll luv you when you put on those extra pounds and start walkin’ slower than normal. We’ll luv you when the hand you use to pet us with starts to shake and get unsteady. We’ll luv you when our meals are late because you get around slower than in years past. We’ll luv you when we start to slow down and age creeps up on us. We’ll luv you when our eyes cloud over and your voice and your smell are the things that guide us to your side. Mommy says purrfection is seen with the heart, and we are her purrfect. We think she’s our purrfect too. We think all of you are purrfect, and we luv you all very much.  


Raena gets lap lovingThis is the life.




          And, we ask God to keep all those who never found their luvvin’ furevers. We also need to fanky fank awnty Susan fur the Blessing she sent this week. I’s purray that all the anipals waitin’ in shelters and rescues can find their luvvin’ furevers and soon. I’s gonna link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and Lola and Lexy fur #RememberMeThursday sissy. And then I’s hopin’ you might play with me?   


Dezi lays in lap for loving, selfie




We’ll see Raena. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your life. Thank you so much fur bein’ Blessings in ours.   


Till the next time………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

57 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Dezi’s #RememberMeThursday

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw fanks Valentine. We don’t know the outcome of the rest of the litter. Since the rescue was a doggy rescue and the kittens weren’t old enuff to be self sufficient and eat and such, they quickly found somewhere else to send them who was better equipped. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  1. I, Pipo am SO glad your Mommy came in there just art the right time.Providence at work…for anipals as well as peeps, right??!
    You were the purrfect ‘thing’ to get your Mmmy back into kitty mode…and look at you now! Wow! Love wins doesn’t it.

    Raena, you have a good remember/rescue story too, though not from a shelter, you were almost a doggy snack, shudder.


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    1. Aaaaaaaaaaw Fank you awnty Kat. Me was a tiny little thing. But kittens that was a l;ong time ago. MOL Me also happened to be the runt of me’s litter. Nopawdy would’a ever guessed me would grow to be this big, xcept maybe mommy. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

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