Tell All Tuesday: Stacking Catty Stacks

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, Raenabelle. Ifin you were here Sunday, you know we promised to bring you our in depth exclusive review of the Cat Amazing Stacks we received fur sissy’s birthday/gotchaday from our furiend at Cat Amazing. Let me just tell ya’, with the holidays comin’ up, these Stacks would make a great gift fur the feline in your life. After all, it’s a bunch of boxes!!! (Raena’s eyes sparkle with glee


Raena peeks out of Stack cube




          RaenaBelle!!! The Stacks are me’s gift, me should be the one givin’ the recommendations. (Dezi rolls her eyes) Me was s’posed to get to play in them furst. But Noooooooo, you had to plant your hiney bo right in the middle of everythin’.  


Dezi sits in Stacks and Raena walks up




I’s was just re-assertin’ mine’s status as Alpha Princess sissy. Besides, I’s don’t have cooties, and I’s let you check out the upper levels furst. 


Raena bathes in Stacks




          After you’d already been playin’ in ‘em while mommy was tryin’ to figger out how to put ‘em together. Me heard mommy tell ya’ to get outta the way several times. You know, she ain’t the crispest cracker in the box, and assembly isn’t always her strong suit.    


Dezi checks out the Stacks




I’s was helpin’ sissy. She had to take a few of the boxes apart a couple of times cuz she messed up. And then, she needed me to give her a little nurse attention cuz she got several box cuts.   


Raena looks inside Stacks




          Box cuts? What in the world are you meowin’ ‘bout?  


Dezi checks out stacks




Well sissy, there wasn’t any paper, so they can’t be paper cuts. Therefur, we’re callin’ ‘em box cuts. Several fingers were affected, fanky fankfully, she didn’t get any blood on our new Stacks.  


Raena looks in Stacks




          Well Raena, truth is, there wasn’t that much blood. However, we would recommend takin’ a little extra time when assembling the Stacks to avoid said box cuts. Much like paper cuts, these box cuts seem to hurt a lot more than one would think. Anyways, the Stacks can be assembled in many different ways. They come with a small piece that transforms into a bridge of sorts. Mommy did connect a couple of the Stacks with said bridge and decided to take it out due to our size and…well…weight. Mommy thinks the “bridge” would be more appropriate fur kittens and small cats. We tend to agree. 


Dezi sits in Stacks




Yeah sissy, even I’s wouldn’t check out the bridge. So, mommy took out the bridge and stacked our Stacks on top of each other. Each box has pre purrfurated holes in two sizes to accommodate smaller and/or larger kitties like ourselves. Mommy enlarged a couple of holes and left some in tact so we could have a solid bottom to sit on. The Stacks have “clips” that help to secure them in place. Mommy wasn’t sure they were gonna work, but they do a purretty good job.  


Raena sits in StacksQuit tryin’ to take the clips off Raena!!!




          Yeah, so long as you leave ‘em alone Raena. The clips are fur safety, they’re not toys silly. 


Dezi sits in Stacks and Raena sits below




Purrlease sissy, don’t you know everything’s a toy? Life is an adventure waitin’ to happen.  



This slideshow requires JavaScript.




          (Dezi rolls her eyes) Sure Raena, whatever. Me does agree that the Stacks would make a great gift. And, right now Cat Amazing has a huge warehouse sale that allows you to get them fur half off the retail price. Even better, the pawsum peeps at Cat Amazing are lettin’ us offur our furiends an additional $10.00 off the already low price. Just use the code DEZIZ10 when you check out.  


Dezi with Stacks discount codeDisclaimer: We received the Stacks in exchange for our honest opinion. As always,
we tell it like we see it. We only bring products we use or have tried and
think would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.





That is so pawsum sissy. Can you ‘magine a kitty’s eyes when they wake up on Christmas meownin’ to find their very own Stacks unner the tree?   


          Or beside it Raena. C’mon, let’s play fur a while.   


Raena jumps out of Stacks




Let me finish mine’s breakfast sissy.


Till the next time…………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

11 thoughts on “Tell All Tuesday: Stacking Catty Stacks

  1. Wowy, there are so many stacky boxes there for you to hide in and explore! And I especially like the idea that they have bridges. A kitty could sprawl out and dangle ones legs over the edges of those bridges or ward off any mean trolls that might try to snack under them. Tee hee hee.

    Happy Gotcha Day on Friday, Dezi! Luvs and hugs.

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