Blest Sunday: Snowing In the Oven

MeOW-llo Dearest Furiends. Well, it’s gone and turned chilly again. Y, It’s downright cold. One night we’re goin’ to bed with the a/c on and wakin’ up to fureezing temps. You’d think we’d be used to it by now, after all, mommy says it happens every April. None the less, we were hoping to be thru with the cold fur this year. Oh well…  


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner


          Sissy, what are you meowing on about? 


Me was just meowing about the colds Raena.  


Dezi looks up while laying on cat scratcher




          Well then, that should be our furst Blessing this week. Fanky fankfully we’re Blest to have a roof over our heads so we can stay warm when the weather turns like it did. Meowin’ of stayin’ warm, did you see the mess mommy made in the oven the other day?   


Raena looks down from cat tree




No Raena, me didn’t see it, but me sure heard it. What was that all about?  


          Well, ya’ know how mommy was able to get some taters when she went to the store the last time? She thought it would be great to make baked tater fur dinner. She didn’t realize till she got ready to start bakin’ that she didn’t have any foil. So, she decided to put the taters in the oven without anything. No plate or dish, just tater on the rack. Right befur she went to check on ‘em, she heard this loud explosion. When she got to the kitchen, she saw that one of those taters had done gone and exploded all over everything. What a mess. 


exploded potato in the ovenExploded tater in the oven (mommy’s countertop convection oven)




So that’s what that noise was, huh Raena?  


          Sure ‘nuff sissy. Fanky fankfully, mommy had put more than one tater in the oven, so she still had something to eat. But what a mess she had to clean up. (Raena shakes head) I’s bet the next time she bakes taters, she’ll put ‘em in a pan of some kind.   


Sure she will Raena. Time will pass and soon she’ll furget all about the exploding tater till it happens again. MOL The Blessing here is that at least mommy has a sense of humor and can laugh at her silly mess ups.  


Dezi lays on cat scratcher, selfie




          It was kind’a funny sissy. It looked like it had snowed in the oven. Anyways, on to another Blessing. We wanna fanky fank awnty Susan fur sending us our favorite rabbit noms. With the world shutting down, we’ve been really worried about getting our food.  


Raena lays in laundry on bedI’s will help you fold the clothes mommy.




We sure do Raena. And, we wanna fank our special angel awnty fur sendin’ the gift cards. T’ween the rent increase, price gouging and lack of supplies close by, they’ll fur sure help out.   


          Our furiends are such a Blessing, aren’t they sissy. We luvs them sooooooooooooo much. We’ve been purrayin’ hard fur all of them to stay safe and healthy.  


That we are Raena, that we are.   


Raena sits meatloaf style on cat tree, selfie




          Well sissy, I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies, I’s think mommy could use a cuddle buddy to help keep her warm. 


Dezi lays on scratcher




Fanks Raena. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you all to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thank you fur bein’ Blessings in ours. We’re sendin’ lots of hugs and purrayers to each of you.  


Till the next time………………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

17 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Snowing In the Oven

  1. ☆¸.•°”˜˜”°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°”˜˜”°•.¸☆
    ╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
    ║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆¸.•°”˜˜”°•.¸☆
    ║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ EASTER ☆
    ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ♥¥☆★☆★☆¥♥ ★☆ ♥♥♥


  2. Oops! Those taters might not have exploded it they had some holes poked in them to lety out steam…ask US how we knew that, MOL!!
    And do not try to raise a triple recipe of bread dough in the microwave…it came out the door…MOL, MOL!

    Stay safe you gals! May God sustain all of us as we live this ‘new norm’…



  3. I reckon your staff may have just created a new role for the potato in the army, mol.
    Anyways, may the blessing be with you all, and with everyones help we will I am sure get through this.


  4. we are so sorry for the tater-ophe in your oven…we hope your mama could remove da tater-snow and it wasn’t a big mess…. we had a leaking baking dish once and not een the self cleaning funtion of da oven could do the trick…


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