Blest Sunday: 2020: The Blessing Train Rides Again

Hey dearest furiends, guess what time it is. C’mon…Guess!!! It’s Blessing Train time!!! I’s so excited! I’s been waiting all year fur this. and trust me, it’s been a looooooooong year. 


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner



          It’s been a long year fur everypawdy Raena. (shakes head) But you’re right, we really need the Blessing Train right now. It helps remind us that no matter what else may be going on, we’re still Blest. We can always find Blessings. Sometimes, we just have to look a little harder fur them. 


2020 blessing Train Announcement



That’s so true sissy, but I’s do luvs counting mine’s Blessings. So, this week, the Blessing we’re most thanky thankful fur is all of you, our dear sweet furiends. Your luvs and suppurrt makes each day a little bit brighter. 


Blessing Train 2020 BadgeGrab the badge



          You’re right on the money RaenaBelle. Befur the Blessing train pulls outta the station, we wanna tell everypawdy how to join. There’s still time.


Red Box Car


Blessing Train red box car clip art

1. Grab the boxcar above (either one)

2. Decorate it any way you’d like

3. Email it back to us at: and tell us the names of those on the boxcar, your blog/social media link and what you’re thankful fur. 


2020 Annual Blessing Train 1st lineup



2020 Blessing Train 2nd lineup



2020 Blessing Train lineup 3



2020 Blessing Train lineup 4




All Aboard!!! The 2020 Blessing Train is now leaving the station.


Now, on to our furst stop. We’re so happy to be joined by our amazing furiends, Wing Commander Basil and the entire B-Team, Amber, Smooch, Parsley, Pandora, Fudge, Melvyn, and angels, Humphrey, Snowie and Posie. Let me tell ya’, ifin you’re lookin’ fur fun, puzzles and some arts and crafts, ya’ really need to check out their blog. We just luvs it. Mommy always enjoys the puzzles and coloring. Ya’ know, she’s not very crafty. They’re giving thanks fur all the small triumphs in 2020 and sending out many blessings and best wishes fur 2021 to all. 


Basil and The B Team 2020Wing Commander Basil and The B-Team



          RaenaBelle! Our next stop takes us to your God awnty and our emergency contact, awnty Ellen and the kitties of 15 and Meowing, Joanie, Penny, Emmy, Trouble, Rosie, Sammy, Jinx, Brody and Drake. We are so Blest to have them in our lives. And, ifin you’re lookin’ fur gifts fur the younger kitty luvvers in your life, awnty Ellen has written some pawsum books. Just check out their blog.


15 and meowing boxcar 202015 and Meowing



I’s so glad we’ve got our plans together should we need ‘em sissy. Our next stop takes us to our sweet woofie furiends Dalton and Benji. They’re joined by angels Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles. These boys are a laugh a minute. And, they’re hams when it come to the camera. And, awnty Ingrid always has some cool décor fur their fotos. They’re giving thanks fur family, furiends, their health and the recovery of their pawpy. Be sure and check out their blog.


Dalton and Benji 2020 boxcarDalton and Benji



          Our next stop takes us to one of our oldest and dearest furiends, Brian. He is quite the handsum mancat. And what a pawsum advocate fur adoption. We just luv all his family. Check out their blog. Me thinks you’re still sweet on his brofur Simon, aren’t you? 


Brian 2020 boxcarBrian



Sissy, you’re not s’posed to meow that out loud. Anyways, our next stop takes us to our really oldest and dear furiends, Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Miss Fitz and Einstein. I’s tell ya’, I’s could learn a lot from that Fitzy. And the boys…they’re just pawsum. Of course, we can’t furget uncle Pete. So glad ya’ll could join us. Don’t furget to visit their blog and say hey. 


Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Fitz and Einstein 2020 boxcarTimmy, Toby, Rumpy, Miss Fitz and Einstein



          Next up, we stop to pick up the sweetest black Persian and our besty, Valentine and his new sisfurs, Myrna and Esmerelda. They hit the jackpot when they wandered into Val’s home. And they’re in fur some great adventures. That Val is quite the story teller, so be sure and stop by and see them. We’ll tell ya’ a little secret…he’s sweet on our princess furiend, Erin.  


Valentine 2020 boxcar,Valentine, Myrna and Esmerelda



Our next stop takes us to the always artful, and our most knowledgeable furiends, the bird hating tabbies from Trout Towne, Mackerull and cousin Dai$y. Now ifin you’re lookin’ fur a laugh, you can’t not luvs them. And they’re so pawsumly helpful and generous with their knowledge. Just don’t offur ‘em any chickens. MOL We’re happy to call ‘em besties, but, you’ll find they’re a furiend to all. Tell ‘em we sent ya’ when ya’ visit, and maybe take a bass or salmon treat too.  


Trout Towen Tabbies 2020 boxcarTrout Towne Tabbies



          And, that brings us to our next stop and our amazing and sweet furiends, Butterfly, Peek-A-Boo, angel Smokey and woofie Collette. They’re thankful to have a roof over their heads, purrlenty of food to eat, and that their mommy is still working. We’re thankful to have them as furiends. Be sure to check out their blog and say hey. 


Butterfly, Peekaboo, Angel Smokey and Collette 2020 boxcarButterfly, Peek-A-Boo, Collette, and Angel Smokey

(graphics by Ann of Zoolatry)



Next stop, is our sweet furiends from Messy Mimi’s, Dansig, Enigma Sissycat, Tripod Sissycat, Horizon, Link and Little Girlie. What darlings. Their blog isn’t all about cats or woofies, but it’s still a great read. They’re thankful fur each other, and we’re thanky thankful to call them furiends.  


Messy Mimi 2020 boxcarMessy Mimi’s Musings



          Our next stop takes us all the way to Scotland to pick up our pawsumly handsum and sweet panther pal, Spike. He’s svelte, he’s cunning, he’s furiendly and most of all luvving. With hearts bigger than Scotland itself, Spike and his mommy awnty Christine, are cherished furiends. Be sure to check out their blog and say hey.


Spike 2020 boxcar

Spike the Scottish Cat



Our next stop brings us to the home of our talented and dear furiends awnty Ann and June. Ifin you need some purrfessional graphic designs or just want some beautified photos, you won’t find anyone better than awnty Ann. Stop by and say hey. We know you’ll luvs them as much as we do. 


Ann and June 2020 boxcarJune and Ann



          Next up, our purrecious furiends awnty Crystal and the always bootyful Daisy Mae. With such a pawsitive attitude, they’re thankful fur everything, and we’re thankful they’re our furiends. Be sure and check out their blogs and the bootyful fotos awnty Crystal takes. 


Crystal and Daisy Mae 2020 boxcarCrystal and Daisy Mae



Our next stop brings us back down South to our amazing and luvving awnty Vonda, Sassy, Pepper and many of the angels that have Blest their lives. While they don’t have a blog fur you to read, trust us, they’re always up fur an adventure. We are grateful to know them and call them furiends.


Vonda, Sassy and Pepper 2020 boxcar

Sassy and Pepper and awnty Vonda



          That we are Raena; as we are with each of our furiends. The world, our world is a much better place because all of you are in it. We believe we are the most Blest of all because of all of you. We are so happy you could join us fur the annual Blessing Train. We decided to make the trains a bit bigger this year so that they could be easily seen. We hope to have many more stops and additions befur the final ride this year.  


Dezi selfieMe’s Blest Selfie



Oh sissy, I’s do hope the Blessing Train grows so long it wraps around the world! Ifin there was ever a time when we needed to be reminded of our Blessings, it’s now. While we’re on the subject of being thanky thankful, we’d like to thanky thank awnty Anonymous and our sweet Princess furiend Erin and Mrs. H fur the green papers. You wanna talk about an adventurer, check out Erin’s blog. Maybe she’ll even hook up with the Blessing Train. We’re still asking fur help to get a car. So ifin you’d like to help us out, you can donate directly thru paypal here.



          We are indeed Blest Raena. Me’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and then maybe mommy can get this scheduled to go out on time. 



Raena gets loving while laying in mommy's lapMine’s Blest Selfie



 As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanky thanks fur the Blessings in your life. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.


All Aboard!!!


Till the next time………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Update: Mommy scheduled the post to go out at 12 pm instead of am and didn’t realize it until this morning. Something about military time and being confused. Sorry fur the inconvenience. Good help is hard to find. MOL





Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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