Blest Sunday: 2020 Blessing Train

Hey dearest furiends, I’s purray you all had a pawsum and Blest Christmas. Mommy and I’s had a tasty ham that a nice fireman brought over earlier in the week. We couldn’t believe it. We’ve lived here a long time and never seen anything like it befur. He said they brought Christmas dinner fur each apartment. That means everypawdy out here ate good. What a Blessing.  


Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner




          Indeed baby. We are truly Blessed. I want to clear something up right quick, okay? (Raena nods) There was some misunderstanding last week. The Blessing Train is an annual event and will be back next year and the year after and so on. However, it only runs for the month of December, so today is the final ride for the year 2020. I apologize for not being clearer on our last post. 


Raena with gifts from Belinda



Thanky thanks mommy. Sis Dezi may have started the Blessing Train, but I’s luvs it too. Befur we get to the final ride, I’s wanna say a meowsy big thanky thank you to mine’s cat awnty Ellen fur the new made with luvs toys and mat. I’s luvs them. And, thanky thank you to awnty Belinda fur the new tower of tracks and balls and the memory card fur the camera. And, thanky thank you to awnty Vonda, awnty Jeanne and awnty Kerry and Valentine fur the Christmas green papers. I’s so luvs Christmas time. The whole world seems a little nicer. 


Raena plays with tower of tracks gift belinda



          That they do angel. Now, let’s get to the Blessing Train. We have so many wonderful friends join this year.  




Blessing Train 2020 Badge



We sure do mommy. We have the bestest furiends in the universe. So, the Blessing Train pulled outta the station Sunday the 6th.


2020 Annual Blessing Train 1st lineup


2020 Blessing Train 2nd lineup


2020 Blessing Train lineup 3


2020 Blessing Train lineup 4


2020 Blessing Train lineup 5

Our furst stop takes us to pick up Wing Commander Basil and the entire B-Team. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. I’s gotta tell ya’ I’s wouldn’t mind joining them fur one of their amazing adventures. They are quite the team. There’s always fun, arts and crafts and puzzles to play at their place. Purrlease say hey and tell ‘em we sent ya’.


Basil and The B Team 2020

Next, we are joined by mine’s cat awnty Ellen and the kitties of 15 and Meowing. Thank you fur joining us and being our furiends. Most of ya’ know that ifin anything happened to mommy, I’s would go to live with awnty Ellen. But, she’s mine’s cat awnty cuz she knew about me befur I’s ever got to say hey to the rest of the world. She sent mine’s very furst kitten toy and mine’s very furst kitty mat. She’s also an author of her very own children’s books. Go by and say hey and tell her I’s sent ya’. 


15 and meowing boxcar 2020


Our next stop takes us to a couple of woofie furiends, Dalton and Benji. They’re also joined by angels Pipo, Minko, and Mr. Jack Freckles. Thank ya’ll fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Sis Dezi knew Pipo and Minko from way back. She said they were some really special and handsum meezers. Dalton and Benji are two luvvable and spoiled woofies that are always ready fur any occasion. Their mommy is quite the foto editor and can set a scene right outta a magazine. Go by and say hey and be sure and tell ‘em we sent ya’.  


Dalton and Benji 2020 boxcar

We then head South to Brian’s home. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Let me tell ya’, that Brian is about the sweetest mancat, and a great advocate fur all kitties searching fur their furevers. He’s got some gawjus sisfurs and well, that Simon sure is a handsum one. Sissy was right when she meowed I’s was a little sweet on him. There’s always something going on around their place. You might even get a glimpse of the feral cam. Stop bye and say hey and tell ‘em I’s sent ya’. 


Brian 2020 boxcar


Next stop is our great furiends Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Miss Fitz, Einstein and uncle Pete. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Y, sis Dezi said they’re the reason we have a blog at all. Timmy and Einstein are fellow cat scouts. Yep, I’s joined up too. Rumpy seems the senior statesman these days and Toby…well, he’s only got eyes fur Miss Fitz. And let me tell ya’, she could teach us all a few things about being in charge. They’re always having fun. Stop by and say hey and tell ‘em we sent ya’. 


Timmy, Toby, Rumpy, Fitz and Einstein 2020 boxcar


Now we head over to pick up the sweetest floofy black Persian, Valentine, and his sisfurs Myrna and Esmerelda. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Sweet Valentine has joined the Blessing Train since the beginning. And let me tell ya’, he’s quite the story teller. And, he’s a true blue furiend and quite the dashing fellow. There’s great adventures waiting at Val’s place. Go by and say hey, and tell him I’s sent ya’. 


Valentine 2020 boxcar,


Our next stop takes us to Trout Towne to see the Tabbies, Cuzzin Dai$y, Mackerull, Boomer, Mayor Dude and all the bird hating kitties. Thank you fur joining us and being our furiends. They’ve always got a bar-b-que going. And, you never know what might happen. Those tabbies are a laugh riot. And, I’s hoping cuzzin Dai$y will take me along on her next shopping spree. And ya’ don’t wanna miss the art gallery. Stop by and say hey and tell ‘em we sent ya’. 


Trout Towen Tabbies 2020 boxcar


We’re heading now to pick up Peek-A-Boo, angel Smokey, Collette and new angel Butterfly. I’s know sis Dezi welcomed her at the gates. Thank ya’ll fur joining us and fur being our furiends. They be gawjus, and with names like Peek-A-Boo and Collette, you know there’s got to be some fun wrapped in sweetness awaiting. Purrlease stop by and say hey and let ‘em know we sent ya’.  


Butterfly, Peekaboo, Angel Smokey and Collette 2020 boxcar


Our next stop is to pick up our furiends from Messy Mimi’s, Dansig, Enigma Sissycat, Tripod Sissycat, Horizon, Link and Little Girlie. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Now, you never know what you might find at Mimi’s, but isn’t that half the fun? Stop by and say hey and tell ‘em we sent ya’. 


Messy Mimi 2020 boxcar


Next up we head all the way to Scotland to pick up the most adorable and svelte Scottish black cat Spike and awnty Christine. Thank you fur joiing us and fur being our furiends. The beauty of Scotland is secondary to Spike’s gawjusness and sweetness. Which of course comes directly from awnty Christine. You never know what adventure might await you, but put on a kilt and head over to say hey. Don’t furget to tell ‘em we sent ya’. 


Spike 2020 boxcar


We head back to the USA to pick up the beautiful June and awnty Ann. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Ann has a way with fotos and graphics. Whether you’re looking fur a social media header, business card, greeting card or maybe a ready to print memory foto, Ann is your choice. And that June is one special kitty to be sure. Head over to say hey and remember to tell ‘em we sent ya’.  


Ann and June 2020 boxcar

Next up is awnty Crystal and the beautiful Daisy Mae. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Awnty Crystal takes some beautiful fotos of stunning views. And Daisy Mae? Well, she’s sassy and sweet. I’s just know you’ll enjoy meeting them. Go by and say hey and tell ‘em we sent ya’. 


Crystal and Daisy Mae 2020 boxcar


Our next stop is mine’s special awnty Vonda, Sassy, Pepper and their angel kitties. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. They don’t have a blog and aren’t on social media, so most of you don’t know them. But I’s here to tell ya’, she luvs her kitties and she luvs me. Mommy says to be luvved is the most special thing in the world, and I’s fur sure feel special. 


Vonda, Sassy and Pepper 2020 boxcar


Next up, we head over to pick up mine’s fellow cat scout Pete and his family. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Sis Dezi used to tell me stories about Pete’s family. See she knew them from a now defunct kitty site. She said they used to have great fun. They don’t have a blog and aren’t on social media, but Pete is one of our cat scout pilots and quite the handsum mancat. 


pete 2020 boxcar

We’ll head now to Israel to pick up the J-Cats, Queen Trixie, Caspurr, Shimshi and awnty Shimora. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. They’re always up fur a pawrty or an adventure. And when visiting with them, they’re always up fur a sightseeing trip around their beautiful homeland. And don’t tell, the boys think they’re in charge, but Trixie really runs the show.


The J-cats boxcar 2020


Our last stop befur heading home is Canada to pick up the amazing meezers, Shoko and Tyebe. Thank you fur joining us and fur being our furiends. Kittens, These girls are all about adventure and mischief. One never knows where they might find them. They might be cuddling up next to awnty Jean or strolling down the lane. Y, when Tyebe was a kitten, she even hung off the screen door.  


Canadian cats shoko and Tyebe 2020


I’s tell ya’, mine’s heart is just filled with joy at all the entries to this year’s Blessing Train. Thanky thank you fur making this annual event a success. We dedicated this years Blessing Train to sis Dezi. She was such a Blessing fur mommy and me. And, we’ve heard from so many of you who were touched by her as well. We miss her terribly, but will honor her memory by continuing many of the traditions she started, and the Blessing Train is among them.


          Raena honey, we should tell everybody that we will be taking a little time in January to make some adjustments to the blog. So much has changed since we started.  


Raena lays in lap, selfieHappy New Year!!!


Not too much time tho’ mommy. I’s wouldn’t want everypawdy to furget me. We’re also linking up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And, as we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.  


Till the next time…………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Mommy A: Black




Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle with mommy A

20 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: 2020 Blessing Train

  1. That is a super Blessing Train! Filled with all ;the blessings of your good friends, what more does a kitty need…well, good noms, and other stuff, but friends?? Well, we think they top the list! Where would we be without them?

    Dezi, looking down from kitty heaven will be amazed.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas!

    Hugs and purrs!
    Love ya’ll!


  2. We are honored to be part of your Blessing’s train. I am glad you like your mat and that you had a nice Christmas. Praying you have a much better 2021. XO


  3. Wowwzers! The Blessing Train is super long this year! We love looking at it every year. We are really glad this year is just about over, it has been a furry difficult one and reminding us of our blessing is such a good way to bring it to a close! Thanks to you Lexi and you Mom!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb


  4. The choo choo train is super long. So many boxcars. Dezi would be so proud! You featuring the Sunday Blessing Train throughout December is such a wonderful tradition! Hugs and luvs.


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