Blest Sunday: Change A Pet’s Life

Hey there dearest furiends, wha’cha doing? It’s been purretty warm around here lately. Warm and wet. It’s been raining a lot. Not like the really heavy rains, just the yucky mud making rains. Ya’ might be thinking all rain makes mud right? Well yeah, of course. But, the heavy rains beat down and stop and the water gets soaked up by the ground and dries on the top. The mud making rains just keep coming down so that everything stays wet on top.  



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          Baby, are you gonna spend this week complaining again? 




No mommy, I’s wasn’t complaining at all. I’s was just stating the facts and explaining the difference t’ween heavy rain and mud making rain. You know, I’s bet some peeps didn’t even know there was a difference. I’s don’t really mind the rain so much, it means more cuddle time with you. And you know how much I’s luvs cuddle time. (Raena jumps on the scratcher and proceeds to groom) Now, excuse me fur a minute while I’s freshen up befur I’s take mine’s selfie. 




Raena bathes on scratcher



          I love cuddle time too angel. And, I think you look just gorgeous.   




Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw Thanks mommy. Hey, did you know today is National change a pet’s life day? Just what exactly does that mean? Ya’ know, I’s kind’a like mine’s life. I’s not sure I’s want any changing to be happening around here. 



Raena sits pretty on scratcher



          (Mommy A laughs) It’s not really that kind of change sweety. Altho’ I guess it could be. But, it’s more like the way your life changed when we met. And how things will change again when we meet your new helper. You know, life will change for all of us. 




Oh mommy, I’s so happy and thankful we met and that you saved me and brought me home. Maybe change is a good thing after all. I’s didn’t really understand it all back then, but, that was the bestest day of mine’s life. So really, the purpose of the day is to help those anipals who need luvving furever homes.  



Raena looks up while sitting on scratcher



          Exactly Raena. It’s always a good thing to bring awareness to animals waiting in shelters and rescues for their forever homes. There are so many animals that never make it out of shelters , we certainly don’t want it to be because people weren’t aware of them. 




It makes me so sad to think about those kitties and woofies who have to live in cages and fur sure those who never get to know what a mommy or daddy’s luvs is. I’s don’t know why peeps wouldn’t want to adopt a fur baby. They have so much luvs to give. And, I’s bet there’s purrlenty who luvs cuddle time just as much as I’s do. Who wouldn’t wanna spend their evenings cuddled up with their favorite furry pal? 



Raena stands between legs under desk



          I can’t imagine anyone baby. (mommy A giggles under her breath) Anyways, the idea is to bring awareness not only to adopting a special furry, but helping in any way one can. Do you know other ways people could help animals waiting in shelters and rescues? 




Oh yes mommy. Shelters and rescues can always use volunteers. Peeps to help clean cages and litterboxes, walk the woofies, play with the kitties, and foster even. And, they can always use supplies like food and dishes and towels and laundry soap, and paper towels, and litterboxes, and well lots of things and especially green papers. They can always use more green papers. 




          Yes they can. That’s a great list. When in question, people can contact their local shelter or rescue and ask what they might need or how to get involved. We might not be able to save all the animals in need, but each one that gets help, for them, their life is forever changed.   




And mommy, I’s think the peeps that help that animal are changed too. I’s think they must feel a bit better knowing they helped an anipal in need. 




Raena sits pretty under the desk, selfieMeowing of cuddle time mommy…pick me up now.




          I believe you’re right baby. I know I certainly do. 





Which bring us to our Blessings fur the week. As always, I’s so thankful and Blest to have a luvving furever home. We’re Blest to have so many wonderful furiends. We luvs you all very much. We’re blest to have a roof over our head to keep us dry, and I’s so happy to have food in mine’s belly. (Raena giggles) We’re still trying to raise money fur a reliable car, so ifin you can help, you can donate thru our paypal here. Thank you in advance. I’s also linking up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.  



Raena lays in lap, selfieTime fur mine’s cuddle selfie.



          That’s a lot of Blessing punkin. Did you get everything?  




Of course not mommy. But, I’s did get the most impurrtant ones. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours. 




Till the next time………………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 




Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle with mommy A


10 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Change A Pet’s Life

  1. We too are blessed. My Angels Maggie Meme and Gabby came from our local SPCA. We were blessed to have them for many years. We are so happy that you that you too have found you 4ever home. Love you girls!


  2. We’re glad you had a good week, Raena and Mommy A. Your post is terrific. Homeless anipals can always use all the help they can get. XO


  3. We live where the two seasons are wet and hurricane, so i get it that sometimes you get heavy rain, and sometimes it just makes everything muddy. Better the mud, not so much flooding.

    Anyway, i love reading about your thankful things, and i am thankful we have a shelter at which to volunteer. While i can’t bring every kitty home, i can help lots of them that way.


  4. We hope we changed some kitties’ lives when we donated a lot of food and other items to a local shelter. Most of the kitties there are free to roam unless perhaps they are sick, or have special needs…every week they post how many cats/kittens have been given forever homes and its great to see that each week!

    We’re glad you are warm there, we are chilly here, just around freezing during the day, and into the low 20’s F at night. Last week the high temp was only about 20 during the day. Brrr! Add the wind and its really cold!

    Have a great week, and get tons of cuddle, Raena!!

    Hugs to you and your Mommy!


  5. We send our purrs to you both and are glad to hear things are good. We are blessed also as our heat died, twice, we posted about it at scouts but it is warm now so Yay. It is such an important message to remind people about all those who need homes. We are the lucky ones and need to pass it on to others. Purrs friends

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re looking as beautiful as ever. We love you and hope things will change soon for everyone. Mom has been sad I don’t like when she’s sad and I do try to comfort her. I hope she never leaves me. Hugs,purrs and prayers. Your man friend Spike.x😻💖🐾


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