Blest Sunday: It’s A Topeakmart Cat Tree Day

Hey dearest furiends, I’s purray you’ve all had a pawsum week. It’s been quite a week fur me. I’s been doing mine’s bestest to help mommy and of course get in purrlenty of lap time too. You know, that’s not always the easiest thing to do when mommy thinks she has stuffs to do.



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          But honey, most of that “stuffs” was for you. 




I’s know mommy. And, I’s do appreciate it. But, you know, sometimes a girl just wants some lap time. Especially when I’s caught you eyeing all those kitties online. I’s know I’s need help, and that we have purlenty of luvs to give. But, I’s also enjoying right now when it’s just you and me.  



Raena sprawled out with floof everywhere

See? Total abandon. No worries about any kitty jumping on me.



          I am too sweety. And I know the right kitty will come along at the right time. And when that happens, we’ll all be happy. 




Sure ‘nuff mommy. And, in honor of mine’s new brofur or sisfur, I’s happy to have gotten a new cat tree from to share, and, so they won’t bother mine’s favorite tree. 




          RaenaBelle Mayce! 



What mommy? I’s just meant that they could have a cat tree all to themselves. What kitty wouldn’t want that?



Raena lays in lap, selfie



          So long as you remember, you have to share everything. We don’t play the mine game here.   




Of course mommy. (Raena mumbles) Except when it comes to things like the kitchen counter or mommy’s stuffs. Somehow, we’re not allowed to share those. Anyways, why don’t I’s tell everypawdy about the new kitty tree? 




         Why don’t you baby?.   



Raena stands on new cat tree



We received a 62.2”H Large cat tree from It sells fur $89.99 and comes in 3 colors, beige, light gray and dark gray. They have numerous trees varying in sizes from 36” to 79” and ranging in price from $70.00 to $120.00. All trees come in the three color choices. And, you can save 15% off your purchase using our special code, “dezi15”. The cat tree has several levels and some fun things on each. There’s a hammock attached right above the lower level. It stretches purretty much the length of the tree…or width, however ya’ wanna look at it. On the second level, there’s a cute little cubby, and, a rope to swing from. I’s not Tarzan nor an ape, so I’s haven’t quite figured out the purrpuss fur that hanging rope yet, but give me time. The next level has yet another cubby as well as a padded perch with cutesy cat ears. And finally, there’s one last padded perch with cutesy ears at the very tippy top. Six of the attachment posts are covered in sisal fur all those kitties that purrfur that texture fur scratching. One of mine’s favorites I’s might add. The carpeted covering is nice and plush. Now there’s a couple of dangly balls attached to each padded perch. THESE dangle balls ARE DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!! Never allow kitty to play unattended with dangly toys, especially those attached with elastic. these particular danglys are a nice plush ball complete with bell and will make a nice toy once detached from tree and elastic. Do yourself a favor and don’t even tale a chance.  



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


          That’s right Raena. I will never understand why companies continue to attach these kinds of things to cat toys; but thankfully, these are easily detached and I know you’ll enjoy batting them around. I would like to take a minute to give the human view of this cat tree. First, it is made of particle board, so it’s best for kitties 10 pounds and under. The hammock is attached using very small clips and fine threading. However, it’s very close to the bottom so, worse case scenario, kitty won’t fall to far or get hurt if it should break or come loose. Obviously, the tree has to be assembled. It took about an hour and a half. The instruction booklet that came with it had no written instructions. At least nothing in English. The pictures had no descriptions and were on the small side. My eyes aren’t great, and I’m not all that handy, so I ended up having to take the tree apart twice and put it back together. The two cubbies come flat and require posts be added for stability. (We will be making a video and will add the link. In the meantime, see photos below and ask any questions in the comments or send us an email.) These posts MUST be added before attaching the cubbies to the tree. I also came to the conclusion after reassembling the tree a couple of times, that you should attach each levels accessories before assembling the tree. I think it would have been much easier and less time consuming. The tree also has a strap that can be attached to the wall with the included anchor and screw, to help stabilize the tree and keep it from falling over. I will say, this strap is a great idea and welcome addition for households with rambunctious kitties. Raena is on the smaller side, so this tree should work well for her. However, we have had many items made of particle board snap beneath the weight of both Dezi and Lexi. So, I’m standing firm on my weight limit recommendation. And just to clarify, that’s a total of 10 pounds at most on the tree at any one time. 



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanky thanks mommy. All in all, we both agree, for the price, this is a great starter cat tree. It would be ideal for kittens and younger cats once the dangly balls have been removed. And, it would be pawsum fur all average sized kitties looking fur a little climbing adventure. And of course, who doesn’t need a good scratching post? This cat tree has several. Don’t furget to check out the different cat trees here, and use our discount code, “dezi15” to save some green papers. Now, we can’t speak to the quality or price, because we’re not familiar with either, but this company also offers woofy and bird supplies to which our discount code could also be applied.   



Raena on cat tree discount code



          That’s great baby, you did a wonderful job on your first solo review. Now, why don’t you get to our Blessings. 



Raena paw selfie

Here’s mine’s floofy paw selfie. MOL



Great idea mommy. I’s feel really Blest to be able to review this pawsum kitty tree as well as other kitty goodies. We’re also Blest to have the most amazing furiends in the universe. And, while I’s always grateful fur mommy and mine’s furever home, after looking at all the kitties in need this past week, I’s gotta tell ya’, we’re all so very Blest. And by all, I’s mean all of you living with your humans in luvving furever homes. Sometimes, we furget what our life could’ve been ifin not fur the day we met our human. Anyways, I’s linking up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And, as we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being blessings in ours.




Till the next time…………………………………………………………………..Be Blest!!! 




Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle with mommy A


12 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: It’s A Topeakmart Cat Tree Day

  1. Hi, Raena! What a cool cat tree you have now!! Us Angel Kitties would never have gotten that into the teeny spaces of our den, MOL!

    Hope all is well for you and Mommy Audra!
    Us pups are doing well, too. Pawppy and petcretary are getting shot #2 for the covid virus next week..hooray! Maybe sometime not too far away we can go back to normal…whatever that is! What a blessing it will be to hear the the pandemic is over and out.


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