Blest Sunday: Passing The Blessings Along


Hey dearest furiends, it’s good to see you again. I’s gotta tell ya’, mommy and I’s got a real kick out of some of your responses to mine’s posty last week. Thanky thanks fur the cootie assurance. I’s was a bit worried. You can never be too safe ya’ know. (Raena coyly puts her paw to her mouth and giggles) Altho’, I’s beginning to think something must be wrong with us. Maybe peeps be thinking mommy and I’s have cooties or something. 



Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          There’s nothing wrong with you baby. Don’t you even think like that. 




Well mommy, then why is it that nopawdy wants us to adopt one of their kitties? I’s know you’ve been talking with peeps about kitty boys, and you just keep marking them off the list.



Raena's profile lap selfie of her dark eye




          It’s okay sweety. The right kitty will show up when he’s supposed too. In the meantime, we just want what’s best for all the kitties. We want them to find loving forever homes, even if it’s not with us. 




Ifin you say so mommy. But I’s telling ya’, those peeps don’t know how much luvs we have to give or what those kitties are missing. Anyways, in other news, the mean old manager who caused nothing but trouble fur us fur years has finally left. I’s couldn’t believe it when you told me. I’s sure hoped things would change fur the better. 




          I did too baby, I did too. But, it seems the management company around here has a go too for everything…threaten first, second and loudest. As most everybody knows, we’re in the middle of re-certifying our lease. And, last year we had to file a complaint against the manager for harassing my doctor. Imagine my surprise when he called me the other day yelling about her (the now former manager) calling his office, AGAIN. Yep, on her way out the door, she tried to mess things up for us, yet again by calling my doctor. I have no idea why she called or what was said, but he was furious. When I mentioned this to the “new manager”, she said, “Well, we have the right to contact whoever we want. If you refuse, we just won’t re-certify your lease and you’ll have to move.” This was 5 minutes into our first meeting. She states she’s a temp manager until the company can find someone local since she manages another of their properties about an hour away. 



Raena's lap selfie from a 3/4 face view




Well, I’s sure hope the next person actually tunes out the gossip and gets to know us. And, I’s would like it ifin they didn’t threaten and bully peeps so much. Nopawdy should have to live like that. In spite of all the goings on, we’re still so very Blest to have each other and all of our amazing furiends. We’re passing the Blessings along to each of you. We luvs you all very much. And, just a shout to Brian, I’s would gladly let Simon move in with us. (Raena blushes) He’s so handsum. 




          He is very handsome Raena, but he has a wonderful loving family. 




I’s know mommy. I’s was just saying… Anyways, the weather did warm up some around here and fur most of our furiends. And, thanky thankfully, our Texas pals finally got their power back. Ya’ know, we’re all spoiled these days. We’re not used to living without modern conveniences such as, heaters and fridge’s and stuffs. I’s mean, when was the last time ya’ headed out into the woods to hunt fur your supper and build a campfire to cook it up on? You know peeps always talk about how a kitty can get comfy about anywhere. But, I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s much purrfur the warm cozy bed to the cold hard floor.



Raena lays on the bed next to mommy A sleeping

I’s like to sleep on the bed beside mommy.




          (Mommy A giggles) I do too honey. And, you’re right. I sure would hate to think I had to go out and hunt for food. Y, I don’t even like to clean out a turkey to roast.




Turkey? Did you say turkey mommy? I’s could go fur a nice piece of turkey tom lurkey.




          RaenaBelle! You just finished breakfast.




So?. I’s could always make room fur a nice slice of the big old bird. Uh, sorry dearest Trout Towne Tabby furiends, but I’s do like a few birdies. Well, I’s guess ifin there’s to be no turkey forthcoming, I’s better go link up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And by the way, cuz it was asked, I’s do luvs a good grooming session, and mommy obliges me often. Thanky thankfully, mine’s furs rarely mat, so that’s not an issue. I’s spent most of mine’s time in mommy’s lap again this week. That means more fotos of me doing what I’s luvs bestest with the one I’s luvs mostest. 




         I love you too angel.



Raena lap selfie




And, as we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your life. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.




Till the next time…………………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!




Luvs and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses 


RaenaBelle with mommy A


12 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Passing The Blessings Along

  1. They truly are beautiful, adorably unique animals …

    Whenever I observe stress in the facial expression of my mother, a typical senior, I also observe how that stress drains from her face and is replaced with joyful adoration when our pet feline enters the room: “Hi, sweetheart,” she’ll say. And I know that countless other seniors—not to mention myself (whether consciously or subconsciously)—with pets also experience the emotional benefits of hosting a cherished pet.

    Many of us can appreciate the healthy reciprocal relationships—some animal lovers would go as far as to describe them as somewhat symbiotic—that can exist between pet cats (many of us see them as family members) and their loving and appreciative human hosts, especially physically and/or mentally ill hosts.

    They have a beneficial influence over humanity that many people still cannot fathom; and this beautiful reality of their positive effect on their human hosts can also be beneficial to the pets.

    There are numerous studies revealing the health-benefits to humans when in immediate proximity to pet cats, such as a person’s high blood pressure being alleviated.
    There are also research findings indicating that the pet being lovingly stroked can act as a soothing and even healing massage for that animal.

    Numerous palliative and seniors care residences adopt cats to reside at the facilities, and the data available has revealed the improvement in the health or lessening of suffering of many patients after the adoptions.

    In a June 14, 2000, Vancouver Sun article it was written that scientific proof reveals a “powerful man-beast bond that transforms lives, alleviates depression and disease, gives direction to the blind and comfort to the lonely and fills homes with a measure of uncomplicated joy that is impossible to fully appreciate until it is gone.”

    There’s been a great increase in human awareness and even the measurability of this fact since then (and likely will continue to do so).


  2. Oh no! You got another troublesome manager? We are so sorry, Raena Belle and Mommy A.

    We’re purring and praying a new boy kitty joins your family real soon. XO


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