#Remember Me Thursday 2021

Hey dearest furiends, how are ya”? Well, we don’t normally post on Thursdays, but, we just couldn’t pass up today. That’s right, it’s Remember Me Thursday. And, as you know, we recently added a new family member to our house from a shelter.




Remember me thursday badge




          Are you meowing about me Raena or did mommy go and adopt some other kitty?





Yes Zebby I’s meowing about you. Every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year cats and dogs are losing their lives in shelters. Sometimes there’s just not enough room. And sometimes, a kitty or woofy is so scared they don’t show well and seem unadoptable. That last one might have been you Zeb. Do you wanna remind everypawdy how you met mommy?






Zebby nestled under mommy A's chin at shelterThat’s me at the shelter when I’s first met mommy.





          Sure Raena, I’s would luvs too. Well, let’s see, it was storming something pawful outside and me and my littermates had been taken to this place with cages and lots of other kitties and woofies. I’s didn’t see the woofies, but I’s could sure hear ‘em. I’s not sure what we did wrong that caused us to get locked up, but I’s was fur sure scared. My littermates didn’t seem to notice all the commotion and that we were locked up, but I’s sure did. I’s hid in the sand box (litterbox) where we were to do our business. I’s was just a wee thing, so I’s figured when I’s crouched down nopawdy could see me. My first night in the cage was terrifying, but the next day was even worse. At least it was fur a bit.





Zebby lays in mommy A's lap looking cuteHere I’s am in mommy’s lap right after coming to my new furever home.




          See, the storm got even worse outside and the woofies got even louder. There were peeps walking around sticking their fingers into the cages and yelling almost constantly. I’s stayed hidden in the sandbox tho;, so nopawdy really bothered me. And then suddenly, mommy appeared. She wasn’t mommy yet, but I’s just knew there was something different about her. She was talking to all the kitties and offering pets to those who wanted them. And then she got to our cage. She peeked in and said, “Y, who are you back there hiding? Would you come out and see me?” I’s started shaking in my furs. She could see me, and she was talking to me. She opened the cage door and suddenly I’s could feel my little legs jumping outta the sandbox and running over to her. I’s didn’t know why, but I’s had to beat my littermates to her. She was gonna be my savior…I’s just knew it.





Zebby raises paw to Raena who looks on in disbeliefToys and a big sisfur. Does life get any better?




Yeah Zebby, mommy has that effect.






          Anyways, where was I’s? Yeah, so, she took me outta the cage and sat down in this little chair off in the corner. I’s snuggled up under her chin next to her heart as close as I’s could get. She was talking, but I’s wasn’t listening. All I’s could hear was the beating of her heart. It comforted me and seemed to say everything was gonna be okay. Every time she tried to pull me away from her, I’s clung on that much harder. I’s wasn’t going back in that cage no matter what I’s had to do. And, befur I’s knew it, I’s was sprung. Yep, mommy paid my bail and off we went. She told me we were going home and I’s could live with her furever. She also told me I’s had a sisfur. Uh, I’s didn’t remember her adopting that she devil in the cage with me. I’s didn’t even think she paid any attention to her. I’s thought she only had eyes fur me.





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She meant me Zebby.







          I’s know that now sis. Back then all I’s could think about was getting free. I’s had no idea how good life could actually be. Kittens, I’s wish every shelter anipal could have a luvving furever home where they felt safe and secure. I’s always have a full belleh. I’s don’t have to worry about what the weather’s doing, and the toys…oh the toys. Life is soooooooooo good.





Zebby in remember me thursday frame




We purray fur all the anipals who aren’t as furtunate as us. Maybe you can’t adopt a new kitty or woofy right now. That’s okay, there’s always ways you can help. Shelters and rescues are always in need of supplies and fosters. You’d be surprised at the things one can offur. It all starts with a simple phone call or visit to your local shelter or rescue. Ask how you can help. You might be the only love some of those kitties or woofies ever know. No one, animal or human should ever die without having known love for at least a moment. You can be that love. Check out the Remember Me Thursday site here fur more information. We’re linking up with Lola and so many more to share our stories today. Purrlease check them out.






Till the next time………………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!






Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses




RaenaBelle and Zebadee




13 thoughts on “#Remember Me Thursday 2021

  1. It’s great to hear your story and i am so glad you both have such a great home! We have six kitties here and a part time woofie (when we dog-sit), so since we’re at the limit, i volunteer twice a week at a shelter. It’s all about the love and getting homes for the kitties!


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