Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Goes Round

Hey dearest furiends, how is everypawdy? I’s gotta tell ya’, mine’s week was not great. Nope, no way, no siree.


Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template






          Uh RaenaBelle, I’s thought this was Blest Sunday, not gripe about my week Sunday.





It is Zebby, but I’s just have to tell everypawdy about mine’s visit to doctor Stabby and Grabby’s place. It was just horrible!!! Ya’ know, we live in the South, so we have to get those nasty o’l rabies shots. But, since I’s been hurling so often, mommy decided I’s needed a good once over. Who knew that meant they were gonna steal mine’s furs and mine’s blood. Hmmmmmpht  Well, I’s showed them. Doctor Stabby shaved mine’s neck while some girly held me down. She just thought she had a good grip. Cuz when doctor Stabby went to stick me with that big o’l needle, I’s went right into fight mode. He got away the furst time, but I’s got him good the second time. Yep, I’s drew furst blood. I’s figured that’d teach him to try stealing from me.




Raena lays on cat scratcher




          You, Raena? You bit doctor Stabby? I’s don’t believe it.





Well, believe it Zebby. I’s don’t recall what happened next, but I’s woke up back in the stroller  and no more needles.





Raena knocked out asleep at vet
Raena asleep at vet’s getting blood work





     (Mommy A here. Raena did indeed act completely out of character and bite Dr. C. His response was, “She made that decision. I tried twice, but she decided to bite.” NO, I’m not happy about his response, but again, he’s known to be one of the best vets in our area. We don’t have a lot of options, especially since we don’t have a way to get many places. Anyways, the decision was made to gas her and draw the blood needed to run tests. I need answers in order to help her. Throwing up is not normal for cats. She fought the gas with everything she had. What should’ve taken about 10 minutes turned into more like 30 minutes. We were at the vets almost 2 hours.)






          Ya’ woke up huh? So, what did your blood tests say?




Zebby stands on cat tree




Uh, Yeah, Well, they said everything’s normal. There’s a few more tests that we need to run, but you’ve gotta go in and get your rabies shot Monday. Then, mommy’s gotta find more green papers.






          So that’s why mommy was saying, $200.00 later and we still know nothing, huh? Well, I’s sure hope they don’t try to steal anything from me Monday. I’s won’t have anything left ifin they keep stealing body pawrts.






Blessing Train 2021 Announcement



Blessing Train red box car clip art


Red Box Car



Don’t worry Zebby, they won’t be stealing anything. Anyways, it is Blest Sunday and time fur the Blessing Train to make a few stops. There’s still purrlenty of time to join. Click here to pick up your boxcar and find out what to do and where to send it. Or grab your boxcar above. We also have some thanky thank yous we need to meow about. Furst up, thanky thank you fur the green papers to help with our V-E-T bills awnty Peggy, awnty Brenda, and awnty Lisa.





2021 Blessing Train, Spike, june, Daisy Mae, Messy Mimi




Last week, the Blessing Train pulled outta the station and made stops to pick up our dear furiends, Spike and awnty Christine, June and awnty Ann of Zoolatry, Daisy Mae and awnty Crystal, and Dansig, Link, Enigma Sissycat, Tripod Sissycat, and Little Girlie of Messy Mimi’s.  Now, let’s get to our furst stop this week.





15 and Meowing 2021 boxcar




          And, this week’s furst stop is to pick up our pawsum “step fursibs” (if mommy died, we’d go there to live) and besties, Sammy, Joanie, Emmy, Rosie, Penny, Trouble, Brody, Lucy, Ethel, Bridget, and Drake of 15 and Meowing. Thank you fur being our furiends and joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Peek-A-Boo, Onyx, Collette 2021 boxcar




Step fursibs…only you Zebby. Anyways, next up, we have our sweet, generous, and adorable furiends Peek-A-Boo, Onyx, Collette, and awnty Teresita aka Tessie. We want to thanky thank y’all fur your furiendship, and the gift card. I’s know Zebby’s chompin’ at the bit to go shopping. Thanky thank you fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Valentine, Myrna, Esme, Bessie, 2021 boxcar




          Did somepawdy say shopping? (Zebby rubs his paws together and grins) Anyways, our next stop takes us to one of my floofy role models and our dearest pals, Valentine, Myrna, Esmeralda, Bessie, and awnty Kerry. Thank you so much fur your furiendship and the gifts. There are no fotos yet, cuz mommy says we have to wait till Christmas. But, I’s can tell ya’, we’re gonna luvs ‘em. And, thank you fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.




Dalton and Benji 2021 boxcar





Next up, we head over to pick up our sweet woofy pals Dalton and Benji. Thanky thank y’all fur being our furiends. And, thanky thank you fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





Shoko and Tyebe 2021 boxcar




          Our last stop this week takes us to Canada to pick up our bestest meezer pals, Shoko and Tyebe. come on girls, get out of the lane and hop on. Thank you so much fur being our furiends, and fur joining us fur another year of Blessings.





2021 Blessing Train car 2


2021 blessing Train car 3



We are so Blest to have so many amazing and wonderful furiends. We hope lots more of you will join us fur the annual Blessing Train run.






          Sure enough Raena. I’s want our Train to go around and around the world. I’s would also appreciate any purrayers you could spare fur my appointment tomorrow. And, I’s know fur a fact that each of our entrants and many fellow bloggers are in need of purrayers right now. Any you can spare I’s know would be appreciated.  Also, several peeps have asked lately what kind of food we eat. So, when our latest shipment arrived, mommy took a few fotos so everypawdy could see it. We eat it like ya’ see it, just divided into smaller purrtions.





This slideshow requires JavaScript.





          Okay, so, I’s’ll go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. 






Sounds good Zebby, thanky thanks. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.






Till the next time………………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!






Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses






RaenaBelle and Zebadee




10 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: The Blessing Train Goes Round

  1. Well it sounds like that V-E-T wasn’t very patient with you, Raena and so you gave him the bitey to let him know, so he’ll not forget next time. I don’t get the rabies shot any more, ’cause I had a bad reaction to it. Sisfur got an antibiotic (whatever it is) a couple of weeks ago that seemed to make her feel more yucky. I cross my paws that you don’t get sick from the shot you got.

    The Blessing Train looks pawsome! I hope it ends up becoming the longest train EVER!

    Luvs and hugs,



  2. Hi Guys! The train looks fabulishious this week! We see so many of our furrends on the train! Jo Jo and Kozmo had vet visits this week. They sang the songs of our people the whole hour long drive to get there. Kozmo and Jo Jo were really good with the vet. Jo Jo did not even realize they had give her her shots until she was being put back in her PTU. Kozmo had to have blood tests too. Mom told he had to be good or he would have to walk home, as his singing had given her a head ache, so he refrained from biting the vet. We hope you guys and your Peep have a marvellously Happy week!


  3. Raena, we are sorry your visit to the vet was not so great. We hope they can help you figure out what is going on real soon. The Blessing Train is getting nice and long!


  4. Raena, i have a friend whose cat, Buddy, has always been her “barfer”. He throws up once or twice a week like clockwork, and has for over 10 years. The vet has tested for everything long ago and his health is otherwise good, so they just chalk it up to being his tummy doing as it pleases. Maybe your tummy is the same way amd nothing’s wrong, i hope so.


  5. You sure did have a not nice week,Raena! Hope you’ll figure out your issue, soon, so you can feel much better.
    Nice to see the blessing train growing…and chugging along!

    Have a great week…and Zebby, we hope you’ll just be in and out of that stabby place!


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