Blest Sunday: Doctor Stealy

Hey dearest furiends, we hope y’all have had a meowvelous week. It’s been hot, hot, and more hot here. Thanky thankfully, we’ve mostly stayed inside under the old a/c. I’s do wanna thanky thank you all fur the gotchaday wishes. I’s one Blest kitty girl to have a loving mommy, the bestest furiends in the universe, and even Zebby.

Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          Uh, Just what do you mean, even Zebby? Is that supposed to be some kind of slight or something? Cuz you know I’s luvs you RaenaBelle. I’s think you’re the grrrrrrrreatest.


Well that’s pawsum Zebby. Why don’t you tell everypawdy about your trip with mommy this past week.


Zebby sits pretty in the stroller at the vet

          Hmmmpht Trip? You mean when I’s went to see Dr. Stabby? Or, should I’s say, Dr. Stealy? Furst up, they stole my furs. And not just a little patch either, did you see half my neck furs are gone? Then, some little girly kept poking me while some other girly blew in my face. Thankfully, mommy told ‘em to quit blowing in my face cuz it was making me mad. That’s when Dr. Stealy decided to come over and take a turn at poking me. Kittens!!! He nearly drained me dry. Who knew our V-E-T was a vampire? And out of all the jars that place has, not one has any cat treats. Can you believe it? They wouldn’t even share a bite of their nasty lunch meat. Hmmmpht They wanna poke, prod, and steal from us kitties and don’t offur us any kind of reward fur being good. They had to send my tests off, so we’re waiting on answers. Just wait’ll my next visit. I’s’ll show them. I’s bet they’ll be rethinking their treat jars.


Raena lays in floor

(Raena rolls her eyes) Sure you will Zebby, sure you will. I’s heard mommy almost passed out a couple of times.


Zebby shows off his shaved neck from bhis vet visitJust look’it what they did to my furs!


          Nah Raena, I’s warned her in purrlenty of time so she could avoid it. She did have to drop her head between her knees a couple of times. But hey, at least she didn’t hit the floor. She did purretty good at her appointment. Altho’, I’s did hear her say they were trying to blind her at one point. I’s couldn’t get to her. She had my stroller pushed over in the corner a million miles from where she was sitting. Ya’ know, she has these headaches called migraines that sometimes make her wish the world would go away. But now it seems she has something called Ocular Migraines as well. She got new spectacle purrscriptions, but says they’ll have to wait a while. Our appointments and my possible treatment took all we had and then some.


Raena sits pretty

Well Zebby, we may be waiting, but we’re so grateful we were able to at least get to this pawrt. In other mews, today is Father’s Day. We don’t have an actual daddy, but we do have a pawsum mommy and lots of amazing uncles. So, we meow to you all, a Happy Father’s day. We hope your day is filled with purrs and joy.


Happy Father's day gif

          That we do RaenaBelle. We are still trying to get green papers fur reliable transpurrtation, and now mommy’s glasses. Ifin you would like to help, you can donate thru paypal here. We’ll keep ya’ posted when we hear from Dr. Stealy. Now, I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies and take a little nap.


Raena and Zebby lay on the chair

And, as we do each week, we’d like to remind you, to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.


Till the next time…………………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!



Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Zebadee

13 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Doctor Stealy

  1. Healing purrs and POTP that you are OK Zebby. Our vet has treats for cats and dogs. But…she also had kittens. Scylla was very worried that Mom was going to bring one home it was so cute.


  2. You sure went through the wringer, Zebby! Hope you’ll get the answers you need.

    And sure hope your Mommy can get her new glasses so her headaches will go away.

    Big hugs and best wishes for a good week ahead!


  3. Zebby, why did they blow in your face like that? That is really rude, and it would make us made, too! We sure hope all those bloods they stole will help them help you. Hugs to you all. XO


  4. How rude of them to blow in your face. And how could they not have treats? All the vets we have been to have treats. I hope your mommy can get some glasses and get rid of the migraines. And I hope she gets answers about your behavior. XO


  5. Bless you Zebby, your fur looks so dramatic, more than a short hair due to your magnificent furs! You made it home, and that’s the best part. I am guessing he didn’t take all of your bloods (just a little bit!).


  6. Wow, Mr. Zebby, it sounds like you alerted Mom when she took you to “Dr. Stealy”! Congratulations! I’m wishing all 3 of you a very Blest Sunday.


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