Blest Sunday: Save Money on Gifts: Gift Guide

Hey Zebby, wha’cha’ doing?

Raena lays on cat tree, Blest Sunday template


          I’s shopping fur Christmas RaenaBelle, what are you doing?


Shopping? With what money? Where’d you get green backs?


Zebby gets lap loving

          Uh (Zebby looks puzzled and thinks for a minute) I’s don’t know what green backs are, but, I’s thought we could put together a little gift list idea. It doesn’t cost money to look…right?.


Oh, that sounds like a great idea. We should list some toys fur sure. But, we should also include some goodies fur the humans. After all, they need some pampurring too.


          Absolutely Raena. I’s thought the furst item on our list should be one of my favorite toys, the Spring. They can be found at most pet stores, but we found a great site where they’re really cheap. Check ‘em out here. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.)

Spring toys


You do luvs those springs Zebby. So, another great cat toy we like is the tower of tracks. Check out this price here. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.. Styles may vary)

Tower of Tracks


          Or maybe kitty needs a new plush bed to not use. Check out this one here. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.)

Zebby lays in cat bed


Purrhaps kitty purrfurs a mat at times and a bed at others. Check out this combo here; and the price can’t be beat. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.. Sorry, no photo of this one.)


          That’s purretty cool RaenaBelle. Anyways, another item at the top of all kitty’s lists is the infamous Yeowww nip nanner.

Raena sits pretty with nip nanner on cat tree


It’s fur sure one of mine’s favorites Zebby. One last favorite toy befur we move on. The ever illusive, always disappearing under everything, Sparkle/Glitter Balls. Check out this pack of 50 fur less than a dollar here. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.)

Glitter balls/sparkle balls


          Ooooooh I’s luvs me some sparkle balls. So does my furiend, Ellie. Anyways, we should list some treatables. Like these amazing silvervine fruit balls. Ifin your kitty isn’t a fan of the nip, or you’re just looking to add some extra fun in the mix, check these out here.

Silvervine fruit


Kittens Zebby, you would go fur the vine. (Raena giggles) That’s okay, I’s would luvs to bat a few of those around too. But, ya’ really can’t eat those, so, how about some yummy turkey breast, or freeze dried quail egg yolks, freeze dried kangaroo, freeze dried ostrich, or a combo pack of roo and ostrich. I’s allergic to chicken, so there’s not any listed, but there’s always freeze dried chicken and salmon too.

Quail Egg Yolks


          I’s getting hungry now. (Zebby catches sight of Raena’s glare and clears his throat to move on.) Um, anyways, as everypawdy knows, mommy’s disabled. Cleaning the litterbox can be problematic. She’s passed out more than once and came too face down in the box. It’s been a great help to have a self cleaning litterbox, but, ours quit working a while back. Mommy called and sent emails to several companies. Litter robot is no longer the only company making such boxes. Finally, we got our new litterbox. It’s made by Catlink. It’s also cheaper than the aforementioned, and works in the exact same way. We didn’t get the step with ours, which is something mommy may eventually try to get fur us, but, we’re happily using the new box with no problems. Mommy did say, that if I’s wasn’t so destructive with cardboard, then one of those cardboard ramp scratchers would work just as well as the step fur a lot less money. Something to think about.

Zebby inside the Catlink litterbox


Yeah Zebby, the step would be nice, but it’s not like we have to leap a tall building to get inside. And, there’s purrlenty of room fur a kitty of any size to do their business. Now, as promised, let’s add some goodies fur the humans. With winter coming, the peeps may be having issues with dry skin. Mommy has this problem year round. It’s hard to find something that works really well, but, we’ve found a couple of items to do the trick. Check out the amazing body butters here. (referrel link) You’ll get 20% off your order by using our link. And trust me, the butters are amazing.

Body Butterwhipped body butter


          They smell soooooooo good too, RaenaBelle. And, a little goes a long way. Right now fur the black Friday/cyber Monday, everything is 1/2 price. The pistachio lotion bar is also another really great way to take care of dry skin. It’s a solid body butter. Can ya’ tell mommy likes the butters? She says if ya’ have dry skin, either of these products will help you without all the waste of water and alcohol. Most lotions include those which just dry your skin even more. Anyways, you should check ‘em out. Even if you don’t have dry skin, they’d be a little calorie free treat. (Zebby giggles) Mommy luvs the scents of the season, but she says if you like a little sweet, then unicorn dreams is divine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One last issue everypawdy with cats has is fur everywhere. To get that fur off your clothes and furniture, check out this reusable fur remover here. (shipping takes about a week and is free in the U.S.)

Pet hair remover


          Now, there’s no babka or chocolates here, but we think we’ve found some really great items that would be welcome under anypawdy’s tree or in the stocking this Christmas. I’s know they would be at our house. Of course, mommy wouldn’t mind a nice cinnamon babka loaf either. But, we’re not bakers, so that’s not likely to happen. (Zebby giggles) Altho’ maybe we should figure it out. It might help cheer her up. (Zebby looks at Raena with a puzzled look)

Cinnamon Babka loafCinnamon Babka Loaf


Yeah Zebby, she’s just feeling a little down. Dezi’s birthday was the first and mommy had saved her the day after Thanksgiving, so she’s just kind of missing her and Lexi. Ya’ know,… times past. Humans do these things from time to time. And, since we can’t even put up lights cuz you tear up everything, it’s kind of hard fur her to get in the Christmas spirit. Anyways, we’d like to say a meowsy big thanky thank you to awnty Brenda fur the green papers. As always, mommy cried lots of tears when she got the notification this morning. We’d also like to remind everypawdy that the Blessing Train is pulling out of the station next week. There’s still purrlenty of time to get on board. Click here fur instructions and to pick up your boxcar.

Raena and Zebby with the 2022 Blessing Train Announcement


          I’s can’t wait RaenaBelle. I’s gonna go link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies. And, not that we’re asking fur anything, but ifin you’d like to check out our wishlist, you can do so here.

Raena and Zebby lay and sit on scratchers


Sounds great Zebby. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thanky thank you fur being Blessings in ours.


Till the next time……………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Zebadee

6 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Save Money on Gifts: Gift Guide

  1. You chose some great gifts!
    Springs were loved here, too, in the past.

    Petcretary likes raw shea butter, its very softening and feels luxurious. Smells good too. Sometimes she gets it mixed with coconut butter.

    Have a blest week…we’ll soon have our boxcar ready!



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