Chatting Cats: Watching Out The Door

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Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. (Raena sits on the perch staring out the door and meowing loudly at mommy and the neighbors looking at the car.) Mommy, I’s can see you!!! Purrleeeeeease…let me out there with you!!! MeeeOWwwwwww


Dezi looks out door from cat tree


          RaenaBelle!!! What is all the caterwaulin’ ‘bout? A kitty can’t take a purropurr beauty nap what with all that noise goin’ on.


 Raena lounges on perch and watches the rain out the front door



I’s wanna be outside with mommy and the new neighbors, sissy.



 Dezi and Raena look out door from cat tree and small perch



          (Dezi gets on the cat tree and looks out the door) Raena? Do you see mommy glistenin’ sweating in the sun? It’s hot out there. You don’t wanna go outside. It’s much nicer in here with the air conditioner. Mommy ain’t goin’ nowhere…least not without us.


 Dezi and Raena look out door from cat tree and small perch



I’s know sissy, but I’s still wanna be out there with her. She said the new neighbors are movin’ cuz the manager’s harassin’ ‘em. But they’ve been kind enuff to help mommy work on the car. Seems our car’s radiator tank sprung a leak and hopefully that’s the reason fur all that gurglin’ and sputterin’ the other day. The neighbor boy couldn’t check the fans cuz of all the spewin’ water and antifreeze. Mommy says that antifreeze is the reason I’s can’t go outside with her. 


          That’s true Raena. Antifreeze is deadly fur us anipals. Unfurtunately some peeps aren’t very careful with that stuffs and we anipals seem to be attracted to it like a moth to a flame. 


I’s don’t see how sissy, that stuff stinks. When the car did all that sputterin’ the other day, I’s got all choked up. I’s couldn’t get outta the car fast enuff.


 Dezi and Raena look out door from Cat tree and small perch



          Me doesn’t know either Raena, but every year lots of anipals end up at the VET cuz of antifreeze poisonin’. Anyways, mommy ordered one of those tanks fur the neighbor boy to put on the car, and we’re purrayin’ hard that’ll fix everythin’. In the meantime, mommy says our surpurrise is comin’ this weekend. And, since she’s been busy all week with the car, she hasn’t gotten to the house cleanin’ that needs to be done. Looks like we’re gonna be helpin’ with that today and tomorrow.


 Raena paws at the mop Raena checks out the mop



Yep sissy, since mommy can’t actually drive the car, she had to order the pawrt and it won’t be here till Tuesday. Why don’t you run the carpet monster and I’s will help mommy mop.


 Dezi vacuums



     Sure Raena, whatever you say…as if. MOL 


Then we can play. I’s can’t wait fur our surpurrise. (Dezi and Raena run off excitedly and play zoomies with the piddle pads in the bathroom


Till the next time…………………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 

Motel Monday

Dezi: Meowllo evewypawdy.  Hope y’all enjoyed yous weekend. Weez had planned to shawe anudder kitty in need tuday, but fings didn’t turn out quite like they wuz posed too. Weez workin’ on a new plan, just bear wiff us. As you all know, weez in da motel now and havin’ a little “vacation”. But yous wanna know what mommy furgot? Do ya’? Well, let me just tell yous anyways. Mommy went off and left da pawdee box scooper and most of ow good toys. Yous shulda seen mommy twyin’ to clean da pawdee box wiff those cheap plastic cups they leave fur yous in motel rooms. Yous know da kind. Da ones dat makes evewypawdy da ‘cwedible hulk; cuz da slightest purressure will cause them to collapse. And of course ow toys awe purrawly safer bein’ locked up in fwunt of ow pawtment cuz me dusn’t cawe how clean da room is, mommy ain’t crawlin’ wound on da floor here to dig ow toys out fwum under da bed.

Hers did bwing a foo milk jug rings (just cuz weez happen to dwop ‘em in hers purrse all da time, and her bwought a bird on a wire type toy. Mommy also furgot to bwing a spoon fur dippin’ da food outta da cans, but hers got one at da Denny’s a foo doors ovew. 

Meez on da porch waitin' fur sis Lexi to join me.
Meez on da porch waitin’ fur sis Lexi to join me.


Lexi: Yeah and herz furgawdid to bring minez Barley Cat Dezi. Don’t furgit ‘bout dat. No Barley Cat fur me til weez git back home. Cuz by da time mommy gawdid rownd diz meownin’ it wuz purrawlee too layt to goze back home and git it. Deyz purrawlee dun pact it away on da truck. Mommy better beez glad it still beez warm out and nawt pozt too rayn, or minez arfur-itiz wuld beez aktin’ up sumpin’ pawful.

Dezi: Yep Lexi hers furgot yous Barley Cat, but at least hers did member to bwing da big ole bag o tweats, me saw ’em. And hers sed dat she wuz gunna run ovew to da wally world today and get anudder scoop. Mommy sed a kupple of furiends sent hers a foo cash dollaws and so she’s gunna spend sum of it on us. She also sed she’s wuld look fur yous sum arfur-itis tweats to tide yous ovew, even ifin hers has to go to da Petco.

Lexi: Dat she did Dezi, dat she did. I’z noze mommy will awlwayz tayk grayt kayr of us. Oh yeah I’z furgawdid. Speakin’ ob taykin’ kayr ob us, weez had da golden archez fur dinner lazt nite. Youz noze mommy gawdid a gift kard soz herz gawdid da bacon burger soz weez kuld habz sum bacon. It wuz deeeeeelishuz. 

Weez boff here and weady to go. Da neighbors awe wavin' at us.
Weez boff here and weady to go. Da neighbors awe wavin’ at us.

Dezi: Oh Lexi it suwe wuz. And hers purromised to giv us sum fur bwekky evewy meownin’ weez here. Since hers gets a fwee bwekky here at da Denny’s, hers sed we kuld hav da bacon. Me bets sweet Sammy and sweet Travis be weally jealous of us. And mommy got a coupon fur a fwee meal at da IHOP wight afur weez unplugged da purrinter. Well anyways, mommy twied to take a video of us dwivin’ ovew, but it’s gettin’ dawker earlier and since weez had to wait till check in time afur weez kuld come over, da video was just black. And of course mommy wuz twyin’ to do it wiff one hand while twyin’ to dwive down da road. Ow mommy not be nearly as sofisticated as Fozziemum.

Dezi: Oh yeah wanna know what else? See mommy’s not da social butterfly of ow pawtemnt complex, and there’s a foo folks there (most of them awe gone now) includin’ da manager of course hoo don’t like mommy. And they lie ‘bout her and say bad fings ‘bout her. Well duwin’ all this mess mommy met a foo of da tenants hoo had lissened to da manager and da udder peeps say bad fings and they believed ‘em and didn’t like mommy cuz of it.  Well, ovew da past week, sevewal of them hav come to mommy and pawlogized to hers fur believin’ da nasties dat they hav been told, and bein’ mean to hers. They sed dat mommy wuz vewy sweet and nice and not at all like they had been led to believ. Now of course meez mommy be a little suspicious, but this wuz fur da weals. They hav been dun dirty and hawassed by da manager now too, and so they opened up to meet mommy and found hers a gweat purrsun. So now there’s a foo mowe fighters at da complex. Hopefully afur long weez can dwive da manager off, or get hers fiwed one. Weez not cawe which, so long as she ain’t bullyin’ anypawdy anymowe!!!

Weez in da caw and weady to take off.
Weez in da caw and weady to take off.

Lexi: Datz rite Dezi dey shur did. And sebrul of dem helped mommy load da kar soz weez kuld leeb yesfurday. Anywayz, weez nawt habz lawtz of fotoz cuz mommy wuz tired and lawtz of ‘em didn’t tern owt soz good. (da video fur inzstunz) But mommy habz da kamruz owt and habz bin flashin’ us sinz weez gawdid too da motel. Which by da way, da veep of da manujmint kumpnee had reserbed us a king size room. But when weez gawdid heer deyz hadn’t rowdid down dat mommy had Service Cats, and deyz onlee had upstayrz roomz avaylabull, soz weez downgraydid too a Queen. Itz nawt az big and duzn’t habz da taybul and chayrs, but mommy sez it beez reel nize and weez jiz gunna stay heer sted of moobin’ tuday. (dat’z what dey wuz gunna doo wiff us). We beez kloze too da awfiz and da net serber and Denny’s and mommy duzn’t need da taybul and chayrz and we don’t need a king size bed sinz weez onlee uze a korner ob it anyways. Herz sed diz beez a grayt room and weez like it too. 

Lot's of yous hav asked how da stwoller goes in da caw, so weez fawt we wuld show yous a foto of us in da caw, but it's a shot of da stwoller and not us. (we be in there tho')
Lot’s of yous hav asked how da stwoller goes in da caw, so weez fawt we wuld show yous a foto of us in da caw, but it’s a shot of da stwoller and not us. (we be in there tho’)

Dezi: Yep Lexi this be a fine room and weez gunna just stay here. Mommy sed da nex move wuz gunna be back into ow pawtment. Well weez gunna go fur now, but weez will be visitin’ as much as we can this week, so be patient wiff us, weez gunna twy not to get behind again. Hope yous hav a pawsum and Blest Munday.

Weez in da motel now and waitin' to get outta da stwoller and explore.
Weez in da motel now and waitin’ to get outta da stwoller and explore.

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and HUgs and Kitty Kisses  wlEmoticon-redheart.png

Dezi and Lexi

Kulda Been Purrvented!!

Furiends meez a little bit sad tuday as meez lost a foo deaw furiends dis week.  Meez wus gunna tell a diffewent stowwy tuday but meez finks meez needs tu tell dis one ‘stead.  PURRLEASE meez not makin’ dis posty tu blame or upset anypawdy.  And fuw da furmilys of meez  furiends dat hav gone tu heaven, meez so vewy sowwy fuw yous loss.  And meez is purrayin’ fuw yous and meez luvs yous vewy much.  But these deaffs cannot be in vain!!  And ifin wees don’t leawn anyfin’ fwum dem den dat’s zackly what hapuned.  Deys died fuw nuffin.  


A foo days ago a kitty furiend hoo had wecently celebwated hims 1st Meowday died.  But it’s not dat simple. See hims wus outside alone as hims had dun many times afuw.  And der wus a huge stowm wiff towwential wains.  When hims mommy called fuw hims tu come inside hims didn’t answew.  Hims didn’t come home at all dat nite.  Hims wus well luvved, micwo chipped and had a tag.  Hims pawents alewted all da neighbows dat hims had gone missin’.  Deys had dun evewfin’ wight tu get hims home ifin hims got lost or kittynapped.  Da nex meownin’ aftew da stowm had passed a lady found hims layin’ alone aside a twee.  Sumtime duwin’ da nite and da downpouw hims had been hit by a caw.  Da lady took hims little bwoken body tu da VET and called hims pawents hoo wus welieved tu know dat hims had been found.  Only tu hav dat welieff dashed upon awwivin’ at da VETs and leawnin’ dat hims kuldn’t be saved.  He had spent God only knows how long fwightened and huwt   dyin’ and alone.  And it all kulda been purrvented.



Stray Cat's Purrayer         

Last nite meez lost anuddew kitty furiend.  Hims wus much luvved and had been close tu deaff twice afuw.  But wiff hims mommys luv and da help of a wunnewful VET hims had pulled fwu.  But…. hims wus allowed outside cuz hims mommy fawt hims wus tu sad and depwessed  bein’ “cooped up” inside da house.  Hims had been a stway and like meez uddew furriend all da neighbows knew and liked hims.  Hims liked tu lay wound in da dwiveway.  So last nite like many uddew nites hims wus layin’ in da dwiveway, and hims wus wunned ovew.  Hims kuldn’t be saved.  Hims mommy is devastated and hims gwammaw is cwushed and feelin’ so guilty, as shes wus da one dwivin’ da caw.  And it all kuld hav been purrvented.  As yous know wees hav a Facebook page also.  And evewday wees wead stowwys ’bout kittys allowed outside unsupewvised.  Da stowwy meez told yous tuday, these awen’t da only furiends wees lost tu dis vewy same kind of accident.  Wees also lost furiends tu animal attacks.  And it all kulda been purrvented.


 In dis day and age der’s no weason fuw a kitty tu evew go outside.  Hoomans hav domesticated cats tu da point dat dey can liv long, happy and healffy lives wiff out evew goin’ outside.  But ifin yous feel da need tu let fluffy out den purrlease put a leash on hers/hims and go yous selff.  Install a catio or uddew purrtective enclosuwe.  Meez will tell yous dat meez and mommy cwy when wees wead ’bout a fewal dat kwits showin’ up or gets injuwed or killed.  But wees unnewstand why deys not bein’ bwought intu da house.  Fuw any uddew fuwwy (includin’ dogs) der’s no excuse.  Many blame da dwivews, or da wild animal, etc., but ifin fluffy hadn’t been outside alone off leash tu begin wiff deys wulda nevew been at wisk.  Meez will say again, kittys no longew need tu go outside and hunt fuw der meals or smell da woses or anyfin’ els.  Purrlease paw hewe  fuw weasons tu keep fluffy inside.  Meez justs want tu wemind yous all again tu keep yous fuwwy furmily membews safe and inside da house or on a leash so dat yous don’t find yous selff in a situaton da Kulda been purrvented.


Til da nex time……Hav a Pawsum Catuwday!!!


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