Tell All Tuesday: A Cat Tree For Larger Cats

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s comin’ to ya’ live from the messy Three Belles Ranch. We had planned to tell you all ‘bout our new cat tree last week, but when the innernets went out, all our plans went to the pig trough.


Raena sits atop boxes



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Chatting Cats: A Scratching Post To Meet Your Cat’s Need to Scratch #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Do we have a deal fur you today. We’re so x’cited to be writin’ this review. And even more x’cited to be hostin’ a give away. We so luvs to share, ‘specially when it’s somethin’ every kitty needs. What is it you might ask? Y, I’s talkin’ ‘bout a Scratcher. And not just any o’le Scratcher, but a well built, sturdy, tall, sisal Scratcher.


 Dezi with Scratching post





          Don’t furget Raena, it’s a Scratcher that would look good in any home’s décor. And, with Christmas just ‘round the corner, it would make a great gift fur any home with a kitty. 



 Raena lays on scratching post




Fanky fanks sissy. You’re right, the Frisco 33.5” Scratching Post would look great in any home. It’s truly a piece of furniture fur kitty. We meowed ‘bout the impurrtance of Scratchin’ fur all kitties in our Service Cat Monday posty this week. Ifin ya’ missed it, you can read it here. We included Trainin’ Tips to help those dealing with inappropriate Scratching. Whether that’s your issue or not, we’ve got a great Scratcher to meow to you ‘bout today. And, fanky fanks to Chewy, one of our pawsum American readers is gonna have the chance to get one of these Scratchers fur yourself.


 Chewy Logo

This is a sponsored post. We received the Frisco Scratching post in exchange for our honest opinion. Neither Chewy or Frisco are responsible for the opinions in this post unless otherwise stated. As always, we tell it like we see it; and only bring products we use or have tried and believe would be of interest to you, our readers and friends.


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          We’re really x’cited ‘bout that Raena. But, we need to let everypawdy know a bit ‘bout this Scratcher. The Frisco 33.5” Scratching Post comes in 2 colors, cream and brown. As most of ya’ know by now, mommy likes the browns and earthy colors, so we got our Scratcher in brown. Obviously, the whole Scratcher isn’t brown, cuz the biggest Scratchin’ surface is made of Sisal.


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Don’t worry tho’ ifin ya’ like to Scratch carpet, there’s purrlenty of room fur that too. The Scratcher arrived in pieces with everythin’ one needs to assemble it. And let me meow, ifin mommy can put it together, anypawdy can. The box included 4 wooden pieces, screws and an “L” wrench, as well as step by step, easy to read instructions. They even have fotos. MOL   The carpeted base came in 2 parts that attach to the bottom of the Sisal post thru’ purr-drilled holes. Same with the top. Once attached, the base measures 16” X 16”. That makes a nice sturdy piece fur any house kitty. The base and top (7.5” X 7.5”) are made of wood and covered in a nice plush carpet. The Sisal covered post is a 33” tall, 5.5” thick piece of wood.


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          Purretty much every inch of the Frisco Scratcher is Scratchable, Raena. It only took mommy ‘bout 10 to 15 minutes to unpack it and put it together. Even with our help


 Raena sniffs scratching post

A little nip and vine fur encouragement. As ifin I’s needed any. MOL




That’s true sissy. I’s was a great help. I’s checked out every piece as mommy attached it befur checkin’ out the final purroduct. Mommy did a good job. The Frisco 33.5” Scratching Post is on sale fur $33.99. We gotta be honest and say that we really didn’t x’pect much fur that purrice point. We were purrleasantly surpurrised by the high quality of materials, and size. As Ragdolls and vertical Scratchers, we need a tall but sturdy place to sharpen our claws. The Frisco Scratcher fur sure meets those needs. It’s by far much more than we ever x’pected, and well worth twice the purrice. 


 Raena licks paw while laying on scratching post

That’s some good stuffs. I’s gonna luvs this new Scratcher.




          Yep Raena, we can get a full stretch on the post even tho’ mommy didn’t actually get any fotos of that. And, with the Sisal bein’ on all sides, we could even use it at the same time. This is a Scratcher fur kitties of all ages and size. And, it doesn’t actually take up a lot of space, so ifin ya’ live in a small home like us, it’s a great option. ‘Member, all kitties have the need to Scratch.


Raena lays in front of scratching postYa’ wanna come scratch sissy?



So true sissy, so true. And you know how much we luvs our Chewy. Lots of great products fur all the anipals in your life. Speedy furee shipping on all orders of $49.00 and up and speedy flat rate shipping on all other orders. And, don’t furget that great auto ship program so you never run out of your furry’s favorites. You can skip, cancel or delay at any time. You know, Chewy also gives back to the community. And, we’re so thrilled that they’re lettin’ us give one of our American readers the oppurrtunity to win one of these great Frisco Scratchers of their own. Just click below to enter. Be sure to leave a comment, and tell us what color you purrfur. I’s gonna go scratch now.



Give away entry graphic


Till the next time……………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Yep, That’s the Floor

Meowllo evewypawdy and yes yous read dat wight. Weez can now see da floor. An meez gotta tell ya’, it be lookin’ fine.  But no, weez not hav any fotos yet as ommy’s not unpacked evewyfin’ and hers wuz a weally tiwed mommy after all da peeps left. Da veep showed up purretty close to da time hims sed hims wuld be here and bwought wiff hims 3 big men. They made showt work of all da movin’ fings wound, and hims learned dat mommy not be da meany dat da manager’s been tellin’ hims shes wuz.  Hims had ordewed a toilet to weplace da kiddy toilet they put in here, but it didn’t come in. So while they went to lunch they also stopped and bought a tall toilet.  Hims had bwought a plumber wiff hims and sd he didn’t want ow “maintenance man” puttin da toilet in; hims wanted it dun wight.  Well it wuz and now mommy isn’t fallin’ to da floor to avail hers selff.  Weez do hav a not so weally funny story to tell yous ’bout da new toilet, but weez will save it fur a time when mommy be awake as hers types.  Da only fing left is da fwigewator and hims sed they told hims it wuld be here by da 8ff.  Hims sed anypawdy kuld bwing da fwidge to mommy so da “maintenance man” will bwing it down when it awwives.  It will be bigger and taller so mommy dusn’t hav to crawl wound da floor to reach da bottom shelf.  

Anyways, they got evewyfin’ put where it belongs, or so weez fink.  Weez discuvewed as weez open mowe and mowe boxes, they just frew stuff in and da last fing to go in is da room they sed it shuld go in.  So weez can only hope they got them half wight.  Yous know mommy has a music box collection dat hers keeps in da hutch, and of course they all be delicate and bweakable.  So afur weez left fur da motel weez left a table full of bubble wap so they kuld purrtect mommys bweakables, and stead of usin’ da bubble wap, they packed it!!!  Yep, weez unpacked a box of just bubble wap.  Yep mommy shook hers head too.  Anyways, weez just wanted to check in and let yous know dat fings went well and mommy be unpackin’ as fast as hers can so weez can get back here and get all caught up again.   Fank yous all fur yous luv and support fwu all this.    

0dw Dezi and mr. Nip Britches

And weez wanna fank Savannah and hers mom, Miss Linda and Miss Janet and Mau and da kitties blue fur stawtin’ a fundraiser to help us out wiff da fings dat got wuined in da floods.  Yous  can check it out here.  Weez will be postin’ ow fank yous each Blest Sunday.  But of course weez will say fank yous all fur evewyfin’.  Meez gunna go roll wound on da new floor sum mowe.  

So till da nex time…………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Comedy Amid The Stress

OMC what a day weez had. Well yous all fink based on yesfurdays posty dat weez be in da motel and ow cawpet is bein’ installed. Well as weez told yous afur, weez not be liaws and weez will always tell da twuff on meez bloggy to da bestest of ow ability. But when udder peeps be involved sumtimes da twuff we told turns out not to be cuz of da udder peeps. We awe still in ow pawtment and da cawpet’s not bein’ weplaced. But afur yous lose it, wait’ll yous hear ow update. Since weez shawin’ mowe update news (we hope not too many mowe) then me fawt me wuld shawe meez latest video wiff yous fur sum comic welief.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here to go to YouTube.


As we told yous yesfurday mommy had been workin’ on an email dat wuld lay down da law so to speak. Well hers got it witten and sent so they wuld all get it when they walked into da office. And then today, mommy stawted callin’ all da peeps hers kuld find. All da newspapers, t.v. stations, guvewnment agencies, etc.. Hers left message after message, and then wound 4 p.m. hers got a hold of da ADA (Americans wiff disablity peeps) Hers wuz havin a chat wiff hers ‘bout da situation when da fone stawted wingin’ and wingin’. So after mommy got off da fone she checked da voice mail and heard a kupple calls fwum Louis (da snoopervisors, snoopervisor) and a call fwum Cayla (da snoopervisor) So mommy called Cayla back as she be da only one dat left a nummew and da nummew weez had fur da management company sed weez had da wong nummer. So mommy calls Cayla and hers asked mommy (not vewy nicely) ifin hers wanted da pawtment painted. So mommy splained da paintin’ fing again, and  Cayla sed, “let me call Louis and let him call you and discuss all this with you.” 

So a foo minutes later Louis called mommy and sed dat hims wanted to fank mommy fur bein’ such a loyal tenant. And hims wanted to reward hers wiff a whole new pawtment. Hims wanted to paint and weplace da cawpets and da tiles and put cawpet where there’s cawpet and these (fake wood) planks where there be tiles. And they wuz gunna hire da movers to pack, move and store and then put back all of our stuff and put us up in our choice of motel fur da duwation. Hims sed hims wanted to do this to show mommy how much hims purreciated all da years of hers exemplary tenancy. (yeah wight, it’s cuz of hers fightin’ and callin’ ‘em on da cawpet <pawdun da pun> and sicin’ Housing on ‘em– altho’ mommy is an exemplary tenant) Mommy dusn’t cawe, hers just wants it dun. Weez lived here 11 years and da pawtment wusn’t painted, cleaned or wepaired when weez moved in, so weez do deserve it. Hims sed when we come home fwum da motel weez will come home to a bootyful fwesh new pawtment. OMC this guy shuld sell women’s shoes, or used caws.

Anyways, hims has da floorin’ peeps scheduled and da movers, and da motel bein’ weserved. Pendin’ on when da movers purrfur, weez will eevew be goin’ to da motel this weekend on Caturday or Sunday and comin’ home eevew Wednesday or Fursday of nex week. This time be no joke. Da Housin’ lady will be back in da office this Fursday and hers gunna wanna hav a purrogwess weport of case closed or da exact dates it will be dun so hers can come out and do an inspection. And of course mommy be dun purrlayin’ and accommodatin’ ‘em. So this time it weally be happenin’. Da nex update yous will hear (paws cwossed) will be us in da motel and then us wiff fotos of da “new pawtment”. Oh and at sum point weez will post an update dat mommy got a new chair to sit in. Even tho’ da cawpet’s gunna be new and clean, it’s still da floor and gunna be hawd on mommy so hers gunna hav to get a chair.

Anyways,weez needed to splain why weez not be in da motel and not gettin’ cawpet now and giv yous all da good news. Weez purreciate all of yous support, well wishes, purrs and purrayers. keep ‘em up as da job’s not ovew yet, but weez awe on da wight twack at this point. And they’ve gone back to da owiginal plan.

Meez fawt me wuld show yous a foto of how spoiled sis Lexi be. Weez hav da bestest mommy in da univewse. Mommy took this foto yefurday while makin’ ow dinner. As yous know Lexi be gettin’ on in years and hers gets along gweat since mommy put hers on da Barley Cat, but why wuld she jump up on sumfin’ ifin mommy kuld pick hers up and put hers where she wants to be. (she can get in da chair by hers selff, yous notice she be taller than da seat and she’s not even standin’ all da way stwaight. hehehe But she duz need help gettin’ up on sum of da fings in da house, specially da bed).


Meow mommy hurry help me up soz I'z can eat.
Meow mommy hurry help me up soz I’z can eat. 😀

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  wlEmoticon-redheart.png

Dezi and Lexi