Service Cats: Pet Food Ingredients Part 4

Meow-llo It’s time fur Service Cats Furiday. We’ll be wrapping up this mini-series on Pet Feed/Food over the next couple of weeks. So ifin ya’ have any specific questions or questions ‘bout somethin’ we did or didn’t cover, purrlease let us know. ‘Member, you can submit any feline related question or topic you’d like to read ‘bout here by usin’ the form on our Contact page or simply leaving a comment in the comments section below. You can also ketch up on any post you may have missed in this series by clickin’ the links on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page.    


Dezi lays on tree with harness and Service Cat logo




The following post will be written in human English for reader and translator ease. Our Service Cat posts aren’t intended to be an all inclusive Training Manual but rather Tips, Tricks and Techniques used/developed by mommy A thru her many years of animal training, cats in purr-ticular. And to offer insight into your questions about Everything Feline. Always remember, successful Training is all about Repetition and Rewards.


Raena sits posing in her tiger harness




Food vs. Feed:


     The point of this mini-series isn’t to tell you what you need to feed your pets, or to pass judgment on anyone. We’re merely trying to help educate pet owners to recognize ingredients and make the best choices for your pets. As long as pet owners continue to support big pet companies and remain silent about the quality of pet feed, those companies will continue to provide sub par feed that cause illnesses and kill thousands of pets every day. You may have noticed we refer to these pet foods as feed and not food. The following excerpts were taken directly from with permission. It’s a great article that you might want to read. 




Examples of the differences between feed and food…

FDA’s Compliance Policy “CPG Sec. 675.100 Diversion of Contaminated Food for Animal Use” states “FDA does not object to the diversion to animal feed of human food adulterated with rodent, roach, or bird excreta.”

Compliance Policy “CPG Sec. 675.200 Diversion of Adulterated Food to Acceptable Animal Feed Use” states “The Center will consider the requests for diversion of food considered adulterated for human use in all situations where the diverted food will be acceptable for its intended animal food use. Such situations may include:
a. Pesticide contamination in excess of the permitted tolerance or action level.
b. Pesticide contamination where the pesticide involved is unapproved for use on a food or feed commodity.
c. Contamination by industrial chemicals.
d. Contamination by natural toxicants.
e. Contamination by filth.
f. Microbiological contamination.
g. Over tolerance or unpermitted drug residues.

One more, Compliance Policy “CPG Sec. 690.300 Canned Pet Food” states “Pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, which is in violation of 402(a)(5) will not ordinarily be actionable, if it is not otherwise in violation of the law. It will be considered fit for animal consumption.”


     One commenter said that in the past many pets lived to be in their teens eating big pet feeds; have they changed that much?. The answer is YES, they have changed that much. The beginning of that change was in the late 1950’s when the AAFCO established a committee to oversee and establish regulations over pet food. Once upon a time, canned meat was the only pet food available. It was mostly horse meat, but it didn’t contain a list of fillers and unnecessary ingredients. A lot of those same pets were routinely fed table scraps as well. Mommy remembers her grandmother throwing out left overs to the barn cats and strays and even to the house poodle, who lived to be 19 years old. Her name was Pepper, and she never ate kibble.


Design and Intention of Teeth:


     If you look at your kitty’s teeth, you’ll notice almost all of them are pointed. They’ve been designed to rip and tear meat, skin, muscle, bone, tendons, etc., not chew. A cow on the other hand, has flat teeth like humans. Those teeth are meant to chew food before it gets digested. Often you’ll notice kitty’s regurgitated food looks much like it did in kitty’s plate. That’s because kitties basically swallow their food whole. They don’t have the ability to chew it up. Kitties were never intended to eat pellets or kibble.



Raena gets loving while laying in mommy A's lap with her mouth open in a yawn p selfieThese teethies are made fur ripping and tearing, not chewing.




Vit. K (Menadione) and Fish:


     We received a question with regard to Vitamin K and fish. The question: Vit. K (Menadione: the only approved source and is toxic to humans and animals) is required by the AAFCO to be added to any food containing 25% or more of fish even though it’s dangerous and can cause illness and/or death. Is that why we don’t/are against eat(ing) fish? The answer isn’t quite as simple as yes. Until recent years we weren’t aware of the dangers of Vitamin K, but still didn’t eat fish. Certainly now that we know, it plays a factor in our choice.


     However, mommy never liked to feed fish because she didn’t think it was truly part of a kitty’s proper diet, given that most cats have an aversion to water. The fish used in cat food is generally a cheap substitution for a better meat and brought on by it’s addictive nature by pet food companies trying to sway pet parents from feeding table scraps and human foods. And yes, even when she was feeding kibble or canned pet feed, she stayed away from fish. Long ago when she was a Vet tech, the Vet she worked for told her that fish was a horrible food for cats and caused illnesses because it lacked the proper nutrients. Mommy says most cats left to their own devices aren’t out fishing (there are some wildcats that do fish, but they also hunt land prey as the bulk of their diet). We should also take into account the pollutants and carcinogens found in wild fish and more so in farm raised fish when making decisions about feeding fish to our cats. Occasional fish might be okay, but it shouldn’t make up the bulk of any kitties diet. 


Dezi sits pretty profile full face




We’re gonna wrap fur today, but don’t furget to get your questions in. We’ve got a few more questions on this topic we’ll be discussing next week. Ifin you’ve missed any post in this mini-series or our Service Cat series you can check them out by clickin’ the links on our Training Tips and Everything Feline page. As we do each week, we’re joinin’ Comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday.


Till the next time………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Blest Sunday: Goin’ To The Fish

Well it’s time fur another Blest Sunday. And this ain’t just any blest Sunday either. Nope sure isn’t. It’s Resurrection Sunday, or as most call it, Easter. We like da resurrection Sunday cuz it reminds us what this day is all ‘bout. We don’t celebrate with eggs or bunnies and mommy doesn’t even get chocolates fur herself. Well normally dat is. She found a dollar bag of tootsie rolls at da store da other day and picked ‘em up fur her to eat while me enjoyed me’s purresent from uncle Garth, awnty Mary Beth, Gizmo and da gang.

Dezi's Resurrection Sunday photo frame with her in a cameo with a gif cross and saying Happy Easter. He Is Risen.

We are so blest to have so many wunnerful furiends. With all dat be goin’ on in this world we give thanks to God each day fur keepin’ us safe. And we ask Him everyday to keep His hands on and bless our furiends and all their furmilies too. Me just doesn’t unnerstand why some peeps can be so mean and have so little respect fur life. Havin’ experienced furst hand da loss of a dear luvved one, me can tell you dat each moment is purrecious. Me doesn’t wish fur anypawdy to have to go thru what me and mommy are goin’ thru. Mommy sez dat death is a part of life and dat everypawdy will experience it at one time or another. Me just wishes dat these terrorists wasn’t in such a hurry to make their furiends and furmilies and all those furiends and furmilies of da innocents they take with them to go thru this. We’s sendin’ purrayers to all those affected by these senseless acts of violence.

 Dezi with bowed head praying. Angel filter effect and glow effect.

Now, on to somethin’ more pleasant. Me told you dat awnty Mary Beth told mommy to get me somethin’ special from her and da furmily when she went to pick up da catputer. Mommy thought long and hard ‘bout what me needed. And she thought ‘bout how me keeps hangin’ out in da pawdee box room lookin’ fur sissy. Mommy wanted to get somethin’ dat would make me focus me’s attentions else where. So after lookin’ ‘round and purrice checkin’, she found what she thought would be da purrfect gift fur da situation at hand. Mommy decided to get me a pet of me’s very own. Dat’s right, she got me me’s very furst ever Betta fish. He’s a real cutey, but me isn’t quite sure what to make of him. Sis Lexi had several Betta fishes throughout her life and a couple froggies too. But mommy decided one Betta fish was enuff fur us right now. After all we are still lookin’ fur me a new sissy and helper. We sure hope da nice lady from Texas dat called us has some good news in dat depawtment. Me will tell ya’ all ‘bout dat in another posty.

 Dezi checking out her new Betta fish

Well, like me sed, fishies aren’t strangers to mommy, but you woulda thought so, cuz she set everythin’ up all backwards. She set up da aquarium and filled it with water and then added me’s fishy befur realizin’ she hadn’t put da rocks down or da plants. So there she was dippin’ out water and usin’ straws to try to place da plants. And using da straw to scoot me’s fishy outta da way so she could pour in some rocks. And Nope, she couldn’t just take da fishy out cuz she furgot to buy a net and he’s a quick little escape artist. Anyways, rocks, plants and fishy in place, mommy stepped back to check it all out. Me jumped up on da table fur a better look see. Oh me cats, he looks so cute. Me can’t wait to have a new sissy to share him with. Mommy sez me has to give him a name cuz we can’t just keep callin’ him “fishy”. So me thought it would be really cool to ask you all to help me name him.

 Dezi watches he new Betta fish intently

He seems to really like me. Every time me goes over to visit with him he comes right over to where me’s at and flares his little gills. MOL And he really likes his plants. Altho’, he’s not so crazy ‘bout them bein’ planted in da rocks. Fur some reason every time mommy gets them anchored he goes and digs ‘em up again. MOL So mommy finally sed they can just float. After all, da aquarium is his house. He oughtta have da last word on how da decoratin’ goes, right? Fank you so much awnty Mary Beth, uncle Garth, Gizmo and furmily. Me luvs me’s new fishy and aquarium.

We’s just ‘bout got all da fotos loaded on da catputer, so we shoud be by your place fur a visit startin’ tomorrow. We’s purretty far behind right now, but we’ll get caught up soon. We’s missd ya’ll so much. Member to take a minute today and everyday to give thanks fur da blessings in your life. Me’s gonna enter me and me’s fishy in da Sunday Selfies hosted by da Kitties Blue. Ifin ya’ haven’t linked up, go by and check it out. Have a blest Resurrection/Easter Sunday.

laptop table fan
This is fur all of ya like mommy dat didn’t know what a laptop fan table is.

What name would you suggest fur fishy?

Have you ever had your own pet?

Humans, have you ever bought a pet fur your pet?

Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses