Chatting Cats: Run For Your Life, the Lawn Crew’s Here

(Dezi sits quietly eating her breakfast, while Raena gazes intently out the front door from her perch. Seeing something in the distance, Raena sits up with her ears pointed towards the front at alert. Suddenly, Dezi hears the loud familiar roar of the lawn crew’s terrible and possible cat eating machines.


 Dezi jumping over a box and shipping paper


Run fur your life Raena!!! They’re here!!!

(Dezi meows as she runs down the hall leaving a half eaten bite on the floor)


          (Raena runs after Dezi in a haze and meows)


          What?! Why?! Who?! Where?!

          (Raena stops at the end of the hallway at the bedroom door and looks back towards the living room and now closed front door. Raena hears a familiar voice piercing through the commotion of all the loud machines.)


 Raena sits on small perch at door


     Dezi!!! Raena!!! Girls, come eat your breakfast. I won’t let those stupid lawn men get ya’ll. You’ve got nothin’ to fear. Come on girls, I’ve closed the door. It’s safe. Come and eat your brekky.


          (Raena appears first looking puzzled at why the front door is closed. None the less, she moseys over and takes a few bites of her breakfast and rubs against mommy’s legs to get a little loving. Dezi emerges from the bedroom with her fur all in a ruff and paces back and forth in front of her plate and Raena’s.)


 Dezi and Raena eat


     It’s okay Dezi, You’re safe. I love you darlin’. Just eat your breakfast and ignore those silly men out there in the rain.


(Dezi takes a few bites and suddenly hears the sound of the leaf blower on the front porch trying to blow the wet leaves around)

Run fur your life!!!

(Dezi meows as she runs down the hallway again. Again, Raena runs after her, and again, she stops at the end of the hallway at the bedroom door and then looks back at mommy)


 Raena on the Liberty Cat Tree


          Sissy, all this runnin’ is makin’ mine’s tummy rumble. I’s don’t think mommy’s gonna be very happy ifin I’s chuck mine’s brekky all over the floor. Why are we runnin’ anyways? Those silly men can’t get past mommy. You know how mommy is, she barely cracks the door open when those kind’a peeps come knockin’. And so far, I’s not heard any thunder boomers. So the way I’s see it, is, it’s all good and we should just go and eat. C’mon, let’s go eat.

          (Raena takes a few steps toward the living room and looks back

          Sissy? Are you in there? Are you lissenin’ to me?


 Raena sits in hallway



(Dezi meows from UTB <under the bed>)

Me heard ya’ Raena. You’s go ahead and eat ifin ya’ want. Me’s gonna stay here a little longer. Me thinks me sees somethin’ that requires some more investigatin’. 


          (Raena meows excitedly)

          What do ya’ see sissy? Is it another one of those flyin’ yucky bugs like I’s found the other day?

          (Raena runs UTB where Dezi is)


(Dezi hisses so loudly mommy can hear it in the living room over all the noisy lawn crew machines and the girls hear a voice from the living room)


     Girls, play nice!!! 


 Dezi and Raena sitting outside bathroom looking surprised.


Sorry mommy. No Raena, me didn’t find a moth. Why are you still here anyways? Me thought you were gonna go eat your brekky?.


          I’s was sissy, but you said you found somethin’ and I’s thought you might need mine’s help.


Well, me doesn’t. Me’s been doin’ this a lot longer than you have, so me’s sure me can investigate it all by meself.


 Raena lays on the Liberty cat tree


          Well, okay sissy. But ifin It, whatever It is, gets ya’, don’t say I’s didn’t try to help. I’s gonna go eat mine’s brekky now. I’s don’t hear those noisy machines anymore anyhow. 

          (Raena heads back to the living room to eat her breakfast, and Dezi moves to the bedroom door and lays down looking toward the closed door. Raena meows loudly from the living room)

          Hey Dezi, the lawn crew’s fur sure gone. Mommy says she’s fixin’ to open the door so you can see.

          (Raena starts her head bob and bite over her plate)


     (Mommy crawls to the door to open it and sees Dezi at the edge of the bedroom and calls to her)

     C’mon Dezi, it’s okay. They’re gone now, so come eat your brekky. 


Me’s comin’ mommy. Me was just keepin’ you safe from the UTB monster. Do you need some help crawlin’ back to the sittin’ lift chair? 


     Thank you sweety. I really appreciate you keepin’ me and your sisfur safe. Now you come eat brekky and let me keep you safe darlin’, okay?. I can get to my chair by myself, you just eat.


 Dezi atop the Liberty Cat tree


(Dezi eats a few bites and then heads up the cat tree for a short morning nap)

What a meownin’ we’ve had. Me will never unnerstand those stupid lawn peeps tryin’ to mow durin’ the storms. They sure do make a mess. Fank the cats our little birdies already flew off from their nest on our porch. Me thinks we deserve some treats today.


 Cat grass in a tine from Valentine


          Treats? Did somepawdy say Treats? I’s want some Treats. How ‘bout our grass? Is that grass Valentine sent us ready yet? Did we get any Treats in that Chewy box the other day?


 Dezi sits atop the Liberty cat tree


Yep Raena, mommy said our grass is almost ready. Me can’t wait to munch down on a few blades of that tasty green grass. And we did get treats to review this month. Let’s go make “The Face”, so mommy will give us some. And then me’s gonna take another nap. But befur me furgets, we have a winner fur the Animal Hearted Gift Card. A meowsy big ConCats to uncle Pete over at Timmy Tomcat’s bloggy.


Till the next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue  

Mommy A: Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle        


Postcard From Hell

Meowllo everypawdy, you are not gonna believe what happened last week. Me’s loungin’ ‘round just tremblin’ under da chair enjoyin’ da rains and thunder and mommy brings in a postcard and says it’s fur me. Well let me tell ya’, me luvs to get mail, so me couldn’t wait fur mommy to read it to me. Da front had these cutesy fotos of kitties and doggies, so me could only ‘magine good things. Maybe me had won a lifetime supply of noms. Or better yet, a lifetime supply of freeze dried chicken breast treats. Those chunks of white meat chicken are so yummy, me can taste ‘em now. (looks off dreamily and licks lips) Anyways, me ask mommy to read it to me.

Dezi cocks head to the side in thought
What’s it say mommy?

Big mistake furiends. Ifin ya’ get a postcard in da mail with cutesy kitties and doggies on it…throw it out, tear it up, rip it to shreds, eat it, just do somethin’ with it befur da peeps get a chance to see it. It’s da postcard from hell. Dat stinky ‘ole VET had da nerve to send me a card tellin’ me to tell mommy to call them up and make a ‘pointment fur me to get poked and purrodded. Can you believe dat? Me’s respawnse to dat postcard? Sure thing doctor C me will get right on dat. Me can’t wait to be manhandled and jabbed. Me’s gonna tell mommy to make dat call ASAP. Yeah, right. What’s up with them? Do they think me actually likes them? Do me’s hisses and growls not tell them clear ‘nuff dat me doesn’t enjoy me’s time there? Me told mommy dat she could just throw dat out and ignore it all together.

dw-Dezi scratching floorDSCN6458edit (800x675)
Give me dat postcard, me will rip it to shreds.

But alas, mommy had da nerve to call over to da VETs office and schedule an appointment. Me has to find some place to hide or else me will be getting’ assaulted Fursday meownin’. Dat’s right, me’s ‘pointment is Fursday at 11 o’clock. Me may just have to give da VET da ‘ole whacky paw so he’ll get da message and not be sendin’ anymore of those cutesy postcards. Me hopes your day goes better than me’s day. As you’ve purrobably figgered out by now, we’re way behind on our visitin’. Just wait, you’ll find out ‘zactly why later this week. And hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Seems mommy’s monthly doctor’s ‘pointment is Wednesday, and of course there’s all this lease re-certification stuffs mommy has to get together, so we’s plannin’ a big ketch up with you all this weekend and when we can durin’ da week. Seems June is a really busy month fur us. Me’s gonna wrap it up now, da lawn crew just showed up. Kittens!!! And it’s only miserable Monday. So much fur me’s nappin’ and strollin’ plans. Mommy, ifin ya’ need me, me will be UTB. 

Dezi laying on svratcher
Oh cats, da lawn crew’s here. There goes me’s nap.

Remember, be suspicious of all cutesy animal postcards addressed to us furries. It’s most likely da postcard from hell.

Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Do you get reminder notices from your VET?

Do you (your kitty) like your VET?



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


We Heard Mommy Talkin’

Oh Meez Catness furiends lots of yous fawt dat Cameron was a toy or a figurine yesfurday.  MOL   Yes hims was tiny, but hims was 100% real.  Hims was 6days old in dat foto and yes Shad was much biggew den hims.  Anyways meez not gunna rehash yesfurdays story tuday meez just wanted tu make sure dat yous all knew dat hims was a livin’ bweevin’ little piggy.  And meez wanted tu fank yous fur da nice fings yous sed ’bout mommy.  Dat’s just what meez mommy dus.  Shes sees an animal in need and shes twies tu make it bettew.   Membew dis is Pet Appreciatiion Week. 


And yous all fawt she’s was just ’bout da kittys.  So speakin’ ’bout kittys lets get on wiff tudays story.     Well yesfurday da lawn crew was hewe.  And du yous know what meez did??  Nope meez didn’t wun and hide, meez stayed wight in da livin’ woom wiff mommy and sis Lexi.  Meez ate and played and watched Lexi twy tu ignowe mommy cuz hers wuldn’t tuwn da flash off on da camewa.  Cuz of course mommy was snappin’ fotos one wight aftew anuthew.  Mostly of meez cuz me wasn’t wunnin’ but sum of Lexi tu.

Da lawn cwew is hewe and meez dusn't even cawe.
Da lawn cwew is hewe and meez dusn’t even cawe.


So as da lawn crew was wrappin’ up, meanin’ makin’ less noise so a purrson/kitty kuld heaw dem selves fink;  meez heawd mommy on da fone.  “Yes both,” shes sed.  And  “I want to have Dr. C put the soft paws on Dezi while we’re there.”   Dr. C?? OMC Mommy was schedulin’ ow annual exam.  As yous know meez wrote ’bout da impawtance of  anual checkups wiff da VET and purrventative cawe just a few days ago.  So Looks like wees off tu da VET dis Catuwday.  But just like meez told yous in ow pwevious postys, wees luv Dr. C and wees know is fur ow own good.  Meez will keep yous posted on ow VET twip.  Meez suwe hopes wees get tu go du sumfin’ fun aftew. 🙂            

Noze mommy I'z ain't lookin' til youz tern off da flash.
Noze mommy I’z ain’t lookin’ til youz tern off da flash.

Oh and Cat Scouts is back!!!   Meez gotta tell ya’ us Scouts was suwe twyin’ tu be patient but meez nevew seen a happiew gwoup of kittys den what gathewed wound da campfire yesfurday.  Wees wus huggin and dancin’ and wollin’ wound on da gwound.  Meez can only guess what ow nex adventuwe mite be. 🙂


Fank yous Den Mastew. Meez so happy tu be back at Cat Scouts meez wollin' wound da floow.
Fank yous Den Mastew. Meez so happy tu be back at Cat Scouts meez wollin’ wound da floow.

And don’t furget tu check out da Tabby Cat Club tumowwo as wees will be celebwatin’ Hug yous Cat day!!!    


 So til da nex time……..Hav a Pawsum Tuesday!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥              

 ♦ Dezi ♦

OMC It’s Da Lawn Crew!!!

Well let meez just say dat it seems a bit quietew dis week den in weeks past. Meez don’t know what’s goin’ on, but facebook dusn’t seem as busy and meez blog hasn’t been as busy.  And meez and Lexi’s email hasn’t been as busy eevew. Usually when mommy tuwns on da ‘putew in da meownins’ weez hav any whewe fwum 30 – 50 emails.  But so faw dis week wees not even had 30 at any one time.   Anyways, just sayin. 🙂

So let meez just say dat meez a bit of a scawdy cat when da lwn cwew comes wound. Deys loud and der machines awe pawful.  Yous fink da cawpet monstew is scawy??   Let meez tell yous dat yous ain’t seen nuffin til sumpawdy comes up blowin’ evewfin’ outside stwaight at ya’ and da noise is deafenin’.  So meez always wuns and hidees when deys show up. Mommy has twied evewfin’.  Hers  twied closin’ da doow, singin’ tu meez (which usually calms meez down fwum anyfin’), shes eeven bawt meez a fundew shiwt which meez pwomptly shimmied out of.   Okay so maybe shes hasn’t twied Evewfin’.  So yous ask, what’s da big deal??  Is not like yous haven’ dun sumfin similaw, wight??  Well da big deal is, dat when dey showed up hewe yesfuwday stead of wunnin’ and hidin’, meez stayed wight der in da livin’ woom wiff mommy and sis Lexi. Meez saw dem and meez looked out at dem fuw a foo minutes even, and den meez just went on and acted like deys wusn’t even der.   Dat is til da hooman in da mask came up on da powch and stawted blowin wocks and limbs at da doow at meez.  come on, yous wulda wan tu. MOL 

Yous don't scawe meez.
Yous don’t scawe meez. 

As yous all know Muddews day is comin’ up, du yous hav any special plans??  All meez knows at da moment is dat fank catness Da Lawn Cwew won’t be hewe. MOL    


 Til da nex time, Hav a Pawsum day!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥        

  ♥ Dezi ♥