Postcard From Hell

Meowllo everypawdy, you are not gonna believe what happened last week. Me’s loungin’ ‘round just tremblin’ under da chair enjoyin’ da rains and thunder and mommy brings in a postcard and says it’s fur me. Well let me tell ya’, me luvs to get mail, so me couldn’t wait fur mommy to read it to me. Da front had these cutesy fotos of kitties and doggies, so me could only ‘magine good things. Maybe me had won a lifetime supply of noms. Or better yet, a lifetime supply of freeze dried chicken breast treats. Those chunks of white meat chicken are so yummy, me can taste ‘em now. (looks off dreamily and licks lips) Anyways, me ask mommy to read it to me.

Dezi cocks head to the side in thought
What’s it say mommy?

Big mistake furiends. Ifin ya’ get a postcard in da mail with cutesy kitties and doggies on it…throw it out, tear it up, rip it to shreds, eat it, just do somethin’ with it befur da peeps get a chance to see it. It’s da postcard from hell. Dat stinky ‘ole VET had da nerve to send me a card tellin’ me to tell mommy to call them up and make a ‘pointment fur me to get poked and purrodded. Can you believe dat? Me’s respawnse to dat postcard? Sure thing doctor C me will get right on dat. Me can’t wait to be manhandled and jabbed. Me’s gonna tell mommy to make dat call ASAP. Yeah, right. What’s up with them? Do they think me actually likes them? Do me’s hisses and growls not tell them clear ‘nuff dat me doesn’t enjoy me’s time there? Me told mommy dat she could just throw dat out and ignore it all together.

dw-Dezi scratching floorDSCN6458edit (800x675)
Give me dat postcard, me will rip it to shreds.

But alas, mommy had da nerve to call over to da VETs office and schedule an appointment. Me has to find some place to hide or else me will be getting’ assaulted Fursday meownin’. Dat’s right, me’s ‘pointment is Fursday at 11 o’clock. Me may just have to give da VET da ‘ole whacky paw so he’ll get da message and not be sendin’ anymore of those cutesy postcards. Me hopes your day goes better than me’s day. As you’ve purrobably figgered out by now, we’re way behind on our visitin’. Just wait, you’ll find out ‘zactly why later this week. And hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Seems mommy’s monthly doctor’s ‘pointment is Wednesday, and of course there’s all this lease re-certification stuffs mommy has to get together, so we’s plannin’ a big ketch up with you all this weekend and when we can durin’ da week. Seems June is a really busy month fur us. Me’s gonna wrap it up now, da lawn crew just showed up. Kittens!!! And it’s only miserable Monday. So much fur me’s nappin’ and strollin’ plans. Mommy, ifin ya’ need me, me will be UTB. 

Dezi laying on svratcher
Oh cats, da lawn crew’s here. There goes me’s nap.

Remember, be suspicious of all cutesy animal postcards addressed to us furries. It’s most likely da postcard from hell.

Till da next time…………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Do you get reminder notices from your VET?

Do you (your kitty) like your VET?



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


44 thoughts on “Postcard From Hell

  1. Hmm, we will be on the lookout for that nasty-gram and put it in the litter pan where it belongs. Always love to visit you Dezi. Are you going to be at Scouts on Wed fur the CSU Pawty. We hope so

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  2. I’m sorry you got such a rude piece of mail, Dezi. I feel the exact same way when my bills show up. You know, just about all of my furbabies are going to be getting some rude mail pretty soon, too, filled with invitations to be poke and prodded. We’ll be thinking about you on Friday, Dezi! I bet your mom will give you lots of extra treats that day. Purrs!

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  3. best of luck on your apt sweetie,, we get those dratted cards too…try to feed them to the dog but so far its not working!!! Luvs you, Tucker, Mouse, Dot & Maizy

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  4. We do get notices from our vet – like they want to remind me that they will be “having their way with me” – I don’t really need them to remind me. I go every four months now anyway and it feels like every four DAYS! I prefer being home and napping to getting poked. Sounds like you and your Mom have an extra busy week. Good luck with EVERYTHING!

    Love, Sammy

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  5. SIGH!!! Mes has tried hiding the cards, chewing them up and everything!!!
    Mes STILL has to goes to the vets and Mommy always has to gets the welding gloves out and takes them with her so mes can bes held!
    Kozmo LIKES the vet and so does Jo Jo! Mes thinks they is weird, Now yous grrl furrend, is my kind of cat!!!
    Sening yous extra strength and hellishness for Fursday!!! Oh and some kisses too!
    Your Grrl Furrend
    Nellie Bellie

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