Tell All Tuesday: Purrsonalize Your Christmas

Raena:  Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s got so much to tell ya’, I’s don’t even know where to start. 



Dezi and Raena lay together on the floor



          Dezi: Well Raena, it’s usually bestest to start at the beginnin’. But, You can be a bit long winded, so we’d purrobably be here furever ifin ya’ did that. Why don’t you start somewhere in the middle. (Dezi giggles and whispers under her breath) Somewhere in the middle, that’ll keep her busy fur a while tryin’ to decide what’s in the middle. MOL  (Dezi thnks a minute and then asks) Why don’t you tell me what you have planned fur me’s pawrty and the holidays? 


Dezi's Venetian Carnival Birthday party invite




Oh sissy, I’s can’t hardly wait fur your pawrty. It’s gonna be so much fun. We’ve had several furiends already RSVP. I’s gotta tell ya’, we’ve got some really gawjus furiends. We’ve been asked ifin mardi gras masks are okay to wear. And the answer is Yes, fur sure. We did a search fur free Venetian/Rio Carnival masks clip art and Mardi Gras mask clip art and got tons of ready to wear results. I’s even picked out a great mask with a cool headdress fur you to wear sissy. You know, cuz you’re the Birthday/Gotchaday girl.  


          That’s really sweet of you Raena. (Dezi whispers) Sheesh, now me feels bad fur puttin’ me’s paw in the middle of her noms. 


Raena sits on cat perch looking like a diva




Hey sissy, did you hear mommy yesfurday? You know when she said she’d actually missed hearin’ your squeaky mew outside the pawtty box room wantin’ her to come and clean it? You know, cuz you usin’ the pawtty box has been a little hit and miss fur the last few months.


          No Raena, me didn’t hear that. But we all know why me’s didn’t always use it now, don’t we?. Me’s tryin’ to be unnerstandin’ now that we know you might be actin’ like a pain cuz you’re actually in pain. 


You sure have been nice to me lately sissy. I’s luvs you so much. Hey, did you see the cool Christmas decorations we got the other day? I’s luvs Christmas. I’s wish we could have Christmas every day, don’t you? 



Dezi lays on scratcher with mouth open




          Me did see ‘em Raena. Did you hear what mommy said ‘bout that teeny tree? 


I’s did sissy, but surely she was just jokin’. she wouldn’t deprive us of the fun of knockin’ the decoration of the tree by usin’ that small tabletop one. Right?


          Me don’t know Raena, she might. Ya’ know, it’s actually kind’a cute. It comes with it’s own decorations and a star fur the tippy top. 


Yeah, it is kind’a cute. Did you see the princess crowns mommy got with our names on ‘em? I’s like those the bestest.


Personalized for you ornaments




          Sure nuff Raena. Mommy even got a memory ornament fur me’s sis Lexi. We’d never heard of Personalized Ornaments for You befur bein’ contacted by one of their peeps. They gave us a gift certificate so we could try out their website and personalize our very own ornaments. 


Raena checks out personalized ornaments for you




Yep sissy, mommy says they have lots of really cute ornament ideas; and the personalization just makes them more special. She also said their prices are extremely reasonable. And even better, their site and the ordering process was a breeze. And they ship really fast too. So, ifin you’re lookin’ fur some great purrsonalized ornaments to put on your tree or to send as gifts this year, you should really check ‘em out. I’s fur sure give Personalized Ornaments for You 4 paws up. 


Raena checks out the personalized for you ornaments




          Me too Raena. And me’s sure mommy gives ‘em a thumb up. They have some great ornaments that you can hang on those cool ornament stands and leave out year round. C’mon Raena, let’s go play. 


I’s right behind ya’ sissy. I’s just got to make a call to book a band fur your pawrty.


Till the next time…………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Chatting Cats: Christmas Time Is Coming and We’re Busy Busy

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. Sissy, did you see our purretty Christmas Balls?


 Dezi and Raena in Christmas ball decorations frame




          Me did Raena. They even motivated mommy to add some Christmas cheer to out bloggy.


 Dezi, Raena and angel Lexi in a cubed grid Christmas frame




Ain’t we purretty sissy? I’s luvs our Christmas look. Fanky fanks to our handsum furiend Marv and awnty Barb, we’re on our way to deckin’ the halls.


 Thinking animated emoji White question mark emoji

Hmmmmm Who could it be?




          Well Raena, me’s not so sure ‘bout the halls, but we are feelin’ that Christmas spirit. And, we’re gonna have a play date next Wednesday to celebrate. Mommy’s purromissed to put up the Christmas tree and all the lights so our guests can enjoy ‘em too. We know everypawdy’s gonna wanna stop by to see who’s comin’ over.


 Raena, bathes her neck ruff

I’s better clean up. Did ya’ ever feel ya’ might have too much fur?




I’s really x’cited sissy. I’s hear one of our guests luvs to play. Since you can be an old fuddy duddy, it’ll be nice to have somekitty to romp with. 


          Me’s no fuddy duddy Raena. You just don’t have an off button. Ya’ know, sometimes me would just like to take a nap. Ya’ don’t have to play all the time. 


Raena chats from the boxbed with mouth open

Yes I’s do, sissy. Mommy’s always sayin’ life’s too short, we’ve gotta make the most of it. I’s don’t wanna miss a minute of play time. 


Dezi profile as she lays in mommy's lap getting love

          Me thinks ya’ got it a little mixed up, Raena. Mommy always says that when she’s luvvin; on us. She says she doesn’t wanna miss the oppurr-tunity to hold us and let us know how much we’re luvved. 


 Raena gets love while laying in mommy's lap




Like we could ever furget that, sissy. Mommy must luvs on us a hunnert million gazillion times a day. But, I’s wouldn’t want her to stop. I’s sure luvs getting’ luvvin’ from mommy. Did mommy tell ya’ we’re gonna have a Christmas Gift List next week? We’re gonna get to feature some our favorite purroducts that would make pawsum gifts fur all the furries and their peeps.


Dezi checks out litter robot from the insideThis is one strange box.



          Me knows. It’s gonna be great. We’ll be showin’ stuffs in just ‘bout every purrice range. We even have a give away fur one of our favorites. And, Service Cat Monday, we’re gonna be meowin’ ‘bout one of a kitties basic needs. Anypawdy who has a kitty is gonna wanna stop by. 


Hey sissy, even mommy’s gonna get in on the reviewin’ this month. She hardly ever gets to review anythin’, so we’re really x’cited ‘bout this.


          You’re right Raena. Me can’t even ‘member the last time mommy got somethin’ to review. She says it’s okay tho’. She says it makes her happy to see us get new stuffs.


 Raena lays in liberty cat tree cubby




She does at that sissy. But, I’s think she says it cuz that’s what mommy’s are s’posed to say. I’s know she gets really x’cited when she gets new stuffs too. Anyways, it’s linin’ up to be a busy month fur us, that’s fur sure. 


          You’re right ‘bout that, Raena. We better get off here and help mommy get the Christmas tree outta the closet. Did you ever get inside the other day when mommy dragged out the leaf blower?


I’s not made it in there yet, sissy. But I’s ready to try again. I’s been purracticin’ my “sneak by ya’” moves and I’s think today just might be mine’s lucky day.


Till the next time………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

Oh Christmas Tree Where Are You?

WooHoo It’s Furiday again. Da weekend’s here and it’s 1 day closer to Christmas.  Well mommy has looked all over da house and no Christmas twee.  There’s one place left to look but mommy sez ifin it’s there, it’ll be there next year duwin’ spwing cleanin’.  As you all know ow pawtment flooded this summer and everyfin’ wuz moved out and back in.  It wuz like mommy wuz movin’ in fur da first time, only it wuz da second time.  And as many of you know da manager here dusn’t like mommy and is always lookin’ fur a weason to write mommy up.  So shortly after we weturned home and stawted gettin’ fings put away da manager decided to have pawtment inspections.  So mommy kind of put all da stuffs dat weez not use wegular like in da closet and closed da door.  Mommy sez this is da bestest kep secwet of women worldwide.  Needless to say she never got back to all dat stuff.  Da wedder turned cold and mommy stawted gettin’ wound a bit slower, and we don’t actually use dat stuff but a foo times a year.  So mommy decided it wuld keep til da wedder warmed up.  But alas, it’s Christmas, and we need a foo of da fings in dat black hole called da walk in closet.   

Guess meez ornament will hav to hang here on da blog. MOL
Guess meez ornament will hav to hang here on da blog. MOL

Mommy sez she’s sure they didn’t steal it cuz it wuz a very small twee and didn’t even work anymore.  Da lights dat is. Awnty Theresa sent us lights last year to put on it, and mommy wuz smawt enuff to keep those out so we at least hav Christmas lights.  Dat be one of ow favowit fings ‘bout Christmas.  Every year she takes Lexi and me wound in da caw so we can look at all da lights on all da houses.  We hav noticed dat in da last foo years not as many peeps be decowatin’ anymore and those dat do don’t put up as much.  How ‘bout yous all?  Do y’all decowate wiff lots of lights and ornaments?  We know fur sure lots of you awe on da ball and way ahead of us.  We awe gettin’ sum pawsum Christmas cawds.  Mommy sed she wuz gunna put up a line and hang them all fur a cool foto.  

 Dezi purple ballX

Mommy and me awe goin to da doctor today so we will be sendin’ out ow cawds this weekend.  Cuz when we go to see mommy’s doctor we always make a day of it.  We hav to go to da fawmacy and we stop in at da bank and visit wiff meez furiends and get me a foo more tweats.  And mommy sed we wuld stop by da dollaw store and see ifin they hav a weally cheap twee she kuld afford to weplace ow lost one.  Me sure hopes they’ve accidentally cut open a bag of tweats so me can get a foo there too.  It’s amazin’ weally, they always seem to hav a bag of tweats dat they hav cut open and can’t sell.  Meez favowit place to go is mom’s minit mawt.  See they sell speed food fur hoomans and they always giv me a sausage patty or a corn dog.  fur sum weason mommy dusn’t like me to hav those very offen tho’, so we don’t go by there much.  Me finks mommy goes wiffout me sumtimes.  Anyways, it’s Furiday and weez weady fur da weekend awe you?  We sure hope you all hav a pawsum time and better get all dat last minute shoppin’ dun cuz Christmas is gunna be here afur you know it. 

Mommy sez weez be da 2 sides of hers heart.
Mommy sez weez be da 2 sides of hers heart.

Till da nex time…………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi