Chatting Cats: Who Is That Stranger Sleeping In Our Bed

MeOW (Dezi paces through the house meowing, only pausing to hiss or growl.) Raena? Oh Raena? RaenaBelle, where are you?!! (Dezi continues to meow, hiss and growl as she checks all the typical hiding spots. She walks into the kitchen where mommy A’s fixing breakfast.) Mommy, where’s Raena? Why didn’t she come back home with you yesfurday? 


Raena's profile looking curiously atop the cat tree




          (Raena emerges from the middle of the scratcher at the edge of the kitchen and walks up to Dezi and raises her paw.) I’s right here sissy. Why… 



Dezi sits pretty in front of fireplace




(Dezi turns and sniffs the air around Raena) Oh me cats Raena, where have you been? Me’s been lookin’ everywhere fur you. You won’t believe what mommy did yesfurday. She brought this, this Thing home. (Dezi shudders) You won’t believe the stench. It smelled and looked just pawful. No matter how many times me hissed and growled at it, it just kept comin’ ‘round. Me furinally lost it at dinner time, only to find it in your spot on the bed. Me couldn’t believe mommy would let it take your spot. Mommy’s always purromissed she’d never leave us, so me doesn’t unnerstand why she’d let some innerloper sleep in your spot? Don’t you worry tho’, me gave that innerloper a piece of me’s mind. Me hissed and growled an screamed at it. Me let it know just how unwelcome it was. It must’ve got the message, cuz me can’t seem to find it anywhere this meownin’. 


Raena sits atop cat tree after surgeryWhat do you mean come down from there mommy? Hmmmm

I’s still a little woozy.




          Sissy, that wasn’t no innerloper. That was me you were hissin’ and growlin’ at. I’s didn’t feel so good and all I’s wanted was a little luvvin’ from mine’s big sissy; but all you wanted to do was stay away from me. I’s just didn’t unnerstand it at all. 


That was you? Nah, no way. 


Raena looks at wall atop cat tree after surgeryHey window, where’s the squirrels? What sissy? That’s the wall?




          Yep sissy, it was me. ‘Member, I’s had to have surgery yesfurday. 



Oh MeOW, that was you Raena. What happened? How’d it go? 


Raena lays on pillows behind bed after surgery




          Well sissy, I’s was really scared when we furst got there. Mommy held me close and sang to me and cuddled me till I’s quit shakin’. While we were waitin’, there was lots of big woofies that came in. All of them had to check me out. One of ‘em was a slobbery beast. I’s swear, her slobbered more than you do. And another just squatted right there in the middle of the room and peed all over the place. I’s tellin’ ya’, the whole lot of ‘em had really bad manners. Then, these peeps came in with a carrier full of kitties. They were all ‘bout 4 months old. They were meowin’ like crazy. I’s think they were more scared than I’s was. And after overhearin’ what the their peeps wanted, I’s knew why. They were there to be declawed. What’s even worse, is that their peeps wouldn’t lissen to anythin’ mommy said. I’s didn’t know how to comfurt those poor kitties, their lives were fixin’ to take a turn fur the worse and there wasn’t anythin’ we could do ‘bout it. 


Oh Raena, that’s so pawful. We’ll have to say some extra purrayers fur them tonight. So, what happened next? 


Close up of Raena in lap in car after surgery




          Well sissy, after they took those kitties away, the tech came and got me so mommy could go to the human pawtty box befur mine’s surgery got started. They used that oppurrtunity to shave mine’s face. They even stole some of mine’s whiskers. Ifin mommy hadn’t been indisposed they’d’ve never stole so many. Anyways, I’s ‘member hearin’ mommy’s sweet voice as I’s fell asleep. When I’s woke up, I’s was sore and scared. Seems mommy went to put mine’s medicines away and pay on the bill, so some tech was holdin’ me. I’s dug mine’s claws into her real good. I’s wanted her to hurt like I’s did. Mommy says it took almost 2 hours, but I’s did good and came out of it purretty fast. I’s was still a little groggy when that tech handed me back to mommy. But I’s felt her luvvin’ arms engulf me and hers sweet smell ticklin’ mine’s nose furs. It was heaven. I’s was shiverin’ and just wanted to come home. Mommy put me in the sling carrier she had bought fur us last year, so I’s could be right next to her heart. Mommy tried to post an update to facebutt, but she couldn’t figger it out on the smarty pants fone.


Raena peeks out of sling carrier after eye surgeryRaena peeking out the head hole in the sling carrier.




          Since it was your actual birthday and cuz I’s did so good, we stopped at the Arby’s to get us a special treat, turkey tom lurkey and bacon. While we were waitin’ fur our treat mommy noticed the car seemed to be gettin’ hot. So, after we got our sammich, mommy pulled over in the pawrkin’ lot and popped the hood. ‘Pawrently, all our antifreeze was missin’. We don’t know where it went cuz there’s no stains back home where we pawrk, but sure ‘nuff, we didn’t have any. We had to walk over to the convenience store next door and buy some so we could make it back home. Fanky fankfully, we made it home safe and sound. Mommy put water bowls on the floor cuz I’s kept lickin’ mine’s lips and she thought I’s might be thirsty. Hmmmpht  Like I’s was gonna drink off the floor or somethin’. I’s laid on one of the piddle pads in the hallway fur a bit cuz it felt like I’s needed to hurl. Mommy was a little worried cuz mine’s breathin’ was so labored and raspy.


Me ‘members seein’ It, uh, well, you in the hallway. Me’s sorry me hissed at you; me didn’t know it was you. Me could hear mommy in the kitchen and since we didn’t get any brekky, me was hopin’ she was makin’ brunch. 


Raena lays in lap in car after surgeryDO NOT drive with a cat in your lap.




          It’s okay sissy. I’s didn’t unnerstand why you were bein’ so mean to me, but I’s was so tired, all I’s really wanted to do was cuddle with mommy and take a nap. 


Mommy was exhausted too Raena. Now me unnerstands why she wouldn’t let herself fall to sleep tho’. She wanted to keep an eye on you and make sure nuffin’ happened. Me didn’t know that was you playin’ in the kitchen last night when mommy made our dinner, or me would’a played with you. Me was sure that was the innerloper.


Raena lays in lap in car after surgery




          It was just me sissy. Mommy purromissed she’d never leave us and she didn’t. There was no innerloper, just me after surgery. I’s felt much better last night and ate a really good dinner. Fanky fankfully, doctor stabby and grabby sent some meds home to help me with the pain, cuz I’s was hurtin’ a little this meownin’. But, I’s hate that nasty salve he sent home fur mine’s eyes. I’s sure hope mine’s whiskers grow back soon. (Raena licks her paw and wipes across her face


Ifin ya’ don’t quit pawin’ at your face Raena, mommy’s gonna make you wear that silly collar she bought. 


Hmmmmpht  I’s would like to see her try, sissy. MOL 


Dezi lays on the arm of the chair, Selfie




Well, me’s just glad you’re back and okay. Altho’ with so many sendin’ purrayers up and askin’ God to keep His hand on you, we should’ve known everythin’ would be alright. We can still use some purrayers fur a full and speedy recovery fur RaenaBelle. Cuz of her size and shape, the e-collar is more of a hindrance than a help.


          Don’t furget sissy, we’re linkin’ up with comedy Plus fur Feline Furiday.


Dezi's Venetian Carnival Birthday party invite




How could me ever furget Raena. On another note, there’s still time to get your fotos in fur me’s big Birthday/Gotchaday pawrty. It’s gonna be so much fun!!! We better get outta here fur now. Mommy’s still tired and needs another cup of coffee and we need to finish our brekky.


Till the next time……………………………………………….Be Blest!!! 


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

Chatting Cats: Chirps, Chortles and Quacks

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. (Raena jumps on the Liberty cat tree to look outside for the source of the chirping she hears. She looks out and back again and chirps and chortles at Dezi.) Sissy, do you hear it? Is winter over?


 Dezi sits on cat tree and looks out door




          (Dezi jumps up on the Liberty cat tree beside Raena and looks out the door and then the window.) Where is it, Raena? Me can’t find the birdy. (Dezi reaches her paw out and touches the door and pulls her paw back quickly.) Hmmmpht  Winter ain’t over Raena, far from it. Least the temps have furinally risen above 0. Fankfully, you’re the one that’s gonna be out in it with mommy today. Me’s gonna stay here and stay warm.


 Raena lays on chair back, selfie




I’s luvs goin’ out with mommy, sissy, even ifin it’s cold out. Besides, did you see the new carrier thingy she got fur us? I’s can’t wait to try it out. It looks really cool.


 Sling Pet Carrier




          Are you meowin’ ‘bout that sling thing Raena? Me knows mommy was really impurressed at the quality considerin’ what we paid fur it. Ya’ know, we got a few green papers fur Christmas, and mommy was thinkin’ ‘bout BlogPaws and ‘memberin’ how little room there was when we were walkin’ ‘round and visitin’ with the vendors. And she ‘membered how cute our furiend Sophie looked in her sling thing and wanted to get one fur us. But, ya’ know those things ain’t cheap. So, when she found this one fur $7.99, she had to scoop it up. Ya’ know, we’re purrayin’ hard that we get to go to BlogPaws this year. Me still purrfurs me’s stroller, but me might give that sling a try too. There ain’t nuffin’ better than bein’ close to mommy’s heart.


 Raena models the new sling carrier




Ain’t that the truth, sissy. I’s so glad mommy knows how to shop fur bargains. And, I’s really purray we get to go to BlogPaws. I’s can’t wait to meet our furiends in the fur to flesh. That sounds like soooooooo much fun. I’s guessin’ I’s goin’ in the stroller today tho’. Ya’ know, I’s don’t think the doctor could hear mommy’s heart with all mine’s furs in the way. Maybe he’ll give mommy somethin’ to get better too. We was visitin’ our furiends on Wednesday and tryin’ to get all caught up, and then yesfurday, mommy just zoned out. She kept passin’ out, so she furinally just shut the catputer off. I’s sure hope we can visit more furiends after we get home today. We’ve missed so much. 


 Dezi sits on cat tree and looks out door




          Me too, Raena. Ya’ know she was tryin’ to do that pecan thing to raise green papers to take you to the V E T and to send us to BlogPaws. Unfurtunately fur our pawcket book the work’s over and mommy didn’t make enuff fur anythin’. Altho’ me is glad that she’s gonna be home with us from now on. Me really didn’t like her bein’ gone so much. Me worried ‘bout her all the time. Seems that belt runnin’ along like it did gave her the dizzies and caused her to pass out. Anyways, it’s furinally the weekend and it’s warmin’ up a tad, so maybe mommy will feel up to playin’ with us. You may enjoy goin’ out, but me would much purrfur a good game with the cat dancer.


 Raena models the new sling carrier




I’s luvs playin’ with the cat dancer too sissy. That sounds like a great idea. Oooooh And, the hexbug. Maybe mommy will take him down too. I’s chased him under the oven the last time we played. Did you know the oven comes apawrt? I’s never seen anythin’ like it. There’s a cool cubby down there. I’s sure wish mommy would’a let me go under there and play. 


 Dezi lays in mommy's lap




          Oh Raena…That ain’t no cubby and the oven ain’t a toy. (Dezi shakes her head and then suddenly sees something out of the corner of her eye.)  Raena!!! Look’it all the ducks!!! 


 Raena looks back while standing on the liberty cat tree




(Raena jumps up just in time to see the ducks waddle by and go off into the woods.) Oh sissy, those sure are some big birds. Sorry Tabbies, but they sure did look nomilishus. MOL Well, I’s better go help mommy get ready to go. The sooner we leave the sooner we can get back and visit our furiends. We’ll be by to see ya’ soon.


Till the next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!! 


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee