It’s How Long?

Here it is Furiday again. Do yous all wealize how close Christmas is? Fanksgivin’ is only 3 showt weeks away. So we fawt we wuld share a foo of da dangers da holidays bwing fur yous furry furmily members. So as wiff all ow educational postys da rest will be written in hooman speak.

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Most everybody has shared a little turkey or ham with their cat or dog at the holidays. After all we’re most likely right there askin’ for some. We sure did. Last year we got blessed with a turkey for Christmas and the whole time it was in the oven Lexi and me sat in the kitchen watching it. And when mommy took it out, she couldn’t have moved if she wanted too. The aroma filled the house and made our mouths water. But there are some things that might be on your holiday table that aren’t as safe for us as that turkey. If you drink or serve alcoholic beverages, please don’t give any to your pets. It’s not funny to see us intoxicated and it could actually lead to coma or death. And of course most of you know that chocolate isn’t good for us, so just member to keep it out of our reach. Not all of us know to leave it alone. Nuts can cause all kinds of different problems for us as well as lots of fruits. So please keep the fruitcake to your self. And that morning cup of joe that mommy can’t seem to live without, it’s highly toxic to us kitties. We don’t need a caffeine high to hav a good time or bounce off da walls. Just get da bird on a string or wire. Raw yeast dough is another no no. Mommy loves to make fresh bread and donuts and we are drawn to the smell of the dough, but it is very toxic to us kitties. So if you’re a baker, keep your dough outta our reach. And most all of the root vegetables (those that grow under ground) are toxic too us. Sometimes it the leaves and not the actual vegetable, but to be on the safe side (if you can’t remember all of them) just keep all of it away from us. This is just a few of the foods that awe toxic to us. For a complete list, please go here.

Me just luvs da Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker toys.
Me just luvs da Jackson Galaxy Mojo Maker toys.


With all the advancements in pet nutrition, and all the brands on the market today we really don’t need your foods. Just provide us a well balanced diet and we’ll be happy. The occasional bite of turkey at Thanksgiving won’t hurt us, or even a few bites of that well loved bacon; but too much of a good thing is just as bad for us as it is for you. If you want what’s best for your pet, read the labels of the food you buy. Educate yourself a little and know what to look for. Always remember us cats are meat eaters, and bad things happen when we don’t get enough meat. And even though dogs could survive being a vegetarian, they’re  meat eaters too. A well balanced diet for everybody in the house will make us all happy and sassy. As the holidays draw even closer we will also be writing post on poisonous plants, and decorations. We hope you all plan to have great fun this holiday season for all your family members including those of us with fur. The holidays can be a lot of fun for us all if you just take a few precautions.

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By da way, Meez in a contest twyin’ to win sum mowe of those pawsum Jackson Galaxy toys fur Christmas. Wuld yous purrlease vote fur me? All yous hav to do is click here, and then paw da admire button. Yous can only vote fur a kitty one time, and altho’ me can’t weply to yous comments “hollers” mommy weads each and evewy one of them to me. Fank you so much.

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

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Blest Sunday, Fank You!!!

It’s Sunday and weez be blest. Afur meez goes any further, YES!!!  Mommy’s eye is all better and hers havin’ da wight eye lasered on Munday.  Weez all so excited wound here weez wuz duin’ da happy dance.  Since mommy had twubble wiff da uddew eye weez nt suwe what tu expect this time.  Ifin all goes well then mommy shuld be seein’ gweat Tuesday.  So weez purrayin’ and cwossin” ow paws fur it tu go well.            

Anyways, me told yous weez had mowe good news and fings tu share wiff yous.  Weez wuz asked tu write ’bout  a normal day in our lives fur an online magazine/newsletter called The Daily Mews.  Da awticle itself is called A Day in the Life of Service Cats Alexandra and Deztinee.  Da story wuz told fwu ow eyes and narrated by sis Lexi in hooman speak.  So ifin yous hav twubble wiff da kitty speak but wunnewed ’bout what weez did fur mommy then this is yous chance tu wead a bit of ow story.  🙂  Dis is just da first of more articles tu come by us.  Weez suwe du hope yous enjoy weadin’ ow story, and don’t furget tu subscwibe while yous there.  The Daily Mews is full of infurmative, funny and heart warming storys.  🙂              

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A while back meez asked yous all tu vote fur me in da Snap Yeti Purretty Kitty contest.  There be 5 days left tu vote.  So ifin yous haven’t  voted, purrlease head on ovew now and paw/click da “admire” button and cast yous vote.   When da votiin’ is ovew Bergen (da sponsor) will handpick da winner fwum da top 10 kitties.  Meez be in da top 10 fanks tu all of yous.  🙂   And in da mean time weez got an email fwum a company called Pet Komp.  Tu be honest meez finks it wuz posed tu go in ow spam folder, MOL but it didn’t, and mommy went tu check it out.  Well it be a site dat holds Pet of the munff contests wiff cash purrizes awarded tu da winners.  Wiff evewfin’ dat be goin’ on mommy decided fur suwe tu enter me.  So purrleasee head over and vote fur me tu win Pet of da Munff fur August.      


 And da last bit of good news fur tuday……Weez just ’bout tu get all caught up!!!  WooHoo!!!     Now afur yous go and ask, altho’ meez had sed no bad news in ow nex posty; meez knows yus all wanna know ‘but da lease and cawpet.  So weez will make this quick and just say dat da manager claimed tu not hav mommys paperwork fwum da home office so hers didn’t get tu sign da lease.  Even tho’ da management companies 10 days tu mke a decision (as if they kuld decide anyfin’ udder than tu wenew ow lease) wuz up and they had sent no wesponse, weez didn’t get da lease signed.  But is not cuz weez wuzn’t weady or willin’.  So they awe da ones in bweach.  And mommy had da manager write a note stating why we kuldn’t sign it.  As fur da cawppet, they wanted mommy tu move all hers furniture so they kuld “du it wight.”  Weez not suwe what they mean by dat, and NO mommy’s not movin’ hers furniture. Specially since weez did nuffin’ tu cause this flood.   So weez still kinda in a holdin’ pattewn.  And da lawyer til mommy tu take a witness and pay hers went on Munday (or at least twy).    

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty kisses ♥♥♥                      


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Finally Furiday!!!

WooHoo It’s finally Furiday!!!   Hope yous all had a gweat week and awe weady fur da weekend.  Wees got lots of visitin’ dun tuday and plan tu du mowe tumowwo.  So ifin wees haven’t gotten tu yous yet, wees on ow way.  🙂  And wees got sum excitin’ fings in da works fur ow futuwe postys, so wees suwe hope yous keep comin’ wound and weadin’ da blog.  Fur stawters, ow nex posty will be by sis Lexi.  Meez knows a foo of yous out there wunnew why she’s not featuwed mowe offen.  And meez will just say that anytime yous wanna see sis Lexi yous can paw on ovew intu hers Facebook page and giv hers a like and visit.                  

As fur a mommy update, fings didn’t go as planned yet again. MOL  Hers has tu go back tu da eye surgeon nex Fursday fur one last check.  And ifin at that time hers retina still looks good, then hers can schedule da purrceduwe fur da wight eye.  Hers will be weally glad tu hav it dun.  It be so cloudy it’s almost useless.  And hers is guunna see da specialist nex Futsday tu.  Not suwe what hims guuna du or say, but wees wuld suwely like tu get sum answers and find out what’s wong wiff mommy.  Da pain has almost completely subsided fur now, but mommys wegular doctor sez it kuld come back at any time wiff out notice.  Mommy sez is amazin dat hims can know that but not hav a clue what caused it. MOL                

Dis beez da foto I'z submitted fur da kubber ob Pet Parenting.
Dis beez da foto I’z submitted fur da kubber ob Pet Parenting.

Anyways,  wees posted a foo fotos of me in me new hawness but sum of yous missed it and asked ifin wees kuld wepost them, and of course wees sed yes.  Wees also got sum new followers so we’s will be wevisitin’ sum of ow duties as Service Cats.  Wees will also be writin’ an awticle ’bout A Day in da Life,  fur an online cat magazine.  Wees will giv yous mowe details when da publishn’ date is closer.  And sis Lexi wus chosen fur a cover of da 3rd quarter of Pet Parenting Magazine.  So lots and lots of news and fings happenin’ here.  

Dusn't me look spiffy?
Dusn’t me look spiffy?

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Till da nex time…………………………Be Blest!!!  

Ifin yous haven’t alweady voted fur meez in da Snap Yeti contest, purrlease stwetch out yous paw and click da admire button fur me wight now. 😀  Meez weally excited cuz meez wus finkin me kuld hav meez own givaway wiff da purrizes.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥