Three Days…

Three days…what duz dat mean you say?  It means there’s only 3 days left of da year 2014.  Over da last foo days while we waited fur da catputer to purrform all of it’s updates and installs, which by da way it’s urgin’ us to westawt as we type fur yet more updates.  Anyways, while we sittin’ wound waitin’ on it da last foo days we got to finkin’ dat this year is almost over.  And fur all da bad weez hav gone fwu this year, there’s also been a ton of good.  So we fawt we wuld spend da west of this year in weview while we countdown da hours to da new.  So dat means me will turn you over to sis Lexi fur a bit.  Sissy, it be yous turn now.  

Dezi 2015Happy New Year - 2HEoW-1dp - normal

Lexi:  Faynkz Dezi.  Well lez seez. It awl gawdid stardid in October ob 2013.  Weez had jiz gawdid a pooter and mommy took a Facebook klass fur seenyerz,  and in dat klass she had too kree-ayt an akownt.  Beein’ a little skeerd, woman alone and awl she sided too put da kownt in owr naymz, Alexandra-Deztinee High.  Din while skrowlin fru da nuze feed one day she saw an adbertizemunt fur a Cat site dat klaymd it wuz Facebook fur catz.  Well now dat wuz jiz purrfek mommy fawt.  Soz weez wendid too chek it owt and nex fing youz noze weez had an akownt.  Da ownlee akownt weez eber kreeaydid on purrpuzz wuz dat firzt facebook one. Eberfin’ elz habz bin a hapee akzidint.  Well dat site wuzn’t whut it klaymd too beez, but weez did mayk lawtz ob pawsum furiendz der.  And wun day dey wuz awl azkin us what ow facebook page wuz so dey kuld follow us der too.  Weez didn’t noze anyfin’ ‘bowt facebook payjiz bak din.  So weez pawed da link ob wun ob owr nu furiendz and whut weez saw wuz nubbin’ like owr facebook payj.  But up top bi da daytz it sed, “create a facebook page”, so nawt no-win whut we wuz dooin’ weez pawed dat link and Alexandra and Furiends wuz bowrn.  Eber sinz da ADA chaynjd der debinishun ob a Service Animal mommy had wandid a way to tell minez storee, and now she fawt she had it.  We began to tell minez stowree, and mayk furiendz.  Weez neber saw da peepz dat kaym bi az fanz or meelee fawlowerz, weez saw dem az da furiendz deyz wuz.  And now weez habz a grayt bond iwff manee ob ’em.  Weez eeben met wun diz pazt year.  It wuz soz pawsum.  Durin’ da time tween us startin’ and Christmas we had mayd lawtz ob furiendz and sum ob dem sendid us Christmas gibtz.  Weez wuz soz serprized bi da jenerawzitee ob owr wunderfull furiendz.  Mommy had katarak serjeree and weez eeben had sum kar purrawlemz.  And owr nu furiendz wuz rite der wiff us da hole time.    

Lexi 2015Happy New Year - 2HEoW-1dq - normal

Anywayz, soz weez had ow facebook payj and we wuz still hayngin’ on da udder site too when wunday in February wun ob owr furiendz Timmy Tomcat azt ibin anypawdee wuld like too beez gezt riterz on himz bloggy, Blues Lounge.  Weez fawt dat mite beez lawtz ob fun soz we pawed a kawmint and sendid himz a emayl.  And he sent us heer to kree-ayt an akownt.  Sinz I’z had a facebook payj mommy told Dezi she kuld rite on timmyz blog, and so she set owt too kreeayt Dezi an akownt.  And afur she nu it, DezizWorld wuz bowrn.

Dezi:  And dat’s where me comes in again.    

Lexi:  Yep Dezi datz where youz kumm in agin.    

Dezi:  Me wuz so excited, but soon learned we hadn’t cweated an account so me kuld write on Timmys blog, but me had a blog of meez own. OMC, How cool wuz dat.  And by this time we wuz learnin’ dat facebook wusn’t weally da place to tell ow story, vut da blog just might be.  So we got stawted on ow very first posty.  It’s been so much fun.  And…well weez’ll save dat till da nex time.

 So, till then………………………….Be Blest!!!  

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi

Finally Furiday!!!

WooHoo It’s finally Furiday!!!   Hope yous all had a gweat week and awe weady fur da weekend.  Wees got lots of visitin’ dun tuday and plan tu du mowe tumowwo.  So ifin wees haven’t gotten tu yous yet, wees on ow way.  🙂  And wees got sum excitin’ fings in da works fur ow futuwe postys, so wees suwe hope yous keep comin’ wound and weadin’ da blog.  Fur stawters, ow nex posty will be by sis Lexi.  Meez knows a foo of yous out there wunnew why she’s not featuwed mowe offen.  And meez will just say that anytime yous wanna see sis Lexi yous can paw on ovew intu hers Facebook page and giv hers a like and visit.                  

As fur a mommy update, fings didn’t go as planned yet again. MOL  Hers has tu go back tu da eye surgeon nex Fursday fur one last check.  And ifin at that time hers retina still looks good, then hers can schedule da purrceduwe fur da wight eye.  Hers will be weally glad tu hav it dun.  It be so cloudy it’s almost useless.  And hers is guunna see da specialist nex Futsday tu.  Not suwe what hims guuna du or say, but wees wuld suwely like tu get sum answers and find out what’s wong wiff mommy.  Da pain has almost completely subsided fur now, but mommys wegular doctor sez it kuld come back at any time wiff out notice.  Mommy sez is amazin dat hims can know that but not hav a clue what caused it. MOL                

Dis beez da foto I'z submitted fur da kubber ob Pet Parenting.
Dis beez da foto I’z submitted fur da kubber ob Pet Parenting.

Anyways,  wees posted a foo fotos of me in me new hawness but sum of yous missed it and asked ifin wees kuld wepost them, and of course wees sed yes.  Wees also got sum new followers so we’s will be wevisitin’ sum of ow duties as Service Cats.  Wees will also be writin’ an awticle ’bout A Day in da Life,  fur an online cat magazine.  Wees will giv yous mowe details when da publishn’ date is closer.  And sis Lexi wus chosen fur a cover of da 3rd quarter of Pet Parenting Magazine.  So lots and lots of news and fings happenin’ here.  

Dusn't me look spiffy?
Dusn’t me look spiffy?

0dw Dezi harness JB3

Till da nex time…………………………Be Blest!!!  

Ifin yous haven’t alweady voted fur meez in da Snap Yeti contest, purrlease stwetch out yous paw and click da admire button fur me wight now. 😀  Meez weally excited cuz meez wus finkin me kuld hav meez own givaway wiff da purrizes.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥