Everybody Wants a Little Recognition

Weekly Wrap Up


Oh Meow yous shulda seen and heard da storm we had yesfurday. We’d like to say it came outta nowhere, but truff is da skies have been gray all week. Mommy got so busy workin’ on fotos fur meez birffday party dat she furgot to go to sleep Wednesday night. She just kept workin’ and then there sis Lexi and me was wantin’ brekky. Fankfully me got to eat meez brekky afur da storm started. We told you we wa usin’ a new calmin’ treatment dat we wuld be tellin’ ya’ ‘bout after we had a chance to see ifin it was gunna work or not. Well mommy had thought she had seen sum evidence of it workin’ till yesfurdays storm. Altho’ me did run initially me didn’t stay hidden out all day, so we’re holdin’ out hope dat it be workin’. We’ll keep ya’ updated as mommy continues to observe me.

dw-Dezi Autumn Colours
We fawt you might enjoy sum fall colors.

We got a kupple of great boxes on Wednesday dat we’ll be tellin’ ya’ all ‘bout in da days to come. Mommy got sum great video dat she has to brighten up a bit and try to stop da weebly wobblin’ cuz she was laughin’ so hard. She said me can really be a hoot sumtimes. And she got sum great fotos of sis Lexi havin’ a ball playin’. So in health news, we are both feelin’ purretty good right now. I’m goin’ to da pawdee box a lot less offen but leavin’ larger depawsits when me does go. All good things accordin’ to mommy.


A little while back meez furiends Timmy Tomcat and family gave us da Blogger Recognition Award. Seems kinda poetic dat we shuld receive it from them seein’ as they’re da reason we have a blog in da furst place. Da rules are purretty simple, post da award and link back to and thank da blogger who nominated you. Nominate 15 bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know, and link back to da originating blog the Edge of Night. Da last rule is to give a brief intro as to how your blog got started and give any advice to new bloggers you might have. So now dat we’ve given ya’ da rules let’s get on with it.

 Blogger RecognitionTTShoko10-14-15

Sum of you have already heard this story, but many of you haven’t. See when we furst got our catputer we knew nuffin’, less than nuffin’ really. Anyways, we was members of this now defunk cat site where we met Timmy and his brofur Buddy Budd. One day they asked ifin any kitty wuld like to guest write on their bloggy. Since sis Lexi had a facebook page mommy decided me kuld guest blog, so we replied dat we wuld luv to. Timmy gave us a link and said we needed to create an account to get started. Well a few clicks later and we suddenly had our own blog. We emailed Timmy and asked what we did wrong. He didn’t know where da errant click was, but dat day, February 18th, 2014, Deziz World was born. And we’ve never looked back. It’s been so much fun and we’ve enjoyed meetin’ so many more wonderful peeps and anipals. We can’t magine not havin’ a blog anymore. We didn’t stop followin’ Timmy around tho’ and now meez a purroud Cat Scout and sis lexi and me both are part of da Tabby Cat Club. Again, all thanks to Timmy and his family. Unkle Pete has helped mommy with catputer fings and helped with sis Lexi’s CKD care. Thanks dear furiends, we luv you all bunches.

So now fur a bit of advice. We wuld tell any new blogger to be true to yourself. Write fur you and enjoy it. Everypawdy has a story and their own unique way of tellin’ it. Don’t be discouraged by nasty comments or even a lack of comments. Comments will come and there’ll always be nasty peeps in da world. And as long as you’re havin’ fun so will your readers. And member, ifin you expect others to visit and comment on your blog, you need to visit and comment on theirs. We all purreciate the recognition of others when we put forth the effort to make a post.

So many of our furiends have already received this award and a lot of you don’t purrticipate, so we’ll just leave da nominations open. We purreciate all of you and fink all bloggers shuld be recognized fur their efforts. It does take a bit of courage to put your heart on da screen and let others see you and comment. So ifin you not received this award and wuld like to follow the above stated rules, purrlease take it.

And don’t furget there’s only a few more days to enter our pawsum Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up give away. Click here to check it out.

 dw-Dezi Birthday invite

And meez birthday party is getting’ closer and closer. There’s still time to be included in meez posty. Just send your fotos to lexi.dezi@yahoo.com by October 30, 2015. Da theme is gone With the Wind. But you’re welkum to come out of costume as well.

 dw-DnLAutumn Book

And as we do every weekend, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade.

Till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi  

Flat Scout Caturday

Well Caturday’s finally here and it’s time fur anudder epawsode of Flat Scouts. Ifin yous missed our furst posty just click here and a new window will open so yous won’t lose yous place. And member weez takin’ a few liberties wiff these posties and twyin’ our hand at sum cweative writin’. We had a house full of pawsum scouts. Shoko, bwofurs Timmy and Einstein and Mango was all here. We spent a lot of time hangin’ out on da cat twee, and playin’. They all luvved our new FroliCat toys we had gotten fwum PetSafe. And of course all da nip. Mommy’s weally furee wiff da nip wound here and they all fawt dat was pawsum. Seems most of them didn’t have fountains fur dwinkin’ at their house so dat took a bit of getting’ used too. A little tip fur anypawdy innerducin’ a fountain to yous bowl dwinkin’ kitty is to leave a bowl of water beside da fountain. It may take up to a mumff fur yous kitty to get used to dwinkin’ fwum da fountain. Me didn’t take to da fountain dwinkin; wight away. Mommy sez it took me a whole mumff afur me wuld go near da fing. But Oh me kittens and cats me can’t magine dwinkin’ fwum a plain ole bowl ever again.

 dw DMTSE1

Anyways, We had a time wiff mommy goin’ to da doctor and on hers errands. And everypawdy got to take a spin in da wheelchair. It was a little scary fur ‘em but they did purretty good. Mommy held each one tight and spoke to them in hers soft luvvin’ voice dat always calms kitties. And we all went fur a stwoll wound da pawrtments on da weekend. Everypawdy had fun and luvved ridin’ in da stwoller. We meowed ‘bout Lexi and meez duties as Service Cats and we even showed them a few fings. Like how to open da cabinets and give mommy massages. They all weally excelled at these tasks and had a gweat time purrfurmin’ ‘em. We hated to say goodbye, but Shoko, Timmy and Einstein had to be off fur da next leg of their twip. So this last Monday we sed our goodbyes and sent them on to have more fun at Timmy’s house. We sent a little furesh nip wiff Shoko to take home fur her and Kali, and sum wiff Timmy and Einstein to share wiff their furmily.


Mango got to stay and we had a gweat week duin’ lots of girly fings. We meowed ‘bout all kinds of fings and painted our claws and played in mommys makeup. We went fur more stwoller rides and hung out in da twee a lot more. We had a gweat visit and hate to see hers go too. But mommy sez all good fings must come to an end. So Mango will be off furst fing Monday. And we know we will have lots more flat scout stowries to tell cuz there be lots more scouts dat haven’t visited us yet. To join Cat Scouts, click here. We even have a little surpwise fur all of ya’ comin’ up. We can’t tell yet, but we hope yous stay tuned to our Flat Scout Caturdays to find out.

dw DT2
Sayin’ Goodbye is always a little sad.

Da stowrm we had yesfurday kept us off da puter most of da day. But it’s over now, and we will twy to get caught up wiff our visits. But…Mr. W came to da door yesfurday and asked mommy ifin she wuld go to da Pet Store wiff hims and show him what to buy fur Buddy. Mommy sed she wuld ifin hims wuld buy hers wecommendations. So it might be tomowwo afur we make it by.


Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Blest Sunday

What a week weez had here at Deziz World. And weez finally here fur Blest Sunday. Our favowit post of da week. Well it’s been hot, and busy this week. Mommy had hers mumffly doctors pointment and we finally got our furst Cat Scout visitors. Ifin yous missed our furst posty on da flat scouts visitors click here. Shoko, Timmy and Einstein will be leavin’ us tomorrow to head to Timmy’s house fur a bit. And sweet Mango will be hangin’ out here wiff me and sis Lexi fur a bit longer. She’s a gweat houseguest so we kuldn’t be happier. They’ve all been just purrfect and fit wight in. See all those red names? Click on ’em to be twansported to them. And go ahead and join Cat Scouts. Yous know ya’ wanna.


(L to R, B to F) Shoko, Mango, Timmy and Einstein in da stwoller gettin’ weady to go to da doctor wiff mommy and me.

This weekend weez actually on a twip to da Gwand Canyon wiff all da udder scouts and meez sweet handsum mancat Andy had to go on a quest all alone last night so hims kuld get a purrmotion. Hims went out in da wilderness in nuffin’ but a loin cloff, carryin’ a blanket, a match and an egg. Me knew hims kuld do it and wuld be fine, but me was a little worried bout him havin’ to fend off all da wildlife by hims selff. But he made it back to camp this meownin’ lookin’ no worse fur da wear. After hims rests up a bit me looks furward to hearin’ hims tales of adventure.


dwAndy full body
Meez sweet handsum mancat Andy goin’ off to da wilds to survive da night on hims own.

On anudder note, sis Lexi is duin’ gweat. She’s eatin’ weally good. As a matter a fact she generally finishes hers plate and asks mommy fur more. And mommy kuldn’t be happier. She gives Lexi more and smiles da whole time. Since dat seems to make mommy so happy, meez been twyin’ to do a little of dat meez selff. Me dusn’t seem to get as big a second helpin’ as sissy duz, but mommy smiles and me gladly eats whatever amount she’ll give me.


dwLexilookstreat (800x738)
I’z still hungree mommy. Kin I’z habz sum mower nomz?

And mommys been busy too. Our neighbor Mr. W went outta town fur a while and dat means mommy be feedin’ Buddy. Well you know mommy can’t just go up and slap sum noms on a plate and leave, she’s gotta hang out and play wiff him a while too. Mommy sez hims plays much ruffer than we do, but she’s had boys afur and members all ‘bout it. Mommy was a little angwy da furst day cuz when she got there poor Buddys water dish was dwy as a bone and hims pawdee box was so full hims was kickin’ da stuff all over da floor. Hims dwy food plate purrawlly hadn’t been washed since da last time mommy took care of him and hims didn’t have a separate plate fur da wet noms. Mommy specifically gave Mr. W plates fur Buddy so hims wuld have a plate fur each food and one fur water too. Weez know this lack of purropurr care isn’t just cuz Mr. W be a man cuz we have purrlenty of uncles dat have cats and no awnty, and they keep their kitties stuffs clean. Sounds like mommy’s gunna be duin’ sum yellin’ when Mr. W gets back.


dw Buddy5
Buddy: Oh awnty A awe youz takin’ kare ov me? Fank katness, maybe I’ll git a kleen plate and sumpin’ too drink.

Which bwings us to our biggest blessin’ today. We awe so blest to have a mommy dat luvs us so very much and takes such good care of us. Weez blest to have all those uncles dat take such good care of their fur babies. Course weez blest to have all of you, awnties and uncles, furiends and fwamily alike. We awe blest to have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. We have sum pawsum weviews and give aways comin’ up this mumff as well as more twainin’ stowries, so be sure and check back offen. Weez also hope to have more scouts visit so be sure and tune in on Caturdays to read all ‘bout who was here and what went on. We awe twuly blest!!! We luv each and every one of you very much and weez sendin’ lots and lots of purrayers and hugs yous way.


Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


Cat Scouts, Flat Scouts pt. 1

Well now member me told you dat us Cat scouts was gunna be duin’ a little flat scout twavelin’? Most of da scouts have made flats of themselves and awe twavelin’ da world over visitin’ wiff udder scouts. As ya’ know weez not have many gween papers, so me dusn’t have a flat scout and me won’t be twavelin’ da world over, BUT, meez hostin’ all da scouts here at our house; better known as Deziz World. Least all da scouts dat wanna come here fur a visit. Me also told ya’ dat we was gunna be tellin’ all ‘bout those visits wight here on meez Caturday postys and me was gunna be takin’ a few liberties wiff da twuff. Obviously a cawdboard foto can’t actually do or say anyfin’ so these postys awe pawrt fiction. Now then, disclaimer behind me let’s get on wiff da stowry.

 dw Dezi selfie

Earlier this week da furst of da scouts comin’ to meez house awwived. Shoko got here furst followed by Timmy and hims bwofur and Shoko’s sweet mancat Einstein. Shoko twaveled all da way fwum Canada and was a bit tired when she furst got here. We sed our meowllos and had a hug and she hung out on da Liberty twee fur a rest. When Timmy and Einstein awwived it was pawrty time. After a quick meowllo, Einstein headed fur da twee to say hi to Shoko. We all took it kinda easy dat night and played on da twee a while. We also had a little nip. Mommy pulled out da kumpny’s comin’ china fur everypawdy to have dinner. It’s not weally kumpny’s comin’ cuz sis Lexi likes to eat off da china everyday, but dat’s just what we like to call it. Makes it sound special dusn’t it?


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Anyways, when bedtime came mommy separated Shoko and Einstein. No hanky panky was gunna happen in our house. Da next meownin’ while sissy and me helped mommy get wound, da udders stayed on da bed and watched. After bwekky mommy went to take a shower cuz hers had a doctors pointment.


Timmy: OMC We all sat outside that pawdee box room while awnty Audra took a shower. But yous shulda seen Lexi and Dezi just jump right into dat tub and all dat water when awnty went down. They didn’t seem to even notice all dat water and how wet they were getting’. It was a sight to see but they eventually got their mommy outta the tub and jumped out themselves and shook water all over us.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aaaaw Timmy da water’s not scary. It’s actually lots of fun. Well mommy came to and finished up and stawrted getting’ weady to leave fur hers pointment and anudder pawsum scout awwived. It was Mango. She hung out on da twee waitin’ fur hers turn to be loaded into da stwoller and we all headed out. Doc was weally busy and not da least bit amused, so hims wasn’t up fur fotos. He was twyin’ to get finished up so he kuld get on wiff da football boys fysicals. We had a gweat time out on da town wiff mommy but it was hot, so we was all glad to get back home. Meez gunna wrap it up fur today, but be sure and tune in next Caturday fur more of Shoko, Timmy, Einstein and Mango’s visit. And see ifin any udder scout showed up.

By da way, weez been havin’ a little twubble commentin’ on da blogger blogs. Sumfin’ wiff our Open ID. Those dat offer da option fur a name and URL we was fine wiff, but da udders not so much. We do hope it be fixed at this point but meez also gunn be travelin’ wiff da scouts this weekend to da Gwand Canyon, da world’s lawrgest pawdee box. MOL So me will be by to visit as soon as me can. We will wesume twanin’ stowries next week.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi