Cat Scouts, Flat Scouts pt. 1

Well now member me told you dat us Cat scouts was gunna be duin’ a little flat scout twavelin’? Most of da scouts have made flats of themselves and awe twavelin’ da world over visitin’ wiff udder scouts. As ya’ know weez not have many gween papers, so me dusn’t have a flat scout and me won’t be twavelin’ da world over, BUT, meez hostin’ all da scouts here at our house; better known as Deziz World. Least all da scouts dat wanna come here fur a visit. Me also told ya’ dat we was gunna be tellin’ all ‘bout those visits wight here on meez Caturday postys and me was gunna be takin’ a few liberties wiff da twuff. Obviously a cawdboard foto can’t actually do or say anyfin’ so these postys awe pawrt fiction. Now then, disclaimer behind me let’s get on wiff da stowry.

 dw Dezi selfie

Earlier this week da furst of da scouts comin’ to meez house awwived. Shoko got here furst followed by Timmy and hims bwofur and Shoko’s sweet mancat Einstein. Shoko twaveled all da way fwum Canada and was a bit tired when she furst got here. We sed our meowllos and had a hug and she hung out on da Liberty twee fur a rest. When Timmy and Einstein awwived it was pawrty time. After a quick meowllo, Einstein headed fur da twee to say hi to Shoko. We all took it kinda easy dat night and played on da twee a while. We also had a little nip. Mommy pulled out da kumpny’s comin’ china fur everypawdy to have dinner. It’s not weally kumpny’s comin’ cuz sis Lexi likes to eat off da china everyday, but dat’s just what we like to call it. Makes it sound special dusn’t it?


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Anyways, when bedtime came mommy separated Shoko and Einstein. No hanky panky was gunna happen in our house. Da next meownin’ while sissy and me helped mommy get wound, da udders stayed on da bed and watched. After bwekky mommy went to take a shower cuz hers had a doctors pointment.


Timmy: OMC We all sat outside that pawdee box room while awnty Audra took a shower. But yous shulda seen Lexi and Dezi just jump right into dat tub and all dat water when awnty went down. They didn’t seem to even notice all dat water and how wet they were getting’. It was a sight to see but they eventually got their mommy outta the tub and jumped out themselves and shook water all over us.


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Aaaaw Timmy da water’s not scary. It’s actually lots of fun. Well mommy came to and finished up and stawrted getting’ weady to leave fur hers pointment and anudder pawsum scout awwived. It was Mango. She hung out on da twee waitin’ fur hers turn to be loaded into da stwoller and we all headed out. Doc was weally busy and not da least bit amused, so hims wasn’t up fur fotos. He was twyin’ to get finished up so he kuld get on wiff da football boys fysicals. We had a gweat time out on da town wiff mommy but it was hot, so we was all glad to get back home. Meez gunna wrap it up fur today, but be sure and tune in next Caturday fur more of Shoko, Timmy, Einstein and Mango’s visit. And see ifin any udder scout showed up.

By da way, weez been havin’ a little twubble commentin’ on da blogger blogs. Sumfin’ wiff our Open ID. Those dat offer da option fur a name and URL we was fine wiff, but da udders not so much. We do hope it be fixed at this point but meez also gunn be travelin’ wiff da scouts this weekend to da Gwand Canyon, da world’s lawrgest pawdee box. MOL So me will be by to visit as soon as me can. We will wesume twanin’ stowries next week.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi


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