Whacky Paw Driving

Well it was a dweary lookin’ Monday when we woke up today, but da sun’s posed to come out and be shinin’. Accordin’ to da furcast, no rain be in sight. And weez weally hopin’ dat be twue. So meez last twainin’ stowry left off wiff quite a oopsy. But mommy be ever so patient and never gives up. She sez she ran into a few fings when she furst got da chair too. Meez here too tell ya’ she still runs into a few fings ever now and then. Don’t tell her me sed dat okay? Dat’s just tween us. So anyways, we put da chair away fur da day. And me was glad to cuz dat was a little scary. Me wasn’t sure me wanted to do dat again. Me didn’t even go near da chair fur da rest of da day. So when we went to bed dat night me was relieved. Altho’ da more me fawt ‘bout it da more me fawt it was kinda fun. Sissy and me meowed ‘bout it a little after we put mommy to sleep wiff massages and sissy told me dat me kuld dwive mommy when we woke up. Me was so ‘cited me almost kuldn’t sleep. But alas, a kitties gotta get hers beauty rest ya’ know, so me finally dwifted off and dweamed of dwivin’ as purrfect as sissy duz.

 dw Dezi selfie

Mommy dusn’t twain any kitty anyfin’ furst fing in da meownin’ cuz hers can’t move hers extwemeties so she can’t take over ifin there’s a oopsy. But she didn’t know what kind of deal sissy and me had made da night afur. So when we woke up da next meownin’ and got mommy wound and in da chair sissy and me sat on da bed lookin’ at each udder. Mommy was lookin’ at us lookin’ at each udder and finally sed, “C’mon Lexi, I need to go to the pawdee box room…NOW.” Yous know how it is furst fing in da meownin’, it’s almost a mad dash fur those of ya’ dat can dash. MOL Me finally got da nerve to jump back on dat chair and me walked onto mommys lap and pawed at da buttons. Now me had been finkiin’ all this over and ‘cided me wasn’t gunna use meez mouffy da next time cuz me kuldn’t see what was comin’ at us. After all, mommy used hers paws to dwive so why kuldn’t me?

 dw DnLwheelchair2

Mommy, still sittin’ in da movin’ chair needin’ to go to da pawdee box room didn’t know why me was on hers lap and sissy was still sittin’ on da bed. So mommy stawrted to call to Lexi and afur she kuld get anyfin’ out me gave dat joystick a big ole whacky paw. Now yous gotta unnewstand, even when me was a little girly me had big floofy paws wiff a lot of power. So when me whacked da joystick da movin’ chair was gunna be movin’. Me hadn’t given much fawt as to what was gunna happen, how faw we was gunna go, or what me was gunna do next ifin we wasn’t in da pawdee box room. Me had pawed all da buttons when me turned da movin’ chair on so…you guessed it. We was at high speed again. And when me whacked dat joystick we took off like gweased lightnin’. Meez paw was wight at da joystick cuz we took off so fast me hadn’t had da chance to move it back and da jerk of a zoomin’ chair made me dig meez claws in to hold on. So stead of havin’ to give anudder whacky paw, me was still pushin’ on da joystick. We didn’t stop till we hit da chest of drawers next to da pawdee box room. And we boff jerked furward and then back again.

 dw-DnL bed

Sis Lexi jumped off da bed and headed fur mommy, me and da chair. She jumped up in mommys lap like she was gunna be da hero and save us. No pawdy was hurt, we was just a little shocked. Me looked up at mommy and me fawt she had stopped bweavin’. Hers mouff was wide open. Me kuld see all da way to da back of hers fwoat, and hers eyes was big as dinner plates. Me jumped down and headed stwaight fur da pawdee box room. Me was gunna have to figger out anudder way to dwive this fing cuz even tho’ me kuld see da chest of drawers comin’ at us, me kuldn’t make it stop. Maybe dat fumm fing mommy has on hers paw makes it easier fur her to dwive wiff hers paw. Meez lackin’ one of those, so meez paws didn’t work quite wight. And seein’ fings comin’ at ya’ isn’t as fun as me fawt it wuld be. Meez gunna stop here today and weez’ll pick it up next time.


Today be Black Cat purreciation day, so me wanted to say a little sumfin’ ‘bout dat. As ya’ know sissy has lots of black and she’s purrfect. Weez have lots of black panfur furiends and they all be wunnewful. Black kitties get such a bad rap and fur no udder weason than hooman peeps superstitions. It’s time fur everypawdy to get over it and see da beauty of da black panfur kitties. They be smawrt, luvvin’ and loyal. On da inside they be no diffewent than any udder kitty. They deserve all da luv and joy a furever home offurs. Nuffin’ better than cuddlin’ wiff a purr box mommy sez. And yous can have dat wiff a black kitty too. So purrlease, don’t overlook da panfurs, they be just as special as all da rest.


Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi