Need For Speed

OMC We woke up today to da dawkest sky in a while. And there was lots of funder boomers and rain. We was so happy to see da sun peekin’ fwu da clouds, cuz we fur sure don’t wanna flood anymore. They just opened da stweet by our house on Wednesday, dat had been closed since May. We did get a few questions ‘bout our last posty, so we wanted to twy to answer those dat don’t weally fit into da stowry afur we go on. All our postys awe public so we hope lots of peeps be readin’ them. Purrlease SHARE any of them you want, specially our twainin’ postys. We have share buttons at da bottom of every posty fur almost all furms of social media to make it easier fur ya’. We will never make a diffewence ifin more peeps don’t see them; bloggers and no bloggers. Altho’ we do want you to member they awe not meant to be a twainin’ manual. There awe lots of minutes and hours and weeks of purrep and twainin’ dat we can’t and don’t include. (sum fur lack of memowy and sum cuz fur a reader they wuld be boring.) Anyways, yous here fur anudder twainin’ stowry so let’s get on wiff it. Me knows yous all wunnewin’ just what da Need fur Speed’s all ‘bout.


We left off wiff me havin’ inched da movin’ chair a whole foot and sum. (Mommy sez wepetition, wepetition, wepetition.) So as we did everyday at da time, mommy called me over too her after bwekky fur anudder lesson. Me gladly jumped up in hers lap and stawrted to purr. We had dun this enuff times dat me knew zactly what she wanted me to do so me stood up on da awrm and pushed da button. Meez paw slipped a little and me pushed da button again a few more times. Da wainbow of lights was shinin’ so me took pawsition to bite da joystick. Mommy put one of hers hands unner me to give me support and da udder on meez neck wight behind meez head. Da chair was pointed in da diwection of da livin’ room again and sissy had taken up hers post watchin’. Mommy sed, “Okay Dezi, gently push the stick.” So me bit down and pushed da stick furward.



OMC We jerked furward and backward and jutted toward da livin’ room at top speeds. Sissy ‘bout jumped outta hers fur and took off down da hall and mommy gwipped me fwum unner neaff and held on tight. We got to da edge of da livin’ room afur me kuld even fink. We had always abwuptly stopped there many times afur. But not this day. We just kept on goin’. And when we jumped da hump leadin’ to da cawrpet, me jerked meez head to da left and well…mouff still on joystick, da whole chair turned and headed fur mommys sittin’ chair. Still zoomin’ at top speeds, mommy quickly took da hand dat had been on meez neck and pushed da button, and da wainbow of lights went out and da chair jerked to a full stop. Meez eyes was big as saucers when me turned to look at mommy, and hers eyes was hooman dinner plate size. Sis Lexi was peekin’ down da hall fwum da bedroom and she had saucer eyes too. Yous kulda cut whatever was in da air wiff a knife it was so fick. Finally mommy bwoke da silence wiff a giggle and sed, “You’ve been talkin’ with your sister about the other buttons haven’t you Dezi?”

 dw DnLwheelchair2


Seems da button me pushed when meez paw slipped was da speed adjuster and me had turned da chair all da way up. All da way up is generally not a ‘in da house’ speed; specially fur a pawrtment our size. We had come to a stop right at mommys sittin’ chair, so me purromptly jumped outta mommys lap and into da sittin’ chair and stawrted meowin’. Mommy patted her leg which was a sign fur me to get in hers lap. But twuff be told, dat ride was a little scary and me wasn’t sure me wanted to get anywhere near da movin’ chair again so me just sat there lookin’ at her. Mommy reached out a hand toward me and me back up a little and stuck meez nose out to give her a sniff. Mommy giggled and sed, “It’s okay sweety, that’s why I put these foam pads all over the chair. Just in case we bump into anything the chair won’t cause any damage.” Yep, mommy talks to us just like dat. She knew me had no idea what she was talkin’ ‘bout, but da sweetness in da way she sed it, made me feel safe and so me walked back onto hers lap fwum da sittin’ chair.

dw DnL sink1
Me and sis Lexi luvved each udder and still do.


Lexi came back up da hall and jumped up in mommys lap too. Mommy stawrted pettin’ us boff and da purr fest began. Mommy told us how much she luvved us and how purrfect we boff was. Dat’s wight, mommy finks weez purrfect and there ain’t anyfin’ you can say dat’ll make her change hers mind. She also told us how smawrt we was and how purroud of us she was. And then she reached into da bag on da side of da movin’ chair and pulled out a bag of tweats. By this time hers legs was soakin’ wet fwum all da happiness dwool dat sis Lexi and me had depawsited. She opened da bag while Lexi and me sat impatiently patiently waitin’. She pulled out a kupple pieces of fureeze dwied chicken bweasts and da dwoolin’ stopped and da munchin’ commenced.

As we do every weekend, weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade blog Hop.


Stay tuned fur more twainin’ wiff Dezi stowries. Me learns more ‘bout this Need fur Speed.


Till da next time…………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi