Blest and Happy Sunday

And a very Blest Sunday to you all. We have so very much to be fankful fur and so many blessings in our lives. Each of you are a blessing to us. And each day we have togevver is a blessing. Mommy sez even da little fings be a blessing and we shuld take a minute everyday to just stop and give fanks fur all our many blessings. No matter how bad fings seem to be in yous life, there’s always sumfin’ to be fankful fur. Now fur da past week or so quite a few of our furiends have been postin’ a Happy Challenge. Y just yesfurday awnty Ellen fwum 15 and Meowin’ and our doggy bwofur Easy Rider boff posted da happy fotos and challenged us to do da same. We fawt Blest Sunday was da purrfect time to post what makes us Happy. Did yous know what da name of da font me uses to write meez posty’s is called? Betcha’ can guess. It’s called Because I’m Happy. Every time me writes a posty me chooses to be happy. And it makes us smile.

Sis Lexi and me luv to play togevver. It makes us and mommy happy.
We luv to share playtime. And it makes everypawdy happy.
We boff luv our Fandango cat twee, and seein’ us boff enjoyin’ it makes mommy weally happy.
Nopawdy’s down there, weez boff lookin’ at one of our innewactive toys.
Me and sis Lexi havin’ a mintue of luvvin’ weally makes mommys day.


Yes there awe days mommy hurts so bad she dusn’t fink she’s gunna make it. And there awe days when we don’t coopurrate fully and mommy gets furustwated. And here lately mommys allergies be weally bad cuz she can’t affurd to buy hers medicine and lots of times hers eyes be swollen and she can’t hawrdly bweave, but she sez no matter what we awe blest and we choose to be happy. Your state of mind is what you make it. Ifin yous give in to da bads and sads then dat’s how yous gunna feel. But ifin yous choose da happy and blest, yous day can only get better. Now, on wiff sum more of da happy foto show.


Sharin’ a toy and a look makes us all happy.

All dwessed up and sharin’ a moment of makin’ mommy smile makes da dwesses worff it.

Mommy be happeezt when I’z layin’ in herz lap and purrin’. And layin’ in mommyz lap gettin’ lubz maykz me happee.

Yep sissy what better way to wrap up our Blest and Happy Sunday posty than wiff da happiest moments in our day. Layin’ in mommys lap gettin’ sweet mommy luvvin’. It dusn’t get any better than this.

Till da next time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi