Blest Sunday

It’s time fur anudder Blest Sunday posty. It’s overcast and gway outside and weez spectin’ more rain. Da sun keeps twyin’ to peek fwu da clouds so weez hopin’ da rain stays away. We wuld luv to send it to our furiends bein’ pummeled by da wildfires dat be ravengin’ homes and land. Weez saw sum fotos of da skies against da fires and it looked so bootyful. It makes ya’ wunnew how sumfin’ so bootyful kuld be so disastewous and deadly. Weez purrayin’ fur all those fightin’ it and those dat lost their homes and everyfin’ to da flames and smoke. We usually have lots of fire warnins and burn bans in our awea too at this time of year. But fanks to all da rain and floodin’ we got back in May and pawrt of June, weez not as dwy as usual so weez not had many fires at all. And certainly nuffin’ compared to those ragin’ in da west/Norffwest.



On anudder note da cat scouts took a virtual twip to Lake Tahoe yesfurday. Me kuldn’t get logged in till late last night, but fankfully meez handsum mancat Andy had made sum fotos of us havin’ a gweat time and da host and hostess Felix and Maggie helped me have a gweat time on da adventure too. Me is so very lucky to have such pawsum furiends. Our puter’s been actin’ kinda stwange lately and weez not sure why. Weez still on da waitlist fur updatin’ to Windows 10 which we unnewstand is a weal pain, so weez not sure what be da purrawllem. But dat’s okay, it’s still workin’ and dat’s all dat counts wight? Weez fawt we wuld share a few fotos of da Tahoe twip wiff ya’, so enjoy.

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You know we luv all of you so very much. And weez be so blest to have you all in our lives. Weez even gunna be meetin’ up wiff anudder of our awnties this week. Weez weally lookin’ furward to it and will tell ya’ all ‘bout it later. And quite a few of ya’ wanted to hear da stowry of sis Lexi and da washin’ machine so weez’ll be tellin’ dat stowry this week too.


Weez send up purrayers fur all of ya’ everyday and we ask God to keep you in Hims hands and bless you all. We also ask God to help us be a witness and a blessin’ each and everyday. Sum peeps need a witness and sum need a blessin’ and well…sum need boff, so we wanna be purrpared. As you go ‘bout yous day, stop a minute and count yous many blessings. Sumtimes da purrawllems seem to outweigh da good, but takin’ a step back offen puts fings in purrspective. Just member when yous fink yous at yous end, and dat yous just can’t take anymore; yous not alone. Furiends help keep ya’ stwong. So, go ahead and count yous blessings and have a wunnewful day.


Till da next time…………………………Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi