Dezi’s First Time, pt 3

Oh me cats and kittens what a week and weekend. Me told you yesfurday ‘bout our busy week but me left one very purrtant fing out. Sum of you blogger bloggers may have noticed we commented sum last week wiff our google account. And then most of ya’ noticed we didn’t comment at all da west of da week. Well let me tell ya’, it wasn’t fur a lack of twyin’ dat’s fur sure. we had severwal Worpress teckys workin’ on our purrawlem, cuz we kept getting’ messages dat our Open ID kuld not be verified. What’s up wiff dat? We twied everyfin’ we knew, which took all of 10 minutes, and then we contacted da help peeps via chat. We spent a day chattin’ and then one emailin’ and then we cleared our cache and kuldn’t find anyfin’. And then back to chattin’ and so on. So dat day we spent twyin’ to member passwords and web addwesses. And still we kuldn’t comment.

 dw Dezi selfie

Well we finally got it all fixed up, at least we fink so. MOL Nuffin’ got fixed and nuffin’ changed, we were just finally able to comment. At least we hope dat holds twue when we twy to visit today. After all dat, furst fing this meownin’ sis Lexi chucked up bwekky all over da place. She had a massive hairball, so she feels much better now dat it be out, but mommy was not amused. Even tho’ sissy pawlogized fur da slime tween mommys toes. Sowry to take up twainin’ posty time wiff all this, but we wanted you all to know why we hadn’t been commentin’. So now on wiff meez stowry. It’ll be showrt today but hopefully weez’ll get back on twack Wednesday.


So we left off Furiday wiff me learniin’ how to turn da movin’ chair on and off. As me sed afur, this took lots of purractice but me finally got da hang of it. Da chair dusn’t move lessen da gween lights awe on. So now we were on to da next big lesson. Dat knobby fing wasn’t there just fur looks, it was meant fur usin’. So after bwekky one meownin’ mommy picked me up and we went and sat in da movin’ chair. Me immediately pushed da button till it beeped and then laid back down and settled in fur what me fawt was gunna be a ride. But mommy had udder plans. She picked me up and sat me on hers knee and gently pushed meez head toward da knobby fiing and sed, “Bite the joystick honey.”



Hmmmm da knobby fingy has a name? It’s called a joystick. Joy and stick? Me luvs playin’ wiff meez fevver on a stick, so this shuld be gweat fun me fawt. Mommy wanted me to bite da knobby fingy called a joystick. So me bit down and twied to pull it up. Nuffin’ happened. Hmmmm This joystick dusn’t seem like much fun. So me let go and looked back at mommy. Sis Lexi was watchin’ us closely…fwum a safe distance me later learned why. Mommy gently pushed meez head back over to da joystick and once again told me to bite it. Only this time she kept hers hand on meez head and once me bit down, she gently pushed meez head slowly furward a bit and… OMC Da movin’ chair MOVED!!! We jerked a bit and moved furward a kupple inches afur me let go of da joystick and jumped down. Me didn’t run off or anyfin’, me just got a little scared and jumped to da floor. Mommy wasn’t mad or anyfin’, and she told me how purroud of me she was and how much she luvved me and motioned fur me to get back up in hers lap. Well now me luvs da lap time wiff mommy, so me kuldn’t jump back up quick enuff. We had a little luv fest till me was dwoolin’. You know how it is to get so happy yous just slobber? Well dat’s zactly what me did. And since me was slobberwin all over da place, mommy ‘cided da lesson was over fur da day. Sumfin’ ‘bout not bein’ able to contwol da joystick cuz it wuld be too wet wiff all dat slobber. So weez’ll pick up here da next time.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi